Can You Resole Boat Shoes – Is It Worthy?

The majority of the people don’t want to throw their favorite shoes away just because of worn-out soles. So, you’re not alone. Resoling boat shoes will save money and the sentimental value you have for the shoes.

Let’s start the piece with your question- can you resole boat shoes?

Yes, you can, and resoling boat shoes isn’t a hard thing to do. But tell me first, do the shoes still look fine after years of wear? Do the upper parts hold up well? Are they comfortable anymore? If you’re saying yes to all the questions, feel free to resole the shoes.

Keep reading the piece to get everything regarding resoling boat shoes. Sounds promising? Let’s dive deep to get everything you want!

Step 1Choose a sole material. Picking a quality rubber sole like Form Premium Insole will be great.
Step 2Make the sole thicker if needed.
Step 3Remove the old sole and stitch the new one. You can use Baosity Shoe Repair Kit as a helping hand.

How Does Resoling Work?

How Does Resoling Work

During resoling boat shoes, you need to remove the old stitches first. 

Then, detach the outsoles from the insole, midsole, and uppers. Worth mentioning, the insole comes as stitched in place.

When you clean and prepare the outsole and uppers, attach the new sole with them. Try to replace the insoles as well. When you replace the laces and clean the uppers, the new look and liveliness of the show will make you exhilarated.

The new sole will protect your foot and ensure comfort and better wearability.

In most cases, spending on a new pair of shoes costs more than resoling the shoes. However, it depends on a few things, and we’ll talk about it in the next section. 

Can You Resole Boat Shoes – Is It Worthy?

can you resole boat shoes

To be honest, the answer is up to the model and the sole you prefer. But resoling won’t cost you more than getting a new boat shoe.

Think about the material of your shoes. Boat shoes can be made of leather or suede to canvas or mesh. The cost will vary according to what material is used in the shoes.

So, when is it not worth resoling boat shoes?

If you wear the pair of shoes only for special occasions and not for regular uses, getting them resoled may not be worthy enough. Since resoling is an investment, spending doesn’t get enough appreciation for trivial purposes.  

If there’s no crack on the shoe upper, but it’s extremely comfortable to fit, it’s still worth resole the shoes.

If you need a precise calculation, we can provide you with that. Suppose you have to spend around $80 to resole your boat shoes, and you can get a new pair of boat shoes by spending $100. 

In such cases, you should go for the new one. But if the old boat shoes carry a sentimental value, that’s another case.

About getting boots resoled, it’s also worth it, but only when they have minor damages. Otherwise, if you see the upper of your boots dry out and start cracking, resoling them won’t be worth it anymore. 

Sure, you can repair the uppers, but it will cost significantly more. So, it’s better to spend on a new pair of boots than just resoling them.

Above all, what matters the most is getting a comfortable and supportive sole for the shoes. Don’t buy non-supportive or low-quality soles just because you’re resoling the shoes; saving a few dollars here won’t give you a desirable result.

When to Resole Your Shoes

When to Resole Your Shoes

If you notice holes in your shoes, the soles come loose, or any other obvious signs of wear and tear, you should replace the soles. 

Give more attention to the condition of your shoes because even if you see the soles are looking okay, they can be worn thin and provide less shock absorbency and less traction.

Worn-out soles are nothing for good. They not only cause less traction, but also they can affect your feet and joints adversely. 

What happens for less shock absorbency is not something you should skip. The shoes are supposed to absorb the impact of walking. Instead, It passes the impact onto your knees, ankles, or even the hips. They eventually lead you to have joint pain or discomfort.

Uneven wear of old shoes can cause discomfort by affecting your stride. They make you more vulnerable to slip uneven, soft, or wet surfaces.

What Shoes Cannot Be Resoled?

What Shoes Cannot Be Resoled

The fact is, there are some shoes you just cannot resole. 

The design and construction of the shoes matter when you ask whether you can resole a pair of shoes or not. Sole replacements may not be available on lower-quality shoes, or the cost may exceed the price of a new pair.

