Are Converse Good for Dancing? 5 Reasons to Choose Converse

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” – where your body says a lot when words are silent. And, to make the poetry perfect, a dancer’s moves and steps must be flawless.

So, dancers must know what can accelerate their dance moves and help them learn steps faster. It’s not only how hard you practice to learn but also how supportive your appearance is when dancing. For example, shoes, which play a vital role here.

So, when I was a newbie dancer, I used to ask my dance expert friends, “are Converse good for dancing?”

Yes, the converse is good for dancing. In fact, it’s the top pick of many professional dancers. Dancing needs footwork, so you need shoes that will provide full flexibility to move freely and a good balance. Converse offers flexibility, snug fit, breathability, and rubber soles for good balance.

But these are not the only reasons for selecting them. Keep reading to know more facts about why Converse is good for dancing? Let’s learn further.

Are Converse Good for Dancing?

are converse good for dancing

The converse is one of the top selections of expert dancers in learning and teaching dancing. Whether street dancing or breakdancing, a pair of Converse will always help you progress fast.

Allow us to explain in sequence why the Converse is good for dancing.

1. Flexibility

The first and most important thing for a dancer is to gain flexibility. The more footwork your dance moves require, the more flexibility you will need to attain. Converse are considerably flexible since they have flat bottoms and are lightweight.

It even allows you to swing dance. So dance steps that need to be performed smoothly, like moonwalking or the various foot sliding moves, the ideal pick would be a pair of converse.

2. Breathability

Most dance forms mean a lot of tiering moves. It will take only 5 minutes to get your feet sweaty inside your shoes if they don’t have enough breathability. Of course, it’s not possible to dance with sweaty feet.

Hence, for any beginner, Converse is an outstanding option. They offer so much breathability that you can dance for hours and still have a sweaty arch.

3. Well-fitting

When your shoes are not well fitted, you feel disturbed while walking. So it’s impossible to dance with either loose or tight footwear. You need something that fits accurately and allows you to move, jump and land quickly.

In this case, Converse is the best choice that you can afford easily.

4. Great Balance

The leveled rubber soles of Converse do a great job in providing you balance while b-boying or trying similar dance moves. It allows you to wander on dance floors. There are specific dance steps that you can perform best wearing these shoes.

If you want to know which dance steps you can make wearing converse effortlessly, continue reading.

5. Lightweight

The final good reason to choose converse over other shoes for dancing is it’s more lightweight. While heavy footwear soon makes your feet tired, the converse will ensure you can practice for several hours daily.

But you may find other dancers disagreeing with the statement that Converse is the most helpful for dancing. It’s because it differs from one person to another depending on which shoes they feel more comfortable in.

So, you can also try other footwear if you feel like the Converse is not compact and convenient when dancing.

Which Converse Is Good For Dancing

Since Converse is famous worldwide, it has many collections. You may be puzzled by this many shoes; which shoe is best for dancing? Here are some suggestions you can rely upon.



Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers

  • Multicolor
  • 100% textile or fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Lace-up
  • High top sneaker

Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip On Sneakers

  • Textile fabric
  • Rubber and textile sole
  • Slip-on sneaker
  • Low top
  • Fixed laces
  • It has an elastic collar
  • Canvas upper

Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor Classic

  • Rubber sole
  • Textile
  • Solid grip
  • Breathable
  • Available in a variety of colors

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Sneakers

  • Canvas material
  • Rubber sole
  • 0.25-inch shaft from arch
  • Good arch support
  • 0.25-inch platform
  • Multi color option

Converse High Top Sneaker

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • High top sneaker
  • Good arch support
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Ortholite insole for good cushioning


Benefits of Dancing in Converse

Before you choose Converse as your everyday dance learning partner, you must know the benefits of dancing in these shoes. Below we have mentioned the advantages.

1. Helps Moving Fast

While dancing, quick motions are more attractive than slow motion steps. It looks cool enough to see dancers b-boying quickly with an eye-catchy look.

If you carefully look at them, you will find many are wearing Converse, increasing their charm and toe support. The features of these shoes are perfect for gaining the speed you need to perform like a pro.

2. Less Tiring

How will you feel when your feet give up before your body during an ongoing dance session? Of course, you will feel disappointed.

