Are Converse Good for Dancing? 5 Reasons to Choose Converse

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” – where your body says a lot when words are silent. And, to make the poetry perfect, a dancer’s moves and steps must be flawless. So, dancers must know what can accelerate their dance moves and help them learn steps faster. It’s not only how hard you practice …

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Shoes Like Badgley Mischka

Shoes Like Badgley Mischka: 7 Best Alternatives You Will Love!

Hey ladies! Are you looking to buy Badgley Mischka shoes but not sure if you want to pay the high price tag with them?  If you’re willing to spend more than $400 on shoes, Badgley Mischka is the brand you’re looking for. Their jeweled heels and sophisticated flats are the perfect solutions for any occasion, …

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adidas shoes like roshe

Adidas Shoes like Roshe – Best Adidas Alternative to Nike Roshe 

The Nike Roshe series is focused on ensuring your happiness, balance, relaxation, and positive energy. The Roshe is all you need for running, walking, and exploring because it is made of lightweight materials and has a simple design. Adidas also has some shows considered an ideal alternative to Nike Roshe. These Adidas shoes like Roshe …

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crocs alternative

Crocs Alternative | 6 Bests in Crocs Alternatives 2022

Crocs are trending these days for how it appears and how it feels. Since 2006 it’s still trending and becoming a favorite of every wearer, including celebrities. Of course, Crocs are considered the most convenient for wearing rubber shoes, but many have to quit buying them because they are expensive. So this raises the question, …

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what to do with old work boots

What to Do With Old Work Boots? – You Need to Know

Work boots – action overloaded, full in style, standout in line. However, boots aren’t forever young; they tend to get old. Old work boots are often made of leather, a natural material that decomposes over time. As a result, your boots become stiff and brittle. The material also becomes weaker and more prone to wear …

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can you put new balance shoes in the washing machine

Can You Put New Balance Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Each person in this world requires comfort. So, in order to provide comfort to people, the New Balance brand produces comfortable shoes and quality products for walking. These shoes are made of synthetic materials, leather, mesh underlay, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate midsole, and conventional cotton laces. However, cleaning these shoes can be a concern. Like me, many …

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tieks alternative

7 Best Tieks Alternatives| Shoes Similar to Tieks in 2022

Among the most popular types of women’s shoes during the spring and summer is the ballet flat. Not unexpected, given how clean it feels to have our feet ‘ tops exposed. Not to mention how adaptable they are to our feet and how flexible they are, which makes them ideal for the warm season. Tieks …

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are doc martens good for snow

Are Doc Martens Good for Snow and How to Waterproof Doc Martens? 

Doc Martens – the hardy shoes for heavy hazards work. Doc Martens are iconic boots with their unique design, air-cushioned sole, and stylish yellow stitch. These mighty boots will accompany you from the cradle to the grave, providing comfort, stability, support, and balance without failure. However, are Doc Martens good for snow? Doc Martens shoes …

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Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good

Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good? – All You Should Know About

“When you’re comfortable, you’re more confident.” – Indeed, confidence is all you require wearing dress shoes with your upscale attire. And when it comes to ‘dress shoes,’ Stacy Adams is definitely on the bucket. However, are Stacy Adams shoes good in reality? Undoubtedly Stacy Adams is one of the market leaders in the shoe industry. …

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