Bobs Shoes Like Toms| 5 Best Toms Knock-Offs

A good pair of comfortable Toms for everyday wear is a must for some of us. If you have worn a pair of Toms before, you might know of its comfort, lightweight, and breathability. This brand offers the best flats and slip-on.

The humanitarian reason it works for the helpless also increases its fame and acceptance by the public.

But as these pairs are a bit expensive, and many similar and more affordable brands adapted Tom’s approach, you might want to try out the alternatives for a while. Sketchers has released a footwear line called “BOBS” with good quality and similar looks that are the same as the Toms. It is also more affordable but retains the good aspects and morals.

BOBS also donate to animal hospitals and help the poor with every purchase they make. So, let us dive into this article to know what Bob’s shoes offer if you alternate it with Toms. 

BOBS Shoes Vs. Toms: The Main Differences

BOBS Shoes Vs. Toms

These Sketcher sneakers are adorable and can even be dressed up, plus they have a well-known brand and design similar to TOMS. They look like lace and have an open crochet pattern that keeps your feet cool. These canvas flats are more structured and supportive than many others.

They contain a shock-absorbing midsole and a cushioned memory foam insole 

Skechers makes a line of footwear called BOBS that follows the same design principles as Toms footwear. Skechers initially produced skate shoes and boots in the utility style. They gradually became involved in performance shoes as well as casual fashion for men and women.

In 2011, BOBS Shoes first went on sale. They used the same business strategy as Toms, giving away a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes sold. The shoes are mostly composed of canvas and are offered for women in a variety of hues and patterns.

There are many differences between BOBS and Tom’s shoes. Let us quickly look at the differences and evaluate which one goes perfectly according to your need and convenience.

BOBS Shoes Vs. Toms


Sketchers BOBS


Type of insoles

Memory foam footbed

Advantage- plush padding, breathability, pain relief, back support, spinal alignment

Ortholite Footbed

Advantage- Breathable, lightweight, prevents fungus.


True to Size

True to size, but need to go through a break-in period


BOBS effective formula of memory foam and canvas upper ensure utmost comfort

Toms all-rounder trait of having good insole and eco-friendly material ensures moderate comfort




5 Best BOBS Shoes Like Toms

Let us discuss some of the best Toms alternatives out there that are manufactured by BOBS.

1. Skechers Women’s BOBS Plush-Peace & Love Ballet Flat

bob shoes like toms

These are the best TOMS alternatives. This BOBS pair ranks number two in the women’s flats section on amazon. It has a 4.5-star rating according to the customers.

The most promising part is these pairs come in 23 different colors and patterns. So, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Let us find out more crucial information about this beautiful pair of Skechers BOBS.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches; 5.68 Ounces
  • Item model number: ‎ 33645
  • Department: ‎ Women
  • Date First Available: ‎ December 30, 2013,
  • Manufacturer: ‎ Skechers BOBS
  • Best Sellers Rank: #1,553 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, #2 in Women’s Flats.

Skechers Women’s BOBS flat shoe has 100 percent imported canvas Rubber soles. The shaft is roughly low-top from the arch in length. The heel is about 0.5″ in height. A traditional slip-on with a multilayer structure and a flexible goring wedge insert. Footbed with memory foam. The BOBS has a very Low-profile, shock-absorbing midsole. 

BOBS do not emit any odor. It has an antimicrobial sole makes it unique from all the other shoes. 

BOBS by Skechers have a rubber sole and are composed of the canvas. The stretchable impaling inset at the top of the shoe makes them comfortable and easy to slip on.

The memory foam insole and shock-absorbing low-key midsole make these shoe ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. They also have an “arch pillow” that offers outstanding support.

They also come in a lovely range of shades, including pastel, naturalistic, and bright colors, which the customer adores. 

These shoes are gorgeous on the inside as well. When you initially put them on, you might note that they were tight and that the top of the shoe might feel extremely stiff, but be confident that they will get more comfortable as they break in and conform to your feet. 

Buying BOBS has the added benefit of supporting the Petco Foundation, which will get 25 from each purchase as part of a current offer to save the lives of dogs and cats in American shelters.


  • Formal and cute look
  • Amazingly comfortable and well-made
  • fits perfectly
  • Affordable and multifunctional 
  • Antimicrobial sole prevents odor
  • Waterproof


  • Might not last long and is not durable 
  • It is not good for wide feet
  • Very slippery 
  • Beware of fake products

2. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Plush Fashion Slip-On Flat

BOBS from Skechers Women's Plush Fashion Slip-On Flat

This amazing pair of slip-on flats from Skechers BOBS is one of the best pairs you will find. It is available in six different shades of dark and mauve colors.

Key Features

  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 10 x 5 x 4 inches; 5.3 Ounces
  • Item model number: ‎ 33910
  • Department: ‎ Women
  • Date First Available: ‎ January 14, 2016,
  • Manufacturer: ‎ Skechers BOBS
  • Best Sellers Rank: #19,100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, #67 in Women’s Loafers & Slip-Ons.

This pair of Skechers have memory foam padded as a comfortable insole. The go-to Alpargata flat is designed along with a slip-on style.

The design also has a soft canvas upper and lightweight midsole. It absorbs shock like magic. The flexible rubber outsole is another good addition to these shoes.


  • Comfortable and well-made
  • Stylish and casual
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Breaths well


  • Needs break-in
  • Poor cushioning
  • Wears out easily
  • Poor arch support
  • Stains easily.

3. Skechers BOBS from Women’s BOBS Breeze

 Skechers BOBS from Women's BOBS Breeze

Put these Skechers BOBS Breeze New Discovery Espadrille Flats with your go-to outfit to show off your sophisticated sense of style.