It’s okay if the current footwear is not working well for you and makes you tired earlier than usual. Try Converse because they are less tiring. It’s no joke because they come in lightweight, so you will feel like wearing a bunch of feathers.

3. Assists While Balancing

Our legs require us to try keeping a balance with the body movements when b-boying, waacking, sliding and doing other footwork dances. Such dances can have 100% leg movements with 70% or 80% mannerisms.

In such a case, you need to wear shoes with flat bases, which Converse has.

4. Increase Confidence

When you are a dance learner, increasing confidence is crucial in accelerating your learning. Converse plays an essential role in raising your level of confidence.

However, how?

It’s by making you feel like you’re doing enough. With all the benefits mentioned above, things will seem more manageable for you, and thus you will not give up on your dream.

5. Comes in Your Budget

Many stop practicing dancing since it requires good-quality shoes, which are mostly expensive. However, Converse will always be there to save you in such moments.

They are available everywhere and, of course, at your budget. While getting a pair of this footwear at a lower price, having almost all the necessary assistance, you should not underestimate the Converse.

Dance Styles That Can Be Done in Converse

Dance Styles That Can Be Done in Converse

Three kinds of dance styles can be performed better wearing Converse. Below we have described them.

1. Waacking

Waacking is a kind of dancing that mainly includes the movements of arms, forearms, chest, shoulders, and hands; however, it also requires gentle feet moving to help your motions keep going smoothly.

When this specific dance was first observed in 1970, no one thought Converse could work so well for performing it. To become a better wacker with fast foot motions, you need Converse.

2. Hip-Hop

 Are you looking for the best shoes for dancing hip hop? Wear converse – the perfect hip-hop dancing shoes.

Hip-hop is the craze of young people of the 21st century and has become a passion for many. Since this dance involves quick leg movements, Converse can work outstandingly in supporting you.

When your legs feel free, there is no weight at all; you can jump and land with perfection. No matter how quality shoes you are wearing, if they lack at being less in weight, they will not be of enough help.

So, if you are dreaming of progressing faster in this dance sector, make sure to give converse a try.

3. Dancehall

In 1970, a Jamaican dance form was found that was a combination of hip-hop and quick motions. You already know Converse is considered a wise pick for moving around smoothly. 

Hence, many dancehall experts recommend it.

Some Tips For When Dancing In Converse

Here are some tips that will boost your outlook and dance performance.

●     Try wearing Converse, which has solid color knots but has a light color body. It will attract the audience more to look at your leg movements.

●     To achieve a sophisticated appearance, you should wear jeans with Converse. This way, you can achieve a consistent look with street, b-boy, or any other hip-hop dance form.

●     You can get more flexibility by wearing shorts with Converse. This will help you get your whole body feeling so relaxed and thus help you dance better.

Are Converse Good For Shuffling?

Are Converse Good For Shuffling

Converse makes shuffling easier and faster. This particular dance has steps that need a lot of focus and primarily footwork.

It’s critical enough since you need to take one foot up, move another foot backward by sliding it on the floor, and then land the foot artistically flooded in the air.

You must repeat the steps several times to make your shuffling look excellent like a professional. With comfortable Converse, you can rock on the floor doing shuffles.


  • What shoes are best for dancing hip-hop?

Lightweight converse sneakers will do the best for dancing hip-hop if it doesn’t come with thick treads, cushioned insoles, and elasticity. You can try Converse to make your hip hop move more graceful.

  • What do I wear to a dance class?

You can wear shorts, jeans, leggings or yoga pants with thin-fitting T-shirts. Also, wear lightweight converse if your dance steps have many foot movement tasks.

  • Is it better to dance with or without shoes?

It’s not a wise idea to wear shoes while practicing dances that require you to move barefooted. However, one must wear convenient shoes to learn other dances, including more footwork than the body.


As a dancer, I know how shoes impact your overall performance. Therefore, you need to understand which type of shoes can provide the best support to gain fast improvements.

When many dance enthusiasts asked, “are Converse good for dancing?” I analyzed my personal experiences and found that Converse is undoubtedly one of the best picks. Because it’s always available at a reasonable price and gives many toe supports.

So wear converse, and dance beautifully.

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