Can Women Wear Men’s Shoes? 5 Shoes You Can Wear With Style

Everything is changing in today’s world, but the fashion industry is changing the most. Earlier in the fashion world, men had to wear stuff made for them only, the same for women. 

But now, things have changed; both men and women can wear each other’s stuff. And this might raise a colossal question like can women wear men’s shoes or not.

Yes, women can wear men’s shoes. However, do consider a few factors. Start with the size – as men’s feet are wider than women’s. Likewise, check comfort, style, material, and flexibility. You’re ready to roll if you buy the right size and pair it with the right outfit, considering all conditions.

Stay tuned to learn all about men’s vs. women’s shoes, what to check, and how to wear them.

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes?

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes

Every time I used to see my brother’s sneakers, I wished to wear them. The style, color, design, and material used to allure and invoke me sky-high to try them. But then came the same old question – can I wear any man’s shoes? Will they suit me or rip me? The answer, however, made my day.

Yes, a woman can wear a man’s shoes without any doubt. But keep in mind that a man’s feet are a little wider than a woman’s, though they are the same age as people. So, men’s shoes are often shaped a little wider. And women can face issues regarding this. 

But the solution is that they have to choose the perfect size of men’s shoes for them unless there are no terms and conditions regarding this issue that women are wearing men’s attire. 

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Shoes?

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Shoes

Men’s feet are plumper than women’s; their shoes are wider

On the other hand, women take comfort in their elegance and pure awesomeness since their footwear is slender and petite. And this causes significant differences between men’s and women’s shoes. 

Apart from them, there are other differences between men’s and women’s shoes.

1. Dimension

The perfect measurement is the most important thing to consider when buying men’s shoes. If you buy larger or smaller shoes, your feet will hesitate for you as a man’s shoes are typically more comprehensive.

A woman can’t choose a size 7 like men. So, buy 1.5 to 2 points less than men’s size. That is why it is important to check on men’s shoes before purchasing them.

Buying a shoe that fits your foot, not your gender, is crucial.

2. Size

Women can’t wear the same size as men’s shoes. Their feet’ sizes are different. Because women have less knee flexion, they require more stress absorption and cushioning than males. Simply insert some insoles, which may make them fit better in any case.

So, the typical width of men’s running shoes is A and D. The standard width for women’s running shoes is A and B.

3. Material

Material difference is also a big issue between men’s and women’s shoes. Women’s shoes are often more expensive than men’s, depending on material and style. 

Men’s shoes are designed with plain toes and brogues, whereas women’s shoes are made with various materials and styles.

4. Style

Most women like high heels and tight shoes. But we know these features are rare in men’s fashion.

Furthermore, fitting can be a significant issue for women’s wear. Also, there are some stoneworks and designs found in women’s shoes. And, men’s shoes are heavier than women’s shoes. 

So, if they tend to wear men’s collections of shoes, they have to consider these issues. 

What Women Need To Check In The Men’s Shoes?

What Women Need To Check In The Men’s Shoes

If you are looking for men’s shoes, first you need to know how the shoes are made. It is very much considerable and uncommon for a woman to wear men’s shoes, but you can easily choose men’s shoes based on your liking. 

And you need to consider the following issues regarding this. 

1. Comfort

Wearing uncomfortable shoes might also have an impact on your health. Comfortable shoes give the necessary support. So, it is vital to pick among the men’s shoes that make you feel comfortable. 

Also, many women prefer gent’s shoes because they are broader, neither high-heeled nor fully flat, and provide superb arch support than typical women’s flats.

2. Size

First of all, you must understand how sizing works. Men’s shoes are typically size and a half larger than women’s shoes. As a result, if you wear a women’s size 9, you should try on a men’s size 7.5.

3. Flexibility

In general, women need shoes that should be flexible in all places and the foot. As you walk, land on your heels and allow your foot to slide forward. 

This needs extra foot support. That is why, while wearing men’s shoes, flexibility is essential. But men’s shoes are heavier than women’s shoes. So, in that issue, a light sole must be flexible to optimize its benefits.

4. Heel Stiffness

For women, high heels can cause harm to their feet, especially for pregnant women. So, they are recommended to wear flat shoes or sneakers.

On the other hand, men’s shoes do not have the heels that women usually wear. Sometimes their shoes have a partial heel, and these heels have better stiffness. 