When you buy one pair of BOBS, Skechers will donate to the Petco Foundation to support the countrywide effort to save shelter animals’ lives. BOBS has given away millions of pairs of shoes to kids in need since 2011.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches; 1.2 Pounds
  • Department: ‎ Women
  • Date First Available: ‎ April 27, 2020,
  • Manufacturer: ‎ Skechers
  • Best Sellers Rank: #38,436 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, #136 in Women’s Flats

This pair has an extraordinary feature which is the 0.5 in platform heels. In the gorgeous SKECHERS BOBS Breeze espadrilles, stroll through the neighborhood. It features the upper of the softly woven canvas, slip-on, informal Alpargata style.

Memory foam-filled cushioned footbed and polka-dot textile lining. At the back is a Suede BOBS tag.

Besides, it comprises tonal stitching and braided natural fiber midsole in the espadrille fashion and has a flexible outsole with traction Imported. 

Please be aware that size may affect the measures. Shoes are weighed individually rather than in pairs. 


  • Just right toe box
  • True to width
  • Moderate arch support 
  • Comfortable and fashionable
  • Good for wide or troubled feet


  • A bit expensive
  • Not long-lasting
  • Quality might vary
  • Sloppy fit
  • Might feel stiff and struggle to stretch

4. Skechers BOBS Women’s Plush-Wag Party Ballet Flat

Skechers BOBS Women's Plush-Wag Party Ballet Flat

These Skechers BOBS Wag Party shoes have joyful hounds of all breeds on them. It comes in grey, black and multicolored pairs. So, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Key Features;

  • Package Dimensions: ‎ 10.1 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches; 1 Pound
  • Department: ‎ Women
  • Date First Available: ‎ March 22, 2021.
  • Manufacturer: ‎ Skechers BOBS
  • Best Sellers Rank: #41,141 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, #145 in Women’s Loafers & Slip-Ons, #153 in Women’s Flats

This adorable and super cute and colorful fabric footwear can be elongated and waterproofed by a coating of the scotch guard.

The fit is perfect for wide feet as the toe box is very roomy and comfortable to wear all day. These comfortable and lightweight shoes are great for running and jogging as well. 

The cute cartoon dog pattern will definitely bring out the kid in you and boost your positive mood for work or school. You might get a lot of compliments after wearing it outside.


  • Very comfortable and lightweight 
  • Fits perfectly 
  • Super cute and will get a lot of compliments
  • Good arch support
  • Long-lasting


  • Slippery sole
  • Sizing might be too small, so buy a bigger size
  • Construction varies

5. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Slip-on Flat

These Daisy and dot crochet BOBS shoes are the most amazing pair to compliment your feet and provide ultimate comfort. This lacey slip-on shoe can be dressed up or down with almost anything.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 12 x 5 x 4 inches; 6.7 Ounces.
  • Item model number: ‎ 33752.
  • Department: ‎ Women’s.
  • Date First Available: ‎ November 5, 2014.
  • Manufacturer: ‎ Skechers BOBS.
  • Best Sellers Rank:  #104,560 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, #371 in Women’s Flats

These Sketcher sneakers are adorable and can even be dressed up, plus they have a well-known brand and design similar to TOMS.

They look like lace and have an open crochet pattern that keeps your feet cool. In addition, these canvas flats are more structured and supportive than many others. 

The shoes contain a shock-absorbing midsole and a cushioned memory foam insole to keep your feet and ankles comfy all day. The rubber outsole provides grip.

Moreover, they come in other hues like natural, black, and hot pink.


  • Super cute and adorable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Good arch support
  • Moderately comfortable
  • You can dye them


  • Lace might make you feel itchy
  • Tight toes
  • Very narrow

What To Consider While Choosing Bob Shoes Like Toms

What To Consider While Choosing Bob Shoes Like Toms

There are some qualities of BOBS that you need to see before buying a pair of their slip-on. Those are given below.

  • Comfort

Look for a comfortable footbed with padding and a canvas upper. This quality will make these shoes last longer and perform better. So you can work or run in them all day without blisters. These shoes will help reduce your back pain and give you relief from foot aches as well.

  • Fitting

Buy your size because normally, BOBS’ shoes are true to their size. Some of these shoes might take some time to break in, but that should not be an issue because once it breaks in, these are the most flexible and wide shoes you will ever find.

  • Authenticity

Look for authentic stores. Beware of fake brands. Buy from authentic stores that you may find nearly or online as well. 


  • Can Skechers BOBS be washed in a washing machine?

You may wash your BOBS’ shoes in the same manner as your laundry, which may surprise you. To put it another way, you can wash them in a washing machine. Your BOBS will be tossed around during the wash cycle without the bag, which could harm them.

  • Do you need socks while wearing BOBS?

It is advised to wear them with socks and to flex and bend your feet to help the fabric loosen up. The canvas should stretch in a few hours if you proceed to move about as usual without socks. But, wear socks as they protect your shoe and feet together.

  • How do you tell a genuine Tom from a fake one?

There are many ways to tell the difference between genuine Toms and imitations. However, the three basic ways to detect the genuine are as follows:

  • Verify where the shoes were made. Original Toms are made in five different nations. Argentina, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, and China are the states in question. If it’s not made from any of these nations, possibly it’s not original.
  • Check within the shoe for the text “one for one.” There is a good possibility that the fraudulent ones won’t contain this phrase.
  • Check to see if the interior shoe walls have a pattern.

Final Thoughts

Being the biggest competitor to Toms, Bob’s shoes offer you more and cost you less. These shoes are comfortable, durable, and fit perfectly. Moreover, they are machine washable, which makes them perfect for vacations and outings. Trust me; these BOBS shoes like Toms, will be your best companion in the long run.

Put your choice and comfort as your priority while buying a pair of BOBS’ flats or slip-on. Have a pleasant shopping!

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