Can You Wear Trail Running Shoes for Playing Golf?

Suppose your colleague invited you to play a round of golf with him on the weekend and you are going – after all trying a new game is always fun. However, will you buy specialized golf footwear just for that one-day game? Is it a worthy investment?

Here comes the million-dollar saving question! Can you wear trail running shoes for golf?

Yes, you can wear trail running shoes for golf as there is no such rule to eschew them. But, some golf courses only allow their recommended shoes, like shoes with spiked cleats. So, firstly make sure that your course allows it or not.

So, even if your course allows you to wear trail running shoes, are there any drawbacks? Are you sacrificing some extra performance? Don’t worry; we have covered almost every answer you may be looking for.

Can You Wear Trail Running Shoes For Golf?

can you wear trail running shoes for golf

If your golf course has no such requirements that only shoes with spiked cleats are allowed, you can definitely wear trail shoes for golf without any doubt. While playing golf, running on trail shoes may appear to be an unusual pairing, but it makes perfect sense.

Trail running shoes offer the same level of support as traditional golf shoes, but they are far more comfortable. These shoes are great on trails and uneven terrain, so it stands to reason they’d be fantastic on the greens as well. So, it is perfectly acceptable to play in trail running shoes rather than golf shoes! But your first consideration should be the grip quality of your shoe.

For assurance, you can have a few practice swings at home and test your shoes before going to the golf course.

Benefits Of Using Trail Running Shoes for Playing Golf

Benefits Of Using Trail Running Shoes for Playing Golf

Now, you may question, is there any benefit of using trail running shoes for golf? Why do some players intend to play with trail shoes? Here are some potential benefits:

  • Dual-Purpose

Due to its extra traction, trail shoes are better suited for golf than other non-golf shoes, making them a perfect example of dual-purpose shoes.

  • Better for wallet

When you compare the prices of trail running shoes to golf shoes, you’ll notice that they’re quite similar. So, rather than buying two distinct pairs of shoes, you may just invest in trail shoes if you wish to start trail running and golfing simultaneously. 

  • More Comfortable

One of the many features of trail running shoes is that they have greater cushioning as they are built for distance running or walking in uneven terrain. If you are fond of walking through the course instead of taking a cart, trail running shoes are perfect. You may have a more pleasant taste of golfing as well.

Drawbacks Of Using Trail Running Shoes

Drawbacks Of Using Trail Running Shoes

By not using the specialized shoes for golfing, are you missing something? Does it reduce your golfing skill? What are the drawbacks, then? Let’s find out; here are some drawbacks:

  • Less Stability

During a swing, when you move your feet, you also move your body, causing the ball to move in a direction. By keeping your foot stable on the ground during a shot, specialized golf shoes with spikes will help you with your swing.

You will not be able to get this advantage while using trail shoes for golfing.

  • Inappropriate For Rainy days

Golf shoes with spikes may provide more stability than trail running shoes in wet conditions where a golfer must maintain balance and footing. You won’t be able to maintain balance and footing in wet situations with trail running shoes.

On a cloudless bright day, wearing trail running shoes for playing golf is fine. Because when the golf course is dry, your swing remains undamaged while wearing trail shoes. But if you like to golf on rainy days, it’s good to have a pair of spiked golf shoes.

Differences Between Trail Running Shoes And Golf Shoes 

To clarify your queries, you need to know the primary differences between trail running shoes and golf shoes. 

Then you can decide for yourself if you need to buy a new pair of shoes for playing golf or just continue with what you already have. Here are some essential differences between Golf shoes and Trail Running Shoes:

Golf ShoesTrail Running Shoes
Made for playing on grass.Works better on various substrates, including rock, dirt, etc.
Commonly, leather or synthetic materials are used to make it.Normally, made from mesh fabrics. 
It has spikes for providing enough traction and stability while walking on wet or smooth surfaces.To provide a better grip while running or walking in uneven terrain, it has an aggressive tread pattern.
Compared to trail shoes, its soles are thinner.Compared to golf shoes, its soles are thicker and more durable.
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Will You Be Judged For Wearing Trail Shoes While Golfing? 

Will You Be Judged For Wearing Trail Shoes While Golfing 

So, while golfing, you may get away with most kinds of shoes, but that does not mean people won’t judge you for wearing your trail running shoes or what other running shoes you wear.

Your golf course may have an unwritten dress code, even if they hadn’t shown you one. And definitely won’t covet to draw an unwanted look based on what you wear.

In most cases, running shoes will neither cause any problems nor give people a second glance. However, many golf courses feel like they are for the fancy people, and you don’t want to feel out of place with second-hand golf gear for sure.

Moreover, there is another thing about feeling out of place while playing, which can be distracting and mess with your golf swings and even with your mind.

Therefore, if you want to feel like you belong and feel legit, you need to buy golf shoes. It will be worthwhile to get the golf shoes so that you may get a comprehensive tune-up.

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Are The Trail Running Shoes Permitted On All Golf Courses?

Are The Trail Running Shoes Permitted On All Golf Courses

Are golf shoes mandatory in golf courses?

It is a matter of sorrow that you won’t be able to play without shoes with spiked cleats on some golf courses. It implies that the shoes you wear on those golf courses must have plastic, rubber, or metal spikes.

As the trail shoes could harm the grass on expensive courses, most professional-grade courses follow this regulation. But general golf courses allow you to wear your favorite shoe. If you want to check other running shoes, this is where you can get them.

If you intend to wear your trail running shoes, just ask them first to ensure it’s allowed. If your course enables you to wear them, you can use them for golfing and will be able to enjoy a comfortable round play.


  • Can you use running shoes for golf?

Yes, as long as your golf course allows you to wear shoes without spikes, you can play with your running shoes or any shoes you wish as long as they do not damage the grass. Depending on your course’s rules, you can even play barefoot. So, it’s totally up to you.

  • Is it OK to wear trail running shoes on pavement?

Though trail running shoes are specially made for running in uneven terrain, it is totally OK to wear them for road running or pavement.

  • Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, some professional golfers on Tour play with shoes without spikes. Still, they are a minority in number.

However, most of the Tour players play with metal cleats. So, you will find professional golf players on both ends of the spectrum, depending on their preference and their Tour stop that week.

  • How long will golf shoes last?

If you clean your golf shoes after each round and store them in the proper place and environment after every use, it may typically last around three to four seasons or maybe longer than that. So, it depends on how often or how carefully you use them.

If you want to make your shoes last longer, you can change your spikes every 15-20 rounds.

  • How long do Trail Running Shoes Last?

As we have said earlier, how long your shoes will long depend on how often and how carefully you use your shoes. It’s absolute for every type of shoe.

Generally, Trail Running Shoes last between 300-350 miles before they need replacing. Some factors like quality, terrain, traction, running style, and runner’s weight play a role in determining how long your shoe will last.

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Take Away

Can you wear trail running shoes for golf?

Yes, in most cases, you can if you don’t hesitate and, most importantly, if your golf course allows you to wear them.

If you ask about the performance – like golf shoes, trail running shoes can also give you balance and stability. Besides, trail running shoes have the benefit of being more comfortable.

So, if you are worried about investing in a pair of golf shoes, you should stop worrying and get out on a golf course to check your trail running shoes first.

Maybe, it will perform better, who knows?

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