Do Timberlands Stretch? – All You Need to Know

Timberland is a common brand known to everyone for making well-designed boots. They are a fashion staple to many. Their shoes range from simple and classic to styles embraced by hip-hop icons.

If you are one such timberland fan or want to buy a new pair of Timberland but are wondering, do Timberlands stretch? Then are here to provide some answers.

What Are Timberlands Made Of?

What Are Timberlands Made Of

Over the years, Timberlands have launched several types of boots in different designs. With several designs came a variety of materials to choose from. Timberlands have lines of boots made from leather, suede, nubucks.

Timberland is known for using real leather from U.S. cattle raised for food. They follow the USDA guideline, so the animals get taken care of properly. Alongside leather, they also use various materials to provide the most comforting footwear.     

The iconic timberland yellow boot gets made out of nubuck leather. Nubuck is a grain of leather that gets sanded down on the outer surface. Doing so gives it a smooth and consistent finish. Nubuck is known as a long-lasting material, primarily used for workboots.

Whereas the Timberland line of boots made using suede; look and feel more luxurious but aren’t appropriate to be workboots.

The inners in Timberland boots get made using glove leather, which is a much softer, smoother, and pliable hide. It is perfect as it provides a soft feeling to your feet while providing the strength and structure of the leather. Furthermore, it reduces the break-in time.

Lastly, the soles of Timberlands boots get made out of injection moulded rubber. It provides the maximum grip and is very durable. Moreover, this sole is waterproof, making it great for outdoor activities.

Do Timberlands Stretch?

Do Timberlands Stretch

Yes, they do. Timberlands boots do stretch and soften up over time. However, ensuring the right size is the main factor here. You do not want an uncomfortable boot. At the start, they may be a bit tight on the sides, but it stretches and gets softer as time passes.

However, Timberland boots don’t stretch a lot; no boot does. So please do not buy a boot that is two sizes smaller than yours and expects it to stretch into your size.

How Do You Stretch Out Timberlands?

How Do You Stretch Out Timberlands

As Timberlands are heavy-duty boots, it takes some time to break in or stretch them. But when stretched, they get very comfy and become your favorite footwear. Here are some tips for stretching your Timberland boots.

  • Keep wearing them around the house. Whether running some errands in the house or just relaxing, hearing your Timberlands for a few hours a day is the best way to speed up the stretching process.
  • For the first few days, wear them with thick pair of socks. It will provide some extra padding for your feet and protect them from getting blisters.
  • Use a spoon to rub the areas that feel tight around your boot. A spoon is a perfect tool to give those hard areas a good stretch.
  • You can also use a hairdryer. Yes, you have read that correctly; giving a 20-second heat session using a hairdryer will make your boot’s hard and tight leather areas softer.
  • Also, stretching spray is a viable option to boost the stretching process. Most of these sprays are alcohol-based, which helps with quick drying. Also, it stops shoes from developing watermarks.

Can You Break In Timberlands?

Can You Break In Timberlands

The answer to your question is yes, it is possible to break into timberlands. However, as for Timberlands, it takes a big chunk of time. Usually, new Timberlands boots take around 80 to 100 hours to break into.

But that is only the case if you casually wear the boot once in a while. Of course, there are ways to speed up the process, like holding the boot in your hand and flexing the sole back and forth to soften the leather.

Using a leather conditioner, you can also massage the shoe in specific places, such as the heel and where your foot bones sit. It will help soften the leather up, which should reduce blisters.

It is a long process, but you cannot give up. Keep wearing it constantly until it breaks in because it will feel like a second skin on your feet once broken in. So persevere and keep using it till it breaks.

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Tips And Tricks On Cleaning Timberlands

Tips And Tricks On Cleaning Timberlands

Timberlands are boots that you end up using almost every day. So, your boot is bound to get dirty with day-to-day use. Many people find cleaning a hassle, so they leave it as it is. However, cleaning your boots is essential.

Today, we will share some tips and tricks on cleaning Timberlands with you to solve your issue.

1. Removing Debris With A Brush

If you go out a lot wearing your Timberlands, it is normal to have debris stuck in them.

Start the cleaning session by brushing off your boot using a soft toothbrush. We recommend you start at the top of the ankle and proceed down. Repeat the process back and forth a few times.

Ideally, you can use a soft toothbrush to brush your Timberland, but the company sells a cleaning kit specially made for their boots. The brushes get exceptionally made for brushing suede or nubuck.

2. Removing Marks Using An Eraser

Our boots often get scuff marks; an easy way to remove them is using a pencil eraser. However, you can also use a suede eraser or a Timberland cleaning bar.

To remove the scuff marks from the surface of the boots, gently rub the eraser or the cleaning bar lightly on the mark until it disappears. You can use this method to remove your day-to-day scuff marks, but it does not work too well to clean your boot’s dirt or mud.

Once done erasing, brush your boot once again. It will help smoothen your boot’s surface and remove any eraser debris. Always move the brush in one direction and check to see if it has a uniform look when done cleaning.

3. Using Cleaning And Sealing Products

There are often cleaning and sealing products specifically made for your Timberland boot fabrics. So look up your Timberland model in your local search engine and purchase the products accordingly. While buying, remember that the product’s color matches your leather.

Now to use the cleaner, add it to a pot of warm water and mix it well. Dip your soft brush in it and start scrubbing it properly. Move your brush in one direction, so your boot’s surface doesn’t get ruined. Remember not to apply too much pressure when cleaning.

For the soles, you can use dish soap. Slightly rinse the sole of your Timberlands boot in water and pour some dish soap on it. Now use your toothbrush to scrub them off properly. Clean it thoroughly to remove any buