Are Converse Good for Dancing? 5 Reasons to Choose Converse

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” – where your body says a lot when words are silent. And, to make the poetry perfect, a dancer’s moves and steps must be flawless. So, dancers must know what can accelerate their dance moves and help them learn steps faster. It’s not only how hard you practice …

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How To Unshrink Crocs

How to Unshrink Crocs: 3 Super Savers You Have

Crocs have been one of the most worn and fashionable footwear. People have been styling it with almost everything. However, with such a huge number of people using it daily, people quickly noticed that crocs shrunk. Yes, you heard me right; Crocs do shrink. However, the next concern is if they can be unshrunk. So …

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why do doc martens make your toes numb

Why Do Doc Martens Make Your Toes Numb? 5 Reasons Are Here

Lately, I have been wearing my Doc Martens whenever I go out. And this leads to me noticing that the shoes make my toes numb. Instantly I searched, Why do Doc Martens make your toes numb? Your toes get numb wearing Doc Martens for 5 reasons. Your boots are small, or you’re wearing thick socks. …

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Tory Burch Shoes Run Small Or True To Size

Tory Burch Shoes: Run Small or True to Size?

If you’re interested in Tory Burch shoes, you’ve probably heard conflicting advice about sizing and fit. Depending on where you shop, you may have heard that Tory Burch shoes run small or true to size. Shoes from companies like Tory Burch run small and are true to size, depending on the shoe type. For instance, …

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hey dude vs sanuk shoes

Hey Dude vs Sanuk Shoes – A Comparison Guide in 2022

Wherever you go, having comfortable shoes on your feet can make all the difference in your day-to-day activities. And is we talk about comfort, Hey Dude and Sanuk make some of the most comfortable and best-looking shoes on the market. However, it’s tough to decide which brand is better- Hey Dude vs Sanuk shoes. In …

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Are Doc Martens Business Casual

Are Doc Martens Business Casual? – Get Your Answer

We often buy shoes thinking that we can use them for multi-purpose means. Similarly, I bought myself a pair of Doc Martens, planning to wear them on several occasions. Now months later, I have an interview coming, and I was wondering, are Doc Martens business casual? Yes, Doc Martens are business casual. You can wear …

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fixing clicking and clapping sound of dress shoes

Fix Clicking and Clapping Sound of Dress Shoes – Superb Solutions

Fancy party, all dressed in an exquisite outfit, tripping the light fantastic with my shiny dress shoes. Suddenly, the clicking and clapping sound came from my shoes, turning all the heads in my direction with raised brows – obviously embarrassing. The only thing I thought then was to get out of this place with one …

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can new shoes cause calf pain

Can New Shoes Cause Calf Pain When You Wear It?

Last week, my uncle bought a new shoe, quite an investment it was. Yesterday, he was whining about the pain of wearing that shoe. Now, being as big as investment shoes are, it can be heartbreaking to feel pain when wearing your new shoe. Like my uncle, many people have experienced calf pain when wearing …

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