Do Gildan Shirts Shrink? – All You Need to Know

A cool shirt with a pair of jeans can never go wrong. However, a shrinking shirt can surely give you shock and sorrow.

Gildan is a reliable, global favorite brand, providing quality shirts at an affordable price with excellent customer service. They keep innovating various ways to create new blended fabrics – especially ultra cotton shirts, which is their impressive innovation.

However, do Gildan shirts shrink? – Despite their apparel quality and durable blends, it’s one common query most people have. To simply put, like other shirts, Gildan shirts also shrink. However, the shrinking is too little to notice, and the shirt fits fine after washing.

Read the article to know more about Gildan shirts and their shrinking issue.

Do Gildan Shirts Shrink?

Do Gildan Shirts Shrink

Gildan is a dependable brand that got first developed in 1946. The founder of this company is Joseph Chamandy. Situated in Montreal, Canada, this has quickly become an international brand. It produces different high-grade clothes, including Gildan shirts.

Like most other clothes, Gildan shirts also shrink. But it shrinks a little, which is not noticeable. After washing them, they will fit right. Generally, other branded shirts feel tighter after washing once because they unnecessarily shrink too much. But you will find yourself in comfort wearing a Gildan shirt after cleaning it.

For this reason, it’s a preferable product to most shoppers. Even after checking reviews, we find only a few people complaining about the difference in the shirt size. Up to 90% of Gildan users are satisfied with how it keeps its size almost the same after many times.

Still, the opinion will sometimes vary since people have different tastes for fit and size. However, Gildan shirts shrink but not from the width. If you try hard to understand, you might find the shrinkage in the length of your apparel.

Let’s check some top-rated Gildan Shirts to give your closet a cool vision.

1. Gildan Men’s Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Style G2000

2. Gildan Women’s Softstyle Cotton T-shirt, Style G64000l

3. Gildan Men’s Softstyle Cotton T-shirt, Style G64000

4. Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt, Style G5400

5. Gildan Men’s Ultra Cotton T-Shirt, Style G2300

How Well Does Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirts Fit?

How Well Does Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirts Fit

Gildan makes many charming shirts using ultra cotton. They are 100% cotton and feel so comfy but are heavyweight. They are pretty reasonable and are available in over 50 colors. It means you have no fewer options for choosing.

The company makes various size shirts ensuring their buyers get the right size apparel. Every specific color comes in different sizes (up to 6XL).

When you buy the shirt for the first time, it will seem a bit large, but this is to make sure after washing the shirt, you will get your desired fit. Gildan shirts are usually pre-shank. Hence they are less likely to shrink after the wash.

Gildan Ultra Cotton vs. Gildan Heavy Cotton

Gildan Ultra Cotton vs. Gildan Heavy Cotton

Ultra and heavy cotton Gildan shirts are available in trendy styles. They are pretty similar. The similarities include a taped neck, bottom hems, two-fold sleeve, and taped shoulders. Both will give the wearer a polished appearance.

 Ultra cotton is comparably heavier than heavy cotton. While ultra cotton weighs 6 oz, heavy cotton is 5.3 oz. To my surprise, ultra cotton does not feel heavy when worn. They feel super soft and light. It will fit nicely.

 Another big difference between the two kinds of cotton is different labels. Heavy cotton comes with a tearable label, and ultra cotton has stain labels.

Ultra cotton made shirts have more sizes than heavy cotton ones. Both kinds of cotton can make it convenient to wear shirts, but ultra cotton will always win over heavy cotton.

The Pre-Shrunk Process

The Pre-Shrunk Process

As previously mentioned, Gildan shirts are pre-shrunk. You might be thinking, what did we mean by this? How can a shirt shrink before it gets made? Well, it is a procedure where the cotton used to make Gildan gets put under hot water. It makes the cotton shrink as much as it can.

 This way, they reduce the chances for Gildan shirts to shrink further. However, you may still encounter the issue if you use hot water to wash the shirt every time. One best way to stop your Gildan from shrinking is to wash it using normal temperature water.

Do one more thing, whenever you are about to dry the Gildan shirt, make sure to hang it straight. Let it air dry. These effortless rules can help you keep all your dresses right in their proper size and shape.

How Comfortable are Gildan Shirts After They Shrink?

How Comfortable are Gildan Shirts After They Shrink

Gildan shirt wearers are worldwide; you know the reason why? Because they feel more comfortable than any other cotton shirt.

