Can You Put New Balance Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Each person in this world requires comfort. So, in order to provide comfort to people, the New Balance brand produces comfortable shoes and quality products for walking. These shoes are made of synthetic materials, leather, mesh underlay, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate midsole, and conventional cotton laces.

However, cleaning these shoes can be a concern. Like me, many often ask, “can you put New Balance shoes in the washing machine?”

No, you cannot put New Balance shoes in the washing machine. If you try to wash your New Balance sneakers in a washing machine, you can end up with a pair of smelly shoes. Moreover, the chemical component and glue will degrade, damaging and breaking your shoes. Instead, hand wash them in soap water.

If you are still interested in knowing about the New Balance shoes’ cleaning process and more information regarding it, then stay with us.

Can You Put New Balance Shoes in The Washing Machine: 3 Resaons You Should Not

can you put new balance shoes in the washing machine

Cleaning your footwear is essential for your hygiene and shoe’s existence. But putting the shoes in the washing machine may not be a great idea – especially for New Balance.

You cannot put New Balance shoes in the washing machine because your shoes will turn smelly. 

Now, there are other reasons why you cannot put your New Balance shoes in the washing machine and how to clean and take care of them. So, let us dive deeper into the information for a detailed answer. 

Reasons for Not Using Washing Machine When Cleaning New Balance Shoes 

Reasons for Not Using Washing Machine When Cleaning New Balance Shoes 

Before knowing how to clean New Balance shoes, there are more reasons why you cannot put New Balance shoes in the washing machine and what happens if you put shoes in the washing machine. So, to know the reasons, keep an eye below.

Chemical Components 

New Balance shoes are made of rubber and polyurethane. These chemical components will quickly degrade and stop working if you put them in hot water in the washing machine. 

So, you should not clean them by hand or machine to preserve the ingredients and chemicals used in those products.


Putting your New Balance in the washing machine is damaging for your shoes. But do you know putting your shoes in the washing machine can damage the machine too? Yes, you heard me correct.

Washing machines usually damage the glue in your shoes. Now New Balance is made of rubber and polyurethane. So, cleaning them in the machine may make them fall apart.

On the other hand, if you put shoes separately, they can damage the wash drum. In addition, it will make annoying noise while moving in the machine.

Breaking Down 

New Balance sneakers frequently contain suede or leather, and a heat-activated glue keeps them from breaking down. It indicates that wearing shoes in extremely humid or hot weather is not recommended.

How To Clean New Balance Shoes?

How To Clean New Balance Shoes

It’s indeed not a good idea to put your New Balance in the washing machine. But, how can you clean your shoes safely? Well, here are ways to clean your favorite footwear. 

1. Cleaning Synthetic Sneakers

The steps of cleaning synthetic sneakers are as follows.

Step 1

You should place the laces and insoles in a mesh laundry bag before washing in cool water with a moderate detergent in your washing machine or by hand by soaking in soapy water and scrubbing.

After that, let the insoles and laces air dry.

Step 2

Pour some dish soap or laundry detergent into a water bowl and use that solution to wash the shoes. Brush the interior and exterior parts of the shoes with a paintbrush or toothbrush after dipping them into the mildly soapy water.

You can use a small amount of detergent and a soft brush to gently scrub any remaining tough stains. To remove the remaining soap, wipe the area with a towel soaked in freshwater.

2. Cleaning Leather Sneakers

The steps of cleaning leather sneakers are as follows.

Step 1

By rubbing the soles together, you can get rid of extra dirt. To remove any leftover dirt, use a soft brush, such as a toothbrush.

Step 2

Apply a moderate, eco-friendly washing detergent to moderately warm water and gently scrub stains with a washcloth.

Step 3

To remove extra soap, wet the washcloth with warm water. Moreover, use a soft toothbrush dipped in water to clean white outsoles along the edge of your shoe’s sole.

Step 4

You have to remove the insoles and laces to wash them. Put them in a pillowcase and wash them with laundry detergent in a machine that is in delicate mode. Additionally, washing insoles might assist in removing unpleasant smells.

Step 5

Finally, air dry your sneakers until fully dry.

3. Sneaker Cleaners

Cleaning your synthetic and leather sneakers with detergent is quick and simple. But there are some sneaker cleaners available in the market, through which you can also clean your sneakers and give them a brand new look.

However, among many different cleaners, which is your one. Here’s a list of a few effective sneaker cleaners.

