Are Supra Shoes Good? – [ All Factors About Supra Shoes ]

Supra Shoes – a brand with an interesting history. Supra, aka “above and beyond,” perfectly suits the shoes as they became hype after launch. Not many brands have achieved what Supra was able to in their time.

But not every popular brand turned out to be good. And that’s why you might wonder, “Are Supra Shoes Good?”

Yes, the Supra Shoes are good. Some factors determine whether a shoe is good or not, and Supra shoes are considered good based on materials, stitching, weight, grip, and padding. Even, many celebrities were seen wearing them. However, the durability and cushioning of Supra shoes are not top-notch.

Let us dive into the article to know more about Supra Shoes. 

What Factors Make A Good Skate Shoe?

What Factors Make A Good Skate Shoe

If someone asks you what makes a good phone, you might say it depends on several factors. Likewise, a skate shoe also has a lot of factors that might determine whether the shoe is good or not. 

1. Materials

If it ever comes to more objective factors, one of the primary things you should look at when picking skate shoes is the material that the shoe is made of. 

Now, this isn’t to imply that certain materials are better than others; instead, it’s to say that every material has both advantages and disadvantages.

For example, canvas shoes are light and airy, but they won’t withstand a lot of abuse. On the other hand, leather is an excellent material to choose for shoes if you want it to have an extended lifespan.

Skate shoes with a lot of durabilities are usually constructed of leather, but synthetic materials can be just as durable. But both of these materials have some pros and cons.

Pros of Leather:

  • Shoes made out of leather are more durable.
  • Leather shoes offer more flexibility.
  • Leather shoes are breathable.

Cons of Leather:

  • More expensive than other materials.
  • Need frequent care to keep in good condition. 

Similar to leather, synthetic materials also have some pros and cons.

Pros of Synthetic Material:

  • Synthetic materials are animal friendly.
  • Shoes made of synthetic materials are cheaper. 
  • Synthetic materials are easy to clean and take care of.

Cons of Synthetic Material:

  • Shoes made of synthetic materials are not breathable.
  • Are less durable than leather.

2. Stitching

Check the shoe in all its surrounding areas to verify whether or not the materials are properly stitched together. Not simply glued. 

Furthermore, rather than having a single stitch holding them together, you should buy shoes that should generally have two or even three. 

Stitching is required for the construction of skateboard shoes of reasonable quality. It helps them stay together for a longer period of time.

3. Weight

You must also keep the shoe’s weight in mind while placing your order. It causes a tricky situation because shoes manufactured from more sturdy and long-lasting materials tend to be heavier. 

So, you’ll want a shoe that offers a decent balance between its durability and weight. After all, wearing a shoe that’s too heavy could make it tough for you to perform tricks!

4. Grip 

Another vital thing to consider when skating is how well the shoe will hold onto the board. 

You should go for a shoe with a gum rubber bottom that is stable and gripping. Skating shoe manufacturers ensure that their shoe comes equipped with a grippy sole, so this shouldn’t be too difficult of a job.

5. Padding

Last but not least, the padding that surrounds the shoe’s tongue and heel section is more involved with comfort than with performance.

This is a case of personal preference. Some skaters want their shoes to have cushioned tongues with heel collars and a heel pad that is nice and plush.

If you are choosy about the sort of cushioning on your shoe, you should be very attentive in examining the shoe that you are about to buy in order to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Are Supra Shoes Good?

Are Supra Shoes Good

Supra shoes are well known throughout the world. But you may wonder, “Is Supra a skate brand?” The answer to the question is yes. 

Supra was a California-based sneaker company formed by Angel Cabada in collaboration with professional skateboarders Chad Muska, Jim Greco, and Erik Ellington. 

Musk described the company’s founding as an “underground idea” shared by five people that 

turned into a “crazy explosion.”

Let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of Supra skate shoes.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Supra Shoes

Benefits and Drawbacks of Supra Shoes

To determine if a purchase is good for you, you need to see both sides of it – advantages and disadvantages.

1. Benefits

Let’s check out the benefits first.

  • Material

Supra shoes are known for their premium material. The Supra shoes are the outcome of well-planned engineering that ensures their premium material. 

For example, on the Skytop II, Supra uses fabric, leather, and swede, resulting in a design that strikes a balance between overlapping elements and a clean aesthetic.

On the other hand, for Supra Avex, the company uses a two-piece design that ensures durability. 

