Are Doc Martens Good for Snow and How to Waterproof Doc Martens? 

Doc Martens – the hardy shoes for heavy hazards work.

Doc Martens are iconic boots with their unique design, air-cushioned sole, and stylish yellow stitch. These mighty boots will accompany you from the cradle to the grave, providing comfort, stability, support, and balance without failure.

However, are Doc Martens good for snow?

Doc Martens shoes are not entirely for snow, but you can wear them on light snowy days. The leather exterior might not fully prevent snow-melt water penetration; they ensure 75% water resistance. Besides, the sole traction is ok for snow but not great for ice. But, they certainly provide comfort, warmth, and slip-resistance you need to walk on snow.

There are different opinions among the users about this shoe. However, before we jump to a conclusion, let’s check a few factors why you can wear Doc Martens on snowy days.

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow

Yes, Doc Martens are good for snow, but to a certain extent. The leather exterior and limited sole traction can be an issue during heavy snow. Therefore, you can consider it for the early winter days. But when it’s all-white, you may need to consider other shoes best for winter.

One of the best things about the Doc Martens shoes in winter is their comfortable warmth. The cushion layer makes the shoe extra warm while out in the snow. And if you need more, simply put on woolen winter socks.

Here is a list of 5 Doc Martens boots you can wear on snow without worry.

Best Doc Martens Shoes For Snow
ModelGreat For
1460 W Black Nappa Women’s 8 Eye BootComfort and warmth for the air-cushioned interior. Good abrasion and slip resistance. Superior outlook with grooved sides, heel-loop, and yellow stitching.
Vegan 1460 Men’s Fashion BootSlip resistance, perfect fitting, and outlook. The synthetic sole gives an adequate grip on slippery surfaces. Durable with abrasion resistance feature.
Unisex Chelsea Boot for AdultUsability, outlook, and all-weather proof feature. The 10” opening makes it easy to put on and of. Oily surface ensures water resistance up to a certain extent.
Originals 1460 Union Jack Lace-Up BootComfort, usability, and outlook. Cushioned sock liner ensures warmth and comfort. 100% leather cemented outsole makes it durable. Great for zipper lovers.
Shriver Hi Women’s Fashion BootDurability, slip-resistance, and comfort. The iconic air-cushioned sole gives ultimate comfort. The cemented upper sole is great for durability.

What Makes Doc Martens Good For Snow?

What Makes Doc Martens Good For Snow

Doc Martens are classic boots perfectly suitable for heavy-duty work. However, these cast-iron boots are also great for snow. You may ask why? Why don’t you join us to explore the features that make Doc Martens suitable shoes for snow.

1. Sole Traction In Snow

Sole Traction is one aspect that needs to be kept in mind while looking for winter boots. Remember, sole traction is everything – or else you will slip and tumble while walking on icy surfaces without the proper grip.

The sole traction of Doc Martens boots is average. The Doc Martens AirWair sole offers decent traction on icy surfaces. But it is still not the best for snowy weather. 

The material of Airwair is quite soft. So, the grip is good on wet surfaces. But, walking in deep snow is a huge hassle. It is why we would not recommend Doc Martens for frictionless surfaces. 

2. Slip Resistant

Yes, Doc Martens are slip-resistant. One of their core features is their GripTrax technology in the outsoles for enhanced grip and traction. This technology makes it hard for anyone to slip, even in oil spills or wet surfaces. 

Doc Martens are specially designed for people who work in adverse environments. The grip technology of the sole can ensure maximum Traction on snowy surfaces. It makes Doc Martens a good choice for the winter. 

3. Warmth

Doc Martens are ideally designed for workers who work in adverse environments. Therefore, comfort, warmth, and durability got preferences while designing these boots.

The inside of the boot is spacious and has a little cushion for extra warmth, protecting your feet from the coldness of harsh winter. 

For extreme conditions, Doc Martens also has another line of boots with additional linings of fur and fleece. Especially the Warmwair boots, which are perfect for winter, exceptionally warm and  water-resistant.

Additionally, if your Doc Martens fail to keep your feet warm, you can take extra measures. Wearing thick woolly socks will insulate your boots, keeping your feet cozy and warm.

