Are Rockport Shoes Good? [Explained Elaborately]

A common problem most shoe lovers face when investing in a new pair of shoes is –  which to choose. So, they often question are these shoes good or do they last? The same occurs while buying Rockport shoes at least once, and the question arises – Are Rockport shoes good?

Yes, they are. Rockport is a globally known shoe brand famous for its low prices. Its idea is to create casual and dress shoes with built-in sports technology. Meaning it appears your usual day-to-day shoe but is capable of running a marathon. Thanks to its upgraded technology and craftsmanship.

To know further if Rockport shoes are good or bad and know every little detail about this shoe brand, continue further onto the article.

Are Rockport Shoes Good?

Are Rockport Shoes Good

Rockport is a brand for anyone who wants a comfy, stylish shoe with durability. It combines unique foot cushioning features with endurance and utility while stylish. To add to it, Rockport is one of those few brands that give all of these facilities at an affordable price. Isn’t it great?

These features make Rockport shoes a must-have for those who want a daily use shoe with maximum comfort.

So, to answer your question, are Rockport shoes good? Yes, they are.

However, to have a solid view, here are some further reasons you should consider Rockford a purchase-worthy good, quality shoes.

1. Waterproof

Yes, you heard us right; Rockport shoes are entirely waterproof. You can wear them anywhere you like neither less of the weather.

2. Anti-Slip Shoes

Tired of slipping on uneven places? Or are you having a hard time walking in rainy or snowy weather?

Well, Rockport shoes solve all those problems as they are slip-resistant. So, you can use Rockport shoes during a monsoon or a snowstorm worry free.

Premium Quality Material

Apart from being made by skilled workers, Rockport shoes are known to maintain a praiseworthy quality when it comes to material. They are solid and durable, making them easily last a few years.

Moreover, all the leather used in Rockport shoes is premium graded leather and even has EVA treated soles.

3. Proper Arch Support

If you are someone with a blister, foot fatigue, or even flat feet, Rockport is the brand we would recommend for you. They offer excellent arch support, which may be the solution to several of your foot issues.   

4. Shock Absorption

Another key feature that makes Rockport good is the enormous shock absorption quality. Even if you jump on a rocky or wet surface, these shock absorptive shoes will let you remain unharmed.

Comfy And Stylish While Being Budget Friendly

Rockport shoes are all trendy and styling while being of the utmost comfort. They are famous for their impressive outlook while being as comfortable as possible. In addition, they are all while being one of the most budget-friendly shoe brands out there.

It may have led them to remain a market giant 50 years after its first launch.

How Durable Are Rockport Shoes?

How Durable Are Rockport Shoes

We have looked into different rubber-soled shoes at several price points. Most of them are great at the beginning but sooner or later, the sole starts to wrap and feel mushy as the shoe spreads with wear.

However, Rockport is one of the few shoe brands that don’t have this issue. Their soles are comfy and durable, and the sole holds its shape.

Most Rockport shoes are long-lasting and don’t come apart after years of use. Their shoes are made of corrected grain leather or full grain leather.

Corrected grain leather is those whose surface has been altered in some way or another to achieve a specific type of finishing. It’s less natural looking compared to full grain leather. No matter which is used, it is extremely strong and can endure a marathon while remaining in shape no matter which is used.

Top 4 Rockport Shoes We Recommend And Why!

Are Rockport shoes good? Yes, undoubtedly they are. However, choosing a Rockford shoe would be your next puzzle as they offer numerous good quality and stylish shoes.

Don’t worry; we are here to save your day. These are the top 4 Rockport shoes that can be a fascinating complement to your collection.



  1. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic
  • Good for travel and exploring the world.
  • Made with Strobel technology and EVA insole cushioning.
  • Provide a personalized fit and shock absorption to keep your legs safe.
  • The full grain leather will last you years.
  • Providing a stylish look.

2) Rockport Men’s Rocsports Mudguard Laceup Walking Shoe

  • Most durable pairs of shoes the brand offers.
  • Capable of withstanding any situation.
  • The shoe has a removable EVA footbed, a TPU stability plate, and an EVA outsole for maximum grip.