Unlike most cotton shirts, Gildan shirts shrink significantly less. While people think their cotton attire has become tighter after a wash, Gildan shirt wearers will instead find their apparel has become fit.

The fitting does not look odd when you put it on. It means you will neither feel your shirt is too loose nor too tight. Plus, when making movements such as sitting, walking, running, standing up, or laying down, you will feel your shirt has enough room for you.

How Much Does Cotton Shrink With Every Wash?

How Much Does Cotton Shrink With Every Wash

Many often ask how much does Gildan shirt shrink. Well, how much cotton shrinks every time you wash is tough to estimate and heavily depends on your clothing. However, there is a trick to stop your cotton cloth from shrinking every time you wash it.

The trick is not to use hot water. Hot water causes cotton to shrink, so as long as you aren’t using it. The odds are your cotton clothing will not shrink.

Furthermore, we recommend air drying your cotton shirts, sweaters, and polos rather than using the dryer. Cause many people have reported using the drying also shrinks cotton clothes.

Nonetheless, if you ever end up accidentally shrinking your cotton clothing, there is a possible way that may restore the size, but it is not guaranteed.

You can try filling a bowl or a bucket with cold water and then continue to add ¼ cup of hair conditioner to the water. Mix it properly and proceed by putting your shrunk clothing into the mixture. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then take it out and rinse it.

This process is not foolproof but may end up working for you.

How To Shrink Gildan Shirts

How To Shrink Gildan Shirts

Now you know how to prevent Gildan shirts from shrinking. What if you have bought a more oversized shirt and want to shrink it. However, how to shrink a shirt?

If you have purchased a bigger Gildan shirt by mistake or just want to shrink your Gildan shirt to the perfect size, then here are two ways to do so.

However, before we jump into the methods, remember Gildan cotton shirts are known for how less they shrink. So, the steps working are not guaranteed, but your can try.

1. Boiling

This is one of the easiest methods for shrinking your Gildan shirt. Take some water in a pot and heat it until the water starts to boil. Then slowly drop the shirt into the pot and let it sit for 5 minutes.

If you want it to shrink a lot,  you may leave it in the water for 20 minutes or so. The longer it is in the boiling water, the more it will shrink. But as everything has a limit, so does this. The maximum will shrink is 20% of its size, not more.

After keeping it in till your desired time, pick it up and dry it out. See how much it shrunk. You may repeat the process as much as you like.

2. Washer or Dryer

Many of us already know from previous experience that shirts often shrink when you increase the heat in your heater and dryer. So, you can try doing the same with your Gildan shirts.

Wash it in the washer with maximum heat available, then dry it out in the maximum heat available.

Doing this should shrink out your shirt. If you put other items in the washer alongside your shirt, put similar colors in to avoid color leaks.


  • Do Gildan shirts shrink in the dryer?

According to Gildan T-shirt wearers, they come in the right size, and after washing, there was no shrinkage. Many people who mainly wear these shirts wash and dry them through washing machines. But they don’t usually complain about the clothes shortening. 

  • Does Gildan heavy cotton shirts shrink?

It’s impossible to find cotton shirts that don’t shrink. It’s the nature of cotton that they start shrinking when they get in touch with hot water. However, whether 100% cotton or not but are pre-shrunk, shirts will shrink too little that the user will feel no difference.

  • Do Gildan clothes shrink?

Gildan produces clothes using cotton and other hybrid fabrics. Hence, it’s obvious that your Gildan cloth will shrink. But you are lucky to buy shirts from this brand since they use pre-shrunk technology. It makes the shirts almost unshrinkable.

  • Can you shrink Gildan shirts?

Yes, you can shrink a Gildan shirt. If you wash it in the wrong way, it will shrink. The Gildan brand suggests its shoppers wash their tees with cold water. But if you do the opposite of what they recommend, meaning each time you wash your shirt with hot water, you will make the shirts lose their proper size.

Final Words

Gildan shirts are globally famous for being quality products and convenient attires. Still, many people who may not have worn these shirts want to know, “do Gildan shirts shrink?”

To answer their question – yes, Gildan shirts do shrink; however, it’s very little that you will barely notice. Furthermore, it perfectly fits after you wash it with cold water.

We hope you have got the answer and will have a strong trust in their items.

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