5. Comfortable

Comfort and durability are what make Doc Martens appealing to customers. The material and design of these boots provide maximum comfort and durability. So, you can wear them for a pretty long time.

With an air-cushioned sole and ultimate arch support, you remain fit for work the whole day and have less risk of foot issues.

6. Water-resistant

An essential concern is whether Doc Martens are waterproof.

The mainline of Doc Martens is not water-resistant and is made of leather. So, the water will seep into the shoes during extreme weather conditions.

However, the leather of the shoe is 75% water-resistant. But not completely waterproof. Though, you can make your Doc Martens water-resistant by spraying the protectant.  

However, there are other lines of Doc Martens that are made with water-resistant leather. For instance, Warmwair, Wintergrip, and Drywall. Consider buying these while purchasing boots for snowy weather. 

How to Waterproof Doc Martens? 

How to Waterproof Doc Martens 

Doc Martens shoes are not super water-resistant for their leather upper. So if you are looking for complete protection from snow and cold, there are a few things you may need to do with your Doc Martens shoes.

1. Waterproof Spray

You can use a waterproofing spray. But the problem is that it can clog the pores of the leather. If the leather shows signs of aging, there’s not much you can do.

You can try STAR BRITE waterproofing spray that doesn’t damage the shoe fabric’s breathability, color, or feel.

2. Mink Oil

Another great way is using mink oil. It will nourish and condition the leather, making it last longer. Follow the correct procedure to complete your task without any collateral damage.

  • Clean your Doc Martens properly. Brush off the dirt and dust.
  • Apply an even coat of mink oil all over the boots. You will get the best results if you rub it with your hands.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • After the leather absorbs the oil, gently remove the excess oil using a microfiber towel.
  • Buff your boots by brushing them thoroughly.

You can use Angelus Genuine Professional Mink Oil Conditioner Spray for longer life and durability.

Do Doc Martens Need Breaking In?

Do Doc Martens Need Breaking In

Unfortunately, yes. Doc Martens requires breaking-in. The breaking-in period is usually 3-6 weeks. 

Initially, you might feel uncomfortable walking around in your boots. But, after the breaking-in period is over, you will feel comfortable. You can always start by purchasing the right size to avoid this.

But even if luck doesn’t favor you, you speed up the process of breaking in by following a few steps.

  • Wear a thick pair of cotton socks during the initial days.
  • You can also use a softening agent. You can use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, an exclusive creation of this brand.
  • Use a boot stretcher in the toe area overnight. You can also use this stretcher for tight spaces.
  • If you don’t have a boot stretcher, you can use bunion pads or corn plaster.
  • Last but not least, bending the boots gently every night can increase flexibility.
  • Wear them frequently.

Are All Doc Martens Combat-Like Boots?

Doc Martens are not limited to combat-like boots anymore. This brand was initially focused on tough-looking, durable workers’ shoes. But, after a few decades, Doc Martens offers a wide variety of shoes and boots, keeping their initial objective in mind and design.

This brand has it all, from its leather oxford shoes to Chelsea boots! It has managed to offer the market a wide variety of shoes for both men and women. 


  • Are Doc Martens Good For Your Feet?

You can trust Doc Martens shoes for the well-being of your feet. The cushioned interior and the flexible leather upper offer optimum support for your feet. You will also feel comfortable walking over the snow because of the Grip Tex sole.

  • Can I wear Doc Martens in winter?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens in the winter. There are a few water-resistant models that are made with waterproof leather. Moreover, the traction on the sole is also decent enough to get you through icy surfaces.

  • Can you wear Doc Martens in the rain or snow?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens shoes in the winter and rain if they are made with water-resistant leather. Warmwair, Wintergrip, and Drywall are perfect for rainy and snowy weather. The leather is waterproof, and the grip is also exceptional.

Take Away

So, are Doc Martens good for snow? The answer is- yes, they are. But you have to pick the one with waterproof leather upper. All of the qualities of Doc Martens make it hard not to choose them as excellent winter wear. 

The boots of Doc Martens are durable, comfortable, and provide top-notch grip. The main concerns are whether your shoes are waterproof, if they can handle slippery surfaces, and are comfortable during the winter season.

Doc Martens checks all of these boxes. So, we can conclude with confidence that Doc Martens are good for snow.

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