Are Champions Shoes Good? 5 Factors That Decide It

If you are a “sneakers-enthusiast” and always on lookout for great sneakers, you must have heard of Champions. Its not as famous as Nike, Adidas or Puma. But poeple love them for comfort and affordability.   

Now the queston is are champion shoes good? 

Yes, campion shoes are great for any casual as well as sports event. The brand Champions is well reputed for making shirts and pants. But they make some really great trendy shoes.

And when comfort is your top priority, not many US brand will be able to beat champion. Features like long milage, multi-functionality, removal insole, and price makes makes Campion shoes loved by anyone. 

Top Champions Brand ShoesGreat For
Champion Men’s 93EighteenStylish & Sturdy Design
C9 Champion Drive4 SneakerComfort
Champion 3 on 3 Black C Logo Youth BasketballComfort & Durability

Are Champion Shoes Good?

Are Champion Shoes Good

Champion shoes are good for walking and lounging. These trendy walking shoes come with moderate cushioning, durable insole, and flexible upper sole. But Campion shoes are not good for running. The soft mesh fabric can’t offer adequate support to your feet during any high-intensity movement.

Besides, if you have overpronation issues Champion soes will not be a good choice as they lack optimum support for your feet. Unlike leather or other rugged materials, soft mes fabric of Champion shoes are not supportive enough.

You will find some leather Champion shoes saying great for anybody. But my experience says the lack of mid-foot and high heel support system makes them unsupportive to overpronation.

But hey, dont think I am discouraging you to get good looking Champion shoes. If you have a mild pronation or normal walking gait these super-comfy, breathable, and affordable shoes are perfect picks.

What Makes Champion Shoes Good

What Makes Champion Shoes Good

Champion shoes are great for walking and lunging. They offer the comfort and breathability that fits with any weather condition. Nevertheless, there are a few other factors that makes these sneakers good for you.

Let me tell you about them in detail.

  • Comfort

The first aspect of Champions shoes that many find captivating is their comfortable design. They have a very soft, cushion-like sole. This makes walking around with Champion shoes ever so easy. 

As well as the insole, the shoe features a high-quality soft rubber, synthetic type outsole. The arch design, lacing and breathability of Champions shoes further add to the comfortability. 

Better ventilation inside the shoe would also mean it won’t easily get moist and smelly over time. These shoes also facilitate great grip and flexibility for your feet. 

Hence, any feet movement or the surface you are walking in won’t be an issue, as Champions shoes adapt to them. The stability gained from Champions shoes is also another feature that should be mentioned.  

  • Durability

As well to comfort, one feature that consumers look in for shoes is durability. Similar to Nike or Puma, Champions shoes are very durable. The insoles of these shoes have improved quality and don’t usually break too soon. 

Durability is quite important to consider while buying shoes. Sneakers or athletic shoes are not quite cheap. If they break down within a matter of weeks or months you would have to purchase expensive shoes over and over again. 

With Champion shoes, this is usually not an issue. Buyers have confirmed that these shoes last as long as their bigger, more popular competitors like Puma or Adidas.

  • Multi-functionality

One distinguishing feature of Champions is that it is multi-functional. Usually, bigger brands like Nike, Adidas or New Balance target their shoes to an athletic consumer base. 

Their shoes are not intended for casual everyday people like you and me who may wear them casually. But Champions fill in that gap. Their shoes can be used for both working out and casually walking around. 

They have soft insoles and cushioning which makes them suitable to walk around for everyday walking. And its comparatively high-quality make makes them quite suitable for exercising. Plus they are lightweight, which is a plus. So all in all, you would need to buy separate shoes for everyday purposes and working out. 

Champions shoes do both of them for you. This is a particularly fascinating feature of Champions shoes as we will see next why.

  • Affordability

Champions shoes are quite inexpensive. Good quality Champions shoes cost around $50-$70. This compared to a typical Nike’s cost of $150-$300 makes it clear why Champions is so popular. 

You get a comfortable, flexible, multi-purpose and durable shoe at a comparatively low cost. As well as that, Champions shoes are made to look stylish. So you get purpose as well as the stylish look synonymous to the other popular shoe brands at almost half the cost. 

This particular aspect of Champions shoes is what makes them their selling point – they’re affordable, comfortable and stylish.

