Can You Put Two Insoles in a Shoe?- What Happens Even if You Can?

Gorgeous, stunning, and affordable – you just found your soulmate in the form of a shoe! With great excitement, you tried them on, and your heart fell.

The perfect shoes are just out of your size – a modern-day tragedy. To your horror, your feet keep uncomfortably moving inside the shoe! Now, you need an answer to this question- ‘can you put two insoles in shoes?’ to tackle this nightmare.

In short, yes. You can definitely put two insoles together. Although putting two insoles might make the inside of the shoe more restrictive. However, if you are comfortable, there is no reason why you cannot go and insert one insole and after another in your shoe.

However, this is not the full picture. You must know things before you go and buy two insoles for every pair of shoes. Scroll down to get the full picture!

Why Use Insoles? – The Solemate to you, Soulmate!

Why Use Insoles - The Solemate to you, Soulmate!

Insoles can really be the best way to make the shoe soulmate-fit for you.

Our feet do not come in exact shoe sizes (Oh! How wonderful that would be!). So, even though a shoe size might be workable for you, adding insoles might make them fit even better.

Moreover, insoles also come in handy when you find the most amazing yet oversized shoe. In such cases, insoles can bridge the gap. Therefore, we can proudly declare insoles as “solemate to your soulmate.”

Aside from these obvious benefits, there are some additional ones that you might not know about:

  • Improved Posture & Pain Reduction

Many of us do not stand straight and upright. We often put more pressure on one leg compared to the other. Although it might feel good, it has a severe impact in the long run. It causes pain. So, posture is very crucial to reducing pain.

Some insoles can help improve the way we stand and, as a result, reduce all the unwanted consequences of bad posture.

  • Smell Reduction

Smelly feet are a big no-no in any social situation. It’s embarrassing for everyone. Unfortunately, no matter how clean you keep your feet, some of us will always have sweaty feet. This condition, in turn, will make us exceptionally smelly after wearing a shoe for a while.

Absorbent shoe insoles can absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry and free from that nightmarish smell.

So, be it extra comfort, superior fit, support for good posture, or the fight against foul odor – insoles are a valuable asset.

Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes?- What Happens Even If You Can?

can you put two insoles in shoes

There are some concerns when inserting an additional insole inside a shoe. Technically, you can insert as many insoles as you like, but remember, the more insoles you insert, the more prominent these issues will get.

1. Canceling the Benefits

There are many Ortho insoles – not all provide the same benefit.

While it is possible to combine two ortho insoles to provide exceptional benefits, inserting one insole on top of another often cancels their benefit. It usually occurs when you insert the insoles without comprehending their effect on your posture and pain reduction.

2. Poor Adjustment: Sliding Insoles 

When installing two insoles, one insole might become more slippery than the other, and as a result, one of them might fold in an awkward position.

I absolutely hate it when fabric folds unevenly under my feet. Whenever this happens, I feel very uncomfortable and eventually, end up removing my shoes and straightening up the insoles again. It happens because of the mismatch between two insoles. 

Not all insoles can fit perfectly on top of another, and as a result, one might slide off from the other. 

3. Restricted Feet Movement

Insoles take up the free space inside the shoe.

Installing just one insole is usually not a matter of concern. But if you pile one on top of another, the insoles might take up a lot of the free space and make your feet feel cramped. Nobody loves wearing tight shoes for a long time, no matter how stylish the shoe might be.

Tight shoes cut through your feet and make walking let alone running, extremely difficult. So carelessly installing one insole after another will make your shoe tighter.

Can You Put Insoles on Top of Insoles?

Can You Put Insoles on Top of Insoles

Already you know that the answer is yes. But putting two or more insoles together has its challenges. However, these challenges can be easily overcome by following these simple tips and tricks:

1. Research Your Feet Type

Every foot is unique, so not all insoles can provide the best result.

As a result, before choosing the type of insole that will help you, you will need to know the kind of feet you have.

Some people require extra cushioning in the heel, while others need support in the midfoot or the front foot. So, the decision to combine insoles must stem from the type of support you need. Otherwise, just combining insoles randomly might put stress in places you DO NOT want to, which might increase your discomfort and level of pain.

2. Understand the Benefits Provided by the Insoles

Understanding the benefit of using multiple insoles is crucial; it will enable you to combine multiple insoles to yield the best result.

As mentioned before, mindless combinations often cancel out the benefits and even lead to pain. However, by understanding which insoles support which part of the feet, you can combine two or more insoles so that the benefits complement each other.

3. Use Sticky Gels to Stick Insoles Together

You can use sticky gels to fix two insoles together permanently.

Even if the two insoles do not stick naturally to each other, they will no longer be able to slide off. However, one crucial drawback is that once the two insoles are glued together, you cannot separate them again. It will limit the usage of the insoles because you cannot just remove and use them in a different pair of shoes.

Therefore, the best thing to do is buy an insole that will easily adjust to the existing insole. However, if the insoles do not fit on top of each other, you can use sticky gels. But before doing so, beware of what you are giving up – you will be unable to use them in different pairs of shoes.

How to Clean and Maintain Insoles

How to Clean and Maintain Insoles

Once you know everything about “can I wear two insoles?” let’s get to know how you should take care of your insoles.

Insoles provide noticeable comfort, a more fabulous fit, and relief from pain with proper maintenance.

However, to get the best use of insoles and keep using them for a long time, you should follow some dos and don’ts.

Insoles need regular cleaning. After every use, take the insoles out and let them dry in the open air. Insoles get wet from sweat after wearing the shoes for some time. Do not dry them while inside the shoe, creating a foul odor and rapidly decaying the insoles.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to wash your insoles every few days.

Some insoles like those made from terry cloth can be hand washed with mild detergents. However, it’s best to acquire a cleaner suitable for leather for the leather ones.

Also, remeber not to dry the insoles in a heater or beside the furnace as that might damage the fabric or leather of the insole. So, always dry it in the open air.


  • Do insoles make shoes tighter?

Yes, insoles take up some of the spaces inside the shoe. The bigger the insole, the more space it will consume, and there will be less space for your feet. So, insoles do make your shoes feel a bit tighter.

  • Do insoles need to be replaced?

Yes, insoles decay over time with performance. So on average, you will have to replace them after every 6 months. But for heavy runners and athletes, changing insoles every 3 months is recommended.

  • Can you use Insoles in Multiple Shoes?

Yes. In general, you can use a single pair of insoles in multiple shoes, provided that all the shoes are the same size as the insoles and your feet. However, some insoles provide extra benefits other than just cushioning. Like some insoles help runners run faster. It is better to buy different insoles for shoes used for various purposes in such specific cases.

Take Away

Can you put two insoles in shoes?

In short, yes, you can, of course, put multiple insoles inside the shoe. Insoles provide a better fit to a larger shoe and many other previously discussed benefits.

However, too many insoles might create more problems by tightening the available space inside the shoe. So, you can keep adding the insoles as long as they can be fixed on top of each other and not make your feet too restricted.

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