Converting The Men’s Shoe Size To Women’s

We’ve compiled the most crucial data you’ll need to quickly, conveniently, and adequately convert men’s shoe sizes to women’s shoe sizes. Men’s and women’s shoe sizes differ by a half size. If you wish to convert from women’s to men’s, add 1.5 points.

Men’s Shoes SizeWomen Shoes Size

Wearing Men’s Shoes In A Stylish Way

Wearing Men’s Shoes In A Stylish Way

You can wear men’s shoes as you like. Men’s shoes come in various styles, but the distinctions between them and women’s shoes are typically small. Women frequently wear fashionable men’s shoes such as brogues, sneakers, loafers, Oxfords, etc.

1. Sneakers

Nowadays, sneakers come in many forms and sizes – from unstructured canvas to the brightest, best leather, clean lines, metal fastenings, and cutting-edge innovation. 

You must be sure that you are obtaining the proper overpronation, support, and cushioning mechanics. To get fitted adequately by specialists who care about your running, go to the most texture men’s sneakers store in your territory.

Wear Nike Mens AIR MAX 270, pairing it with jeans to have a productive day if you are on the run.

2. Brogues

With shoelace eyelets sewed on top of the vamp; Quarters distinguish this kind of shoe. These “broguing” apertures were initially used to drain water while walking or working in the fields.

Cuffed trousers, Oxford shirts, fitted shirts, and miniskirts look great with brogues. It’s highly professional with a vintage twist when it comes to obtaining this style of how-to-wear brogues for women.

You can try Ecco Men’s St1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford, which gives a perfect look.

3. Loafers

The loafer has no lacing or fastening system and must be slid on foot. Slip-on is another name for these shoes. Wear a loafer, like Sperry Men’s, Cloud Authentic loafers, with an outfit that would normally be worn with jeans, with a straight or slender leg that touches the top of the shoes.

4. Boots

Many boot types available to women are embellished with studs and embellishments. Suppose you’re seeking a more simplified version. 

You can certainly rock this look regardless of your gender. Wear them with skinny jeans or black leather. They look good with jeans rather than skirts or dresses. However, there are no restrictions.

Here are 3 types of boots you can try;

5. Oxford Shoes

This shoe has closed lacing, a three-part paneled structure, and an extended toe that may or may not be capped. 

The former has a “closed lacing” method in which the quarters, which are the side tabs where the shoelace eyelets are perforated, are sewn under the vamp, the front section of the shoe. Wear them with a beige cable sweater with torn skinny jeans in blue.

Try Cole Haan Men’s 2.0 Zerogrand Stitchlite Oxford; trust me; you will love it.

Can You Get Unisex Shoes?

A unisex style is generally a men’s design modified so that women can wear it. Unisex designs are usually created to be worn by both men and women. 

As a result, a unisex design will always prioritize the men’s size range. The Unisex size corresponds to men’s sizing. Women should pick a size that’s two sizes smaller than their usual size. For instance, a Unisex Men’s Size 7 equals a Women’s Size 9.

Here is a list of 5 unisex shoes you can wear with style and poise.

Unisex ShoesWhy you Should Buy Them
Puma Unisex’s Kent SneakersComfortable, Good looking, Fitting
Vans U Authentic SneakersLace Up fastening, Cushioned insole, Durable
Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor ClassicGood fit, Comfortable, Durable
VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual Skate ShoesComfortable, Durable, Good fit
Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball ShoeCushioning, Comfortable, Good fit


  • Can a woman use men’s running shoes?

When women’s shoe sizes are converted to men’s, they can wear men’s running shoes. As there is a size difference in running shoes, a men’s 8 is roughly the same size as a woman’s 9. If your choice and style match, then go for it. 

  • Are men’s shoes too wide for women to wear?

Because men have somewhat wider feet, are more prominent, and weigh slightly more than women, men’s shoes are cut slightly more expansive. It can be beneficial for women with large feet who have trouble finding shoes that fit correctly.

Final Words

Men’s shoes are indeed comfortable, durable, and stylish. However, can women wear men’s shoes?

Yes, women can wear men’s shoes as long as they provide sufficient support for their feet. There are various variations between men’s and women’s shoes, but this does not rule out the possibility of women wearing men’s shoes. 

The key distinction between men’s and women’s shoes is tradition rather than need. Women’s shoes can only accept a conventional level of fitness, and many women may prefer the comfort of a man’s shoes.

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