  • Quality and design

One more aspect that consumers would always look out for while purchasing shoes is the quality. From various online reviews and blogs, users have reported positive reviews regarding quality. 

The feel and look of Champions shoes are complementary to other well-renowned shoe brands. And on top of that, they are very affordable. So you are getting quite a good deal for your buck. 

And speaking of quality, the overall build is ergonomic. Meaning these shoes feel and are built comfortable. Furthermore, their insoles are removable. That is important if you want to clean your shoes. 

These are also easily washable, so your shoes won’t have a lingering bad smell to them. Or you could even replace them if the insole you are currently wearing suffered damage. 

Things that may bother you

Things that may bother you

We have seen Champions’ positive sides till this far. But it is also important that you know that negative reviews exist in the market.

  • Not suitable for overpronation

While it is very comfortable to wear and walk around, it is not recommended if you have an overpronation problem. Overpronation is when your heel hits the ground first and your feet roll inwards. 

Overpronated feet are flat and have a low arch. Unfortunately, Champions shoes do not accommodate for overpronated feet and you won’t feel easy while wearing them around. 

They just don’t have the high heel counter and support feature to compensate for overpronation.

  • Short Lifespan

At the same time, users have also reported a short lifespan of Champions shoes. The cheaper ones, usually at $20-$30 are said to split apart or tear up after a couple of weeks or months of use. 

Even running in these shoes is not sometimes recommended. Running requires high impact and shock absorption of the shoes. Champion shoes, although high quality, may not be able to endure the strain while running in them. 

  • Not fit for high-intesity activities

This in turn can shorten their intended lifespan. Champion shoes are more suitable for casual wear than intense athletic wear. If you want more durable shoes, it is better to invest in a pair of Nikes as they are specifically built for absorbing huge shocks and impacts. 

However, more recent opinions argue conversely, as users also tend to say that they are suitable enough to run in most situations. If you want durable shoes, it is safer to buy the higher end ones that cost $70 instead of $30.

Speaking of durability, Champion shoes are slightly less durable than other renowned shoe brands. But this is a minor issue as the low price kind of mitigates the small compromise in lifespan.

Public Opinion about Champion Shoes

Public Opinion about Champion Shoes

Opinion about Champions shoes across the internet is fairly positive. Buyers usually compliment Champions sneakers’ affordability and comfortability. These shoes seem to deliver the same quality as Vans or Nike at almost half the price. 

Aside from that, their ergonomic and super comfortable design is something they admire a lot. All these prove Champions shoes deserve the 4.0+ stars review they receive across Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

However, negative opinions exist too. Those rating them 1 or 2 stars usually complain about the making of these shoes. Buyers have pointed out that some of their brands break down within weeks or months. 

Others criticise the cheap make of the shoe. However, those reviews point out Champions’ cheaper shoe lines ranging at around $10-$30. 


  • Are Champions sneakers good?

Champions sneakers are lightweight and comfortable. They have soft insoles and cushioning inside which makes walking around with them pleasant. Aside from that, these features also enable Champions sneakers to be more suitable for running and exercising. Additionally, they are multi-functional as you can use them for both working out and walking casually.

  • Is Champion a good basketball shoe?

Some of Champions’ shoes are said to be suitable for basketball. Their Inferno Basketball Shoes are said to be good for playing outdoor basketball. As well as that, they bolster other brands of shoes. Champion Hightop Gray Basketball shoes, 3 on 3 Block Men’s Basketball and Hyper C X Basketball shoes are a few to name.

  • Is Champion a shoe brand?

Champions is originally a clothing brand. They make shirts, pants, undergarments etc. Aside from that, they also make sports uniforms. But now, they have also expanded into the shoe industry. They gained a reputation for their affordable and high-quality line of shoes.

  • Do Champions shoes run small?

According to various online reviews, Champions shoes do run a bit small. Users are found to complain that their size does not fit their shoes. Hence it is recommended that you buy half a size up when purchasing a pair of Champions.

Final Verdict

So the question remains: are champions shoes good? And the answer would be: it depends. If you are not planning to work out and just want to buy sneakers for casual wear or walking with friends, go for Champions. 

They have the quality, affordability and durability for exactly that purpose. But are you more of an athletic person? Then we would not recommend them, as they may break down quickly.

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