3) Rockport Men’s Total Motion Sports Dress Wing Tip

  • Made with premium leather, making your dress up for daily tasks like going to the office comfier than ever.
  • It has pair cushioning, an EVA footbed, and a TPU molded stability plate.

4) Rockport Men’s Evander Moc-Toe Oxford

  • A 24/7 wearable dress shoe.
  • A waterproof body
  • Kinetic Air Circulator footbed for cool and comfortable feet.

How To Clean Rockport Shoes

There are a few different methods of cleaning your Rockport shoe to follow, depending on the material your shoe is made from. Just follow the instruction and make your dirty shoes brand new.

For Leather Shoe

  • To start, remove the shoelace from your shoe and wash it separately.
  • Then, take a dry cloth and wipe off any dirt in your Rockport shoe. It is recommended to clean it using a damp cloth
  • Brush any other material or fabric using a damp brush.
  • Allow the leather to dry gently, do not use a blow dryer.
  • Apply polish and buff. You can use Kelly’s Shoe Polish for a professional outcome.
  • Finally, reattach the shoelaces.

For Suede and Nubuck Shoes

  • Open the shoelace and wash it separately using soap and hot water.
  • Remove any dirt from the shoe’s body using a nubuck rubber eraser. You can use Sof Sole Suede and Nubuck Cleaning Brush that cleans all – dirt, hair, lint, stains, water spots, etc.
  • Continue to brush it with a suede brush.
  • Wipe the entirety off with a damp cloth.

For Inserts and Insoles

  • To start, remove the inserts and insoles from your shoe
  • Take a bowl and pour some hot water into it.
  • Proceed to mix a few drops of soap. You can use shoe cleaner such as Angelus Easy Cleaner for a better result.
  • Now, rinse the insert and insoles and gently scrub them with a brush.
  • Allow the inserts and insoles to air dry.

Lastly, don’t forget to use a proper shoe polish cream to maintain the premium quality of the leather. It is to give your shoe a shine and hide the grayish tone. It is optimum to polish your shoes two to three times per month.

How To Make Rockport Shoes Last Longer?

How To Make Rockport Shoes Last Longer

The first step to making your Rockport shoes last longer is taking care of the rubbered sole, where the most wear gets seen. To stop this wear, we recommend using glue rubber taps on the heel area to prevent wear. Then proceed by using adhesives to lock the rubber taps.

This set of rubber taps will last you about 4-6 months. Continue to replace them before they wear down, reaching the heel. Doing this may end up tripling your shoe’s life expectancy.

Another method is to replace the rubber heel saver and sole pads as they continue to wear down. It also dramatically extends your shoe’s life cycle.

Follow these two steps, and you will have shoes that will easily last a few years.


  • Does Rockport make quality shoes?

Even though it is hard to compare all the products a brand makes but, in general terms, Rockport makes high-quality shoes, with most of its shoes having premium quality leather and other materials. It is perfect for a comfy, stylish, and durable shoe.

  • What happened to the quality of Rockport shoes?

With the massive increase in the cost of production for Rockport, they may have decided to downgrade their material quality a bit, which might have led to a fall in the quality of its products leading to them wearing out quicker.

  • How is Rockport shoes rated?

Known for their high quality while being low priced makes them one of the go to brands for many. As per a recent survey, customers have rated Rockport shoes a 4/5 as their price point remains between $80-130.

  • Is Rockport owned by Adidas?

On the 3rd of August, 2015, Berkshire Partners and New Holding Inc acquired Rockport company from the Addidas group. Then they continued to combine Rockport and Drydock footwear, launching a new company called The Rockport Group.


To conclude, Rockport is a majority loved name for a stylish yet durable shoe. So if you are looking for something that you can use to attend offices and go on trips now and then, then not only Rockport shoes are good rather excellent for you.

So, if you are still asking – are Rockport shoes good? – the actual answer is – they are excellent.

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