The lack of overlapping material across the front half of the shoe, which is made of tough suede, makes it extremely durable. The mesh in the second half lowers weight while also boosting durability. 

  • Grip

Supra also puts a lot of thought into improving the grip of their shoes. In skating, the grip is crucial in deciding whether a shoe is good. 

If you look at the Supra Saint model, you will notice what a great job Supra has done. 

Despite having a cupsole, this particular model offers a great deal of flexibility.

  • Comfort

One of the things that are important about a pair of shoes is the comfort it provides. Supra certainly ensures comfort more than any other sneaker.

Supra Skytop contains a gel-like piece below the inside. For this reason, the impact produced by the shoe is extremely low. 

That is why Supra Skytop is considered one of the best comfort shoes of all time. 

2. Drawbacks

Now, it’s time to see the dark side of the moon!

  • Cushioning

You should accept that a skating shoe will not have all the advantages, which is true for Supra. And one such area where Supra can develop is their cushioning. 

For example, the cushioning in the Supra Saint model is pretty average. Although the other aspects of this model are up to the mark, the cushioning is below average. 

  • Durability

There is no question that Supra uses premium material in their shoes, but premium material doesn’t always translate to durability. 

In the Supra Avex model, the shoe indeed comes with a premium material, but has weaknesses. 

The second part of the shoe may be prone to ripping depending on your way of flipping and ollieing. The shaft, too, was easily frayed.

Who Wears Supras?

Who Wears Supras

Supra can be seen on the feet of many celebrities. And this can be the outcome of the connection of the company’s founders.

Muska claims that the celebrity connection developed spontaneously. Muska was well-connected in Hollywood at the time, and he could get the shoes into the feet of the right people.

Every celebrity in the early 2010s sported the Supra Skytop, one of the most famous models in the Supra line-up. Pete Wentz, the bassist for Fall Out Boy and a late-aughts tabloid darling, was often pictured wearing them.

Following his NBA title, Lamar Odom wore the boots to award events. “Blunt Blowin”, Lil Wayne’s certified Platinum hit, features the skating shoe. 

The list of people who wore Supra is not only dominated by male celebrities. Supra also won over female celebrities. Superstars like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez used to be seen in Supra. 

But no celebrity wore the shoe more than Justin Bieber, who was still a baby at the time. As he rose from YouTube fame to international pop music success, the artist wore his pairs faithfully.

Here is a list of few Supra shoes that several other celebrities were seen to wear and admire.

Does Justin Bieber still Wear Supras?

You might be wondering if Bieber still wears supra or not. And the answer to that question is no. 

Bieber wore Supras every night on stage on his sold-out tour in 2012 and 2013. Back then, you would have noticed kids around the country requested “the Bieber” at the hairdresser. In the same way, they went to their nearby stores and purchased a unit of Supras.

Supra had evolved from a medium-sized skate label to a $100 million label within only nine years. And sneakers accounted for around 90% of the company’s sales—much of which was due to the Skytop. 

K-Swiss Global Brands bought Supra in 2015 when the brand was at its peak of popularity. But the sneaker quickly fell out of love with a number of celebrities. 

Even Bieber had switched from suede drop-crotch trousers, and Skytops to ultra-shredded skinny denim and Adidas Boosts by 2016.


  • Are Supra Shoes Durable?

Yes. There are a few cheap supra skate shoes that aren’t very durable; however, most of the skate shoes from Supra are solid. Depending on whether you’re a regular skater or not. For this reason, Supra gained a lot of popularity after its initial release.

  • Are Supra Shoes Discontinued?

Supra sneakers have been pulled out as of January 2020. The Greco Loafer marked the closure of a 14-year partnership with K-Swiss and Supra. With the end of Supra, a very promising skate shoe label ended.

Are Supra Shoes Expensive?

The Supra Skytop is a gleaming high-top skate shoe that, at first appearance, might easily be mistaken for a high-end designer sneaker. In truth, the sneaker looks more like a set of Vans than a pair of Bergdorf Goodman sneakers, which cost roughly $120.

Bottom Line

To become a good skate shoe company, you don’t only need a good product but have a list of celebrity customer bases.

So, are Supra shoes good?

Supra Shoes were a legend in the sneakers industry. These shoes are good skating shoes that provide style and durability in one place.

But at present, they are nowhere to be seen. That doesn’t mean Supra shoes are bad nor they didn’t have any celebrity customer base. Instead, these shoes are still famous and known and worn all around the world.

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