Are Demonia Shoes Good Quality? 4 Things to Know

Demonia is a subset of shoes that appeal to the alternative culture. The shoe appeals to that subset of consumers enthralled by alternative or gothic culture. Its popularity stems from the wide range of styles of shoes it offers to the market. But are Demonia shoes good quality?

These shoes are primarily made of leather with embedded decorations, suitable for occasional footwear. If you consider buying them, you’d naturally ask if their popularity goes hand in hand with their shoe quality.

In a nutshell, there is no doubt Demonia shoes are popular. While many consumers (and cosplayers) have shown satisfaction with their purchase, others have not so much. One issue many may suffer from is their durability.

At the same time, others complain about how the decorations sometimes fall apart. But regardless, their popularity is not a bluff, as they cater to a niche market segment and deliver the best.

It is quite a mixed bag of opinions and reviews surrounding Demonia shoes. But to know why, please keep on reading.

Common Problems Demonia Buyers FaceSolutions
Shoes not being durable/long-lasting enoughAvoid wearing Demonias too frequentlyRegularly clean them
Discomfort wearing shoesWear protective or comfortable socks
Shoes quickly deteriorate or tear apartAvoid purchasing and wearing too tight Demonia
Shoes do not fitTry out the shoes in store before purchase

Public Opinion Regarding Are Demonia Shoes Good Quality

Demonia is not the regular shoe you wear typically. It’s different and carries a different fashion statement when you put them on. Let’s look at some of the people’s most common opinions about this unique shoe.

1. Why Do People Like Them?

are demonia shoes good quality

The main reason why Demonia shoes are this popular is how they meticulously cater to the alternative culture. Many who are part of this “gothic, underworld-ish” community have expressed their fondness towards Demonia for their styles.

The design of these shoes is just what many interested in alternative cultures look out for. Many have also reported the level of comfort provided by these shoes, despite being made of leather.

Reviewers online praise Demonia shoes for their unique gothic design and the absence of better shoes. Demonia shoes have a pretty amazing set of designs and a good leather crafting that gives off the gothic, dark vibe many looks out for.

Some testify that finding shoes as immaculate, sturdy, and stylish shoes as Demonia is difficult. And aside from just looks, the shoe itself is said to be carefully crafted.

Netizens on websites like Amazon praise the leather, the design, and the fit of these shoes.

2. Why Do People Not Like Them?

Why Do People Not Like Them

However, on the flip side of the coin. One of the critical factors for dissatisfaction stems from durability.

Online reviewers have reported that the shoes are not very durable, and they wear out after a short use time.

This is because the shoes aren’t designed for everyday usage. As a matter of fact, Demonia shoes shouldn’t be worn for two days in a row.

Moreover, some of the reviewers have also complained about the comfort provided by these shoes. Demonia shoes don’t have any insoles inside them, and many feel deceived by their outward appeal.

To avoid any discomfort, it is recommended that you wear socks, especially if you have delicate feet.

As well as that, others complain about how their shoes may not fit. As a general rule, you should buy a size larger than you usually wear.

Due to Demonia’s wide variety of shoes and branding, there can be some discrepancies with sizing.

Those who have purchased it recommend that new buyers purchase them in stores instead of online.

Other miscellaneous complaints include faulty design or decoration falling apart when wearing. These are usually the retailer’s fault and have to do nothing with the shoe itself.

And sometimes maybe the shipping isn’t done duly, or you get sent the wrong model ultimately.

If you find yourself with a faulty product, you should contact the retailer or the website you bought it from.

3. How to Take Care of Demonia Shoes?

How to Take Care of Demonia Shoes

So far, we have discussed what makes Demonia shoes both good and bad and explained the craze behind them. Now we shall talk about how to take care of them.

Undoubtedly, these are not just any everyday shoes you would wear on every occasion. These are niche and unique and have a distinct make.

And as we have seen, many find durability issues. So you should know how to take good care of them to have a longer shelf life.