Sneaker CleanersFeatures
Kiwi Shoe Whitener.It can reduce the yellowish marks on your shoe easily.
Saddle Soap of Fiebing.It’s highly effective for leather shoes, even your bags and saddles.
Shoe Cleaner Wipes for All Purpose from Sneaker Lab.It is an eco-friendly product with no harsh ingredients and is entirely biodegradable. It can clean your sneakers after the first rub.

Solving Smelly Situation

Fould odor in shoes is one issue all face if your shoe is dirty and sweaty. Now, putting New Balance in the washing machine magnifies this odor to almost annoyance. So, how can you solve the smelly situation?

Here are some ways.

Baby or Talcum Powder 

Baby or talcum powder can prevent bacterial growth on your feet and shoes if your feet sweat excessively. It also helps in odor neutralization and shoe deodorization.

You can apply baby powder to socks or feet before putting on shoes and when your feet start to sweat throughout the day.

Use of Vinegar 

You can use white vinegar to eliminate bacteria in shoes and smells. Use a vinegar-water mixture to neutralize the odor after washing the shoes in soapy water.

  1. Mix 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in a spray bottle.
  2. After that, spray the mixture on your shoes.
  3. Finally, dry your shoes.

Bags of Black Tea

Place the tea bags in your shoes after drinking a warm cup of black tea to remove the bad smell. The tannins in black tea are quite effective at killing the bacteria you can find inside shoes.

  1. Add a few tea bags to a kettle of boiling water for several minutes.
  2. After that, take the tea bag out and let it cool for five minutes.
  3. Then, place the tea bags on your shoes and let them sit for about an hour.
  4. Lastly, take out the tea bags, and wipe away the extra liquid.

Baking Soda 

You can also use baking soda to remove the smell from your New Balance shoes. 

  1. Take off the insoles and place them in the freezer for the night.
  2. Now, place your shoes on top of a small bottle of baking soda.
  3. Cover your shoes with a plastic bag.
  4. Leave it for 24 hours.
  5. You should spray vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda on top.
  6. You can spray vinegar onto a towel when cleaning the interior of your shoe.

Looking After New Balance Shoes

Looking After New Balance Shoes

Here are five suggestions for taking care of your favorite pair of New Balance shoes.

Sprays for Protection

Use a waterproof spray to protect your New Balance before wearing them outside. For instance, use an impregnation spray to add a layer of protection from dust and filth on shoes.

You can use Crep Protect Shoe Protector Spray, a quick dry formula for rain and stain.

Hand Soap and Hot Water

You can use hand soap and hot water to clean your New Balance shoes made of synthetic leather. So, to remove any dirt particles, mix hand soap and hot water, and use a soft cloth to apply the mixture gently to the shoes.

Separately Clean The Laces

There is a good possibility that your laces get dirty if your shoes are. You should clean the laces by soaking them in a dish of warm, soapy water for an hour and then allowing them to air dry.

Stay Out of The Sun And Direct Heat

It is crucial to avoid placing your freshly washed shoes too close to the sun or indirect heat. There are two reasons.

  • UV rays have the potential to degrade the plastic used to make synthetic leather. As a result, it can start to crack.
  • The second reason is synthetic leather can melt when exposed to direct heat, permanently damaging your shoes.

Use White Vinegar

If you have harder stains, you can use distilled white vinegar to take care of your New Balance shoes. So, mix water and vinegar equally, and then wipe the stain with the mixture using a clean towel.


  • What happens if you put shoes in the washing machine?

The chemical component and glue will degrade if you put shoes in the washing machine. It will ultimately damage and break your shoes.

  • How do you get the smell out of New Balance shoes?

If your New Balance gets smelly, you can use several methods to get rid of the odor. You can sprinkle talcum powder or baking soda, spray vinegar-water solution, or put tea bags inside the shoes.

  • Is it OK to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

You may damage your sneakers by putting them in the washing machine. If you want to use the machine, put the shoes in the mesh bags and wash them in delicate cold water.

However, the best way to clean your sneakers is to clean the dirt with a dry brush and hand wash with warm water and mild dish soap.

Final Words

can you put New Balance shoes in the washing machine?

Well, I won’t say you can’t; however, you should not. Putting your New Balance in the washing machine will harm your shoes and machine. Your shoe will break and fall apart due to the degrading glue.

So, it’s best to hand-wash them with warm water and mild detergent.

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