Generally, shoes with a cup sole cannot be resoled, sorry. It’s because the rubber cup outsole is attached to the leather uppers. These attachments are permanent, and manufacturers use cement for the purpose. 

If you remove the permanent bounding, it can destroy the leather, and you’ll find the replacement procedure is impossible.

Most casual shoes and sneakers have a cup sole which costs less but is fast enough.

You may ask as well, what shoes can be resoled?

Well, you don’t have anything to worry about resoling shoes with faux leather or simply leather soles. You can resole them using a sturdier sole whenever they show wear than your shoe came with. It will extend the shelf life of your shoe.

Moreover, some rubber-bottom boots and shoes are also okay to resole.  

Can Sperry Gold Cup Be Resoled?

Can Sperry Gold Cup Be Resoled

Yes, you can resole Sperry Gold cups, but that may cost near the price of a new pair. 

The cost can be somewhere between $50 and $100; it depends on where you live. Moreover, there are no Sperry soles for repair on the market, so you have to get a regular sole which might provide different results.

However, when your sole has cracked, it doesn’t offer grip and gets hardened; get the shoes resoled if buying a new pair isn’t an option.

While doing so, make sure you don’t damage the leather since Sperry’s soles are glued through the heat-activation pressure process. Hiring a professional shoemaker would be better.

Speaking of resoling the Sperry Gold cup, you may ask whether you can resole Sebago shoes, like Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe.

Yes, it’s even easier to resole Sebago shoes since their shoes are not glued. And, Sebago boat shoes are more expensive than Sperry Topsiders (except Gold Cup versions). For this, people seek the opportunity to resole their Sebago boat shoes. 

And, what about Timberland boat shoes? Can you resole them, such as Timberland Men’s Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe?

Yes, timberland shoes are repairable, and you may be satisfied with the resoled versions for the performance they will provide. But when you resole suede boots, it won’t be that seamless and won’t look new. 

How Do You Repair Boat Shoe Soles?

How Do You Repair Boat Shoe Soles

As mentioned before, resoling boat shoes isn’t a big deal. But can you resole shoes yourself? Or, do you always need to hire a shoemaker? Both are good options. 

You can do it yourself or consult with a shoemaker. Hiring a shoemaker won’t cost much as well. So, making this decision won’t be a hard one. 

Here’s what you have to do to resole boat shoes:

  • Use a medium-density material for getting the shoes resoled. Choosing a soft-density material keeps you on the most comfortable medium, whereas a hard-density material is highly durable but uncomfortable. For this, a medium-density material would be the best option.
  • To make the sole more comfortable, you can add an ⅛ inch to your new sole. Make it thicker to make it super comfy eventually. But this can cause ankle injuries, so make sure it’s thick but not that thick.
  • Replace the old sole with the new one. Use the same style of stitching used on the previous sole, and don’t forget to consider patching. Simply polish the shoe to cover any patch marks. You can use Kelly’s Shoe Polish to add a professional touch to your task.

That’s all! You can take notes for future reference. It will make it easier when you’ll have a custom shoe job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions;

  • How many times can I resole a pair of shoes?

It depends on the condition of your shoes. However, resoling boat shoes twice or perhaps thrice can be okay. In short, it’s okay to resole the shoes until they just fall apart too frequently. 

  • How long does a Vibram sole last?

Vibram is one of the most popular sole production houses. Since they offer extreme durability and longevity, expect them to last as long as 15 years.

  • Can you resole cemented shoes?

Most cemented shoes come with a glued sole which you can resole. But you need to accept some notable downsides because detaching the soles can damage the shoes if you’re not a pro. Moreover, these shoes need specific equipment to resole them, which is not common in shoe repair shops.

Final Words

Can you resole boat shoes?

As you know now how you can resole boat shoes, this won’t be as complicated as you thought. Just make sure you use quality soles to avoid further damages and follow the instructions carefully. You’ll get it done right. Good luck!

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