First, you should make sure that you got the right fit and size of the shoe. Too tight of a fit can put pressure on the shoe.

This can cause damage and tear apart the shoe faster. Buy Demonia shoes in person and try out different fits until you find the right one.

The second thing to keep in mind is the weather itself. While the leather has a protective layer, it won’t do a perfect job in protecting your shoe. So if you find yourself walking in bad weather or on a muddy track, make sure to clean and dry your shoes later. 

Maintaining a clean pair of shoes is the key to prolonging your Demonia’s shelf life. As well as taking care of wet, moist weather, you should also ensure protective measures against hot and dry weather.

The shoes may crack if you put them in too hot conditions.

Protective measures around the shoe are a must too. You may want to invest in shoe covers to keep them neat and clean.

Aside from keeping your shoes neat, tidy, and organized, it is also essential to know how to wear them. Ensure you fully unzip the shoe and thoroughly loosen the laces when taking them off.

That way, you won’t loosen and weaken the shoe. As well as that, do not wear Demonia shoes too frequently. As we have discussed already, these are not designed for regular wearing. Only wear them on special occasions when needed.

After a day of use, don’t wear them the next. Which, in fact, may motivate you to buy two pairs if you are an avid fan of Demonia-style shoes.

4. Alternatives To Demonia

Alternatives To Demonia

There are only a handful of brands that can par with Demonia. However, it is worth knowing about available alternatives in the market. Brands such as Hell Bunny and Ivory Jar may be good substitutes for Demonia.

As well as that, some may suggest brands like Doc Martins and New Rocks. The prices of each one of them would vary, and so would their fitting, grip, and feel.

But which brand you would desire to buy is completely up to you. Try out different brands, see which one of them suits your likeability and feel and then buy one.


  • Are Demonias durable?

It’s actually kind of unpredictable. Some models or makes may last only a few months, while others have said to last for years upon years.

From online testimonies and reviews, many have said that their collections have lasted for years long.

While others complain about the short-lived nature of the shoe. But there are a few steps you can take to make them last longer. Take good care of them and keep them clean, and avoid frequent use.

  • Should you size up in Demonias?

As a rule of thumb, it is advised to buy one size bigger Demonias than the shoes you usually wear. That way, you avoid wearing too tight-fit shoes that can weaken and wear out the shoe, significantly limiting its life.

But to best judge what size you should own, go to a store and try different sizes out. That way you ensure you have the best fit and comfort with the shoes.

Also, one thing to remind yourself is that different models may have different sizes and fits.

  • Who owns Demonia?

Demonia is made by a US company called Pleaser USA. They go under the slogan “Defining Alternative Footwear”. They offer a varied range of footwear including but not limited to sandals, sneakers, platform boots, and creepers.

  • Where are Demonias made?

The company itself is based in Southern California. Many of its boots and other shoes may be made in China.

They are made of polyurethane, patent polyurethane, vegan suede, and leather. The leather that they use may either be patent or matte.

  • What is the price range of Demonia?

Demonia shoes range anywhere from $80 to $160. But the average price is $100, for the high heel, boot-type ones. However, prices would inevitably vary from place to place, and added shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

Demonia’s widespread popularity within the gothic/alternative community has to do with it delivering exactly what its niche expects and wants. Carefully handcrafted, with embellished decorum on the outside, Demonia has garnered a strong consumer base. 

However, aside from the waves of praises, you would find on the net, there are negative opinions too. These have to do with mainly durability, sustainability, and comfort. 

Many find Demonias to be excessive and not up to the mark. Such a mixed bag of opinions would undoubtedly make you wonder if they do have an up-to-the-mark quality.

In this article, we have got to know about are Demonia shoes good or not. And simultaneously, we had also gotten over the possible reasons why many are unsatisfied with Demonias. 

And following that we have provided a detailed account of how to take care of your precious Demonias. We appreciate that our article on are Demonia shoes good quality has helped you in one way or the other in your purchasing decisions.

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