Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots? – You Should Need to Know

“I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” – who doesn’t know this famous dialogue of Terminator.

Motorcycle and boots are a match made in heaven. Do you know why? They add necessary support to your ankles that provide safer control and offer protection to reduce the impact during a fall.

However, are Doc Martens good motorcycle boots?

Doc Martens are comfy and good-looking boots indeed, and you may think they are good enough for riding your motorcycle for sturdiness. However, it’s not correct.

Doc Martens isn’t an ideal choice for riding motorcycles. They are indeed comfortable, durable, and sturdy; they don’t provide enough safety required while riding bikes.

Let’s dive into the article without further ado to know more about all the topics.

Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots?

Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots

Can you ride a bike in Dr. Martens? The answer is a clear no. Doc Martens aren’t made for riding motorcycling at all. The boots are for people standing on their feet for working or hiking the whole day. 

When you are thinking of buying motorcycle boots, you should consider some specific criteria. Thick and hardened rubber soles are among the consideration list. 

The boots must have an accurate fit with a shock-absorbent ability to protect your heels and toes. Another feature to look for is adjustable cuffs for added security. 

But Doc Martens do not qualify for any of these characteristics. The boots are comfortable enough, but they don’t have thick soles sufficient to protect your feet from rock and debris. 

And the boots can be too heavy to use for bike riding, and they don’t even have adjustable cuffs to ensure safety. 

They sure are comfortable to wear, providing a good amount of ankle support. However, these boots are not the motorcycle riding material, as they can ensure your safety – especially during accidents. Therefore, for your own safety sake, you should avoid these boots.

However, several boots are suitable for motorcycle riding, like Harley-Davidson Hagerman Motorcycle Boots, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability.

Are Doc Martens Suitable For Winter?

Are Doc Martens Suitable For Winter

Yes, Doc Martens can be an excellent choice for your winter wear. But it may cause some problems too because it doesn’t have a water-resistant feature.

Doc Martens are designed explicitly for labor work. So, it has cushion layers inside them to keep you warm on the cold winter days. Besides, you can enhance the warmth by pairing your boots with thick woolen socks.

Besides providing you a nice warm feeling, Doc Martens are quite comfy to wear, and you can layer them with all of your winter outfits because they go with everything.

However, the only problem with the boots is they are not water-resistant. If these leather boots come close to the water, they will start soaking up water like a sponge.

The reason is – the leather used in making Doc Marten boots is pretty thin. For the solution, you can spray some mink oil or leather waterproofing spray before stepping out in the snow to waterproof your leather.

However, adding a new boot to your collection always feels great, especially a pair of water-resistant boots. Why don’t you try Red Wing Heritage Boots or other brands for extra delight?

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Are Doc Martens Good For Driving?

Are Doc Martens Good For Driving

Are Dr Martens good for riding a motorcycle? Or is it good for driving a car?

We already know that a Doc. Martens isn’t a good choice for a motorcycle ride. They aren’t an appropriate option for driving too.

They are very sturdy and comfortable – that’s true for almost anything (e.g., walking, hiking, etc.) except driving. They can’t provide proper protection while driving your hog because it’ll be hard to feel where the pedals are accurately.

If we talk about driving cars with Doc Martens boots on, we would have to refrain you from that. Because there might be no rules or special shoes made for driving cars, you should wear light shoes on your feet to easily distinguish between your gas pedals and brake pedals.

As Doc Martens are very sturdy and heavy on feel, it might be difficult to feel the pedals if you drive in them. And if you accidentally push the gas pedals instead of brakes, a major accident can happen; even your life might be at stake. 

So, you might want to rethink if you are thinking of driving in your Doc Martens or already doing it. You might think you learned how to control the pedals while wearing Doc Martens, but gambling with your own life is nothing but foolishness.

Pros and Cons of Doc. Martens

Every single product around us has its advantages and disadvantages. And Doc Martens boots are no exception to that.

So, let’s see the pros and cons of Doc Martens boots:


  • These boots will provide you with comfort all day long.
  • The boots are good-looking and pretty much go with every outfit.
  • Doc Martens are tough and durable and will last for years.
  • The boots provide good ankle support, providing an easy walk.


  • These are not motorcycle-specific boots.
  • The boots are not suitable for dirt bikes or off-road ridings.
  • Doc Martens won’t provide enough protection in case of a motorcycle crash.
  • A bit heavy for motorcycle riding.
  • The boots aren’t shock-absorbing like other motorcycle boots.

Why Should You Wear Boots While Riding a Bike?

Why Should You Wear Boots While Riding a Bike

Riding bikes is a dangerous business, and getting injured in your left and right is a typical story if you are not careful enough. Boots made for motorcycle riding give you that comfort and protection crucial for bike riding.

Motorcycle boots are made mainly with sturdy heels, sturdy soles, heavier leather and come in shaft height that covers up and over the ankles. They will help you from rocks and debris to get your ankles broken.

So, instead of ignoring these precautions, get a few pairs of bike boots specifically made for your bike type and your riding hours. Remember, it’s foolish to put a price on safety.

What Are the Best Boots For Motorcycle Riding?

What Are the Best Boots For Motorcycle Riding

As Doc Martens aren’t a good choice for motorcycle riding, you should choose the ones made specifically for your hog. And how can you choose the perfect boots for your bike? Don’t worry; we decided to help you with that too.

So, let’s see the best types of perfect boots for your motorcycle riding.

Best 5 Types of Motorcycle BootsYou May try This Products
Street BootsYou may try the Timberland Boots
Touring BootsTry O’Neal Rider Boot for plastic plate protection
Adventure BootsTry Merrell Moab Hiking Boots for superb durability
Dirt Bike BootsTry O’Neil Boots for added support
Sport and Racing BootsTry Fly Racing Maverik Boot for protection and flexibility
  • Street Boots

Motorcycle street boots have special soles, armor plating, and abrasion-resistant materials that provide ultimate protection than other casual street boots do. But they still offer enough comfort to use them as everyday wear. 

If you ask for a recommendation, you’ll get quality street boots here.

  • Touring Boots

If you like to go on long tours with your motorcycle, this is perfect for you. These boots are very protective, usually rise up to mid to full height and reach your calves. These are more protective and heavy-duty than those street boots. 

  • Adventure Boots

These are also for those who like to spend most of the time on the road on their saddle. These are like touring boots, but they provide the superior protection of dirt boots and have the right balance between pavement and dirt riding. 

But it also provides the comfort of touring boots. So, excited to get a pair of adventure boots? Click here if you’re saying yes!

  • Dirt Bike Boots

Dirt bike boots are for those who spend a considerable amount of time on the road on their hog. These are made of hard soles to protect your ankles from impact. But they also can limit the range of your motion. 

Dirt bike boots have a very substantial construction, are stiff, rigid, highly ventilated, and are only available at full height. So, it can be challenging to walk around in them because they are not for walking. But they are made to maximize the protection of your feet and ankle over anything else.

In case you’re looking for dirt bike boots that offer you convenient features, you can give a tour here.

  • Sport and Racing Boots

These boots are much lighter than dirt bike boots, but they protect your feet and ankle over anything. The design of sports and racing boots primarily focuses on performance and protection. 

Its design is intended for the more rear-set foot-controls found on most sports bikes, so pads and protection are placed in all the right places.

Here you’ll get sports and racing boots of various price ranges.

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  • Are Doc Martens slip-resistant?

Yes. As the boots are specifically made for the industrial environment, they have a great grip to ensure the safety paramount of the workers. 

  • Can snow ruin Doc Martens’s boots?

They can as they are made of thin leather. But you can waterproof your Doc Martens boots or check out their waterproof boots collection, which can be a good option for you. 

  • Is it important to own more than one pair of motorcycle boots?

Even though bike boots are very sturdy, you never know when and how bad accidents you might face. In that case, your boots might get ruined from protecting your ankles. Then the other pairs will come in handy.


Are Doc Martens good motorcycle boots? To simply put, no, they are not good motorcycle boots.

If you breathe in motorcycle riding, wearing them is not a good idea as they can’t provide you comfort and protection. Therefore, don’t sacrifice your safety over a good look.

However, they are good options for hiking, walking, and climbing. So, think before you jump the boot – enjoy your life with safety and comfort with good choices and the best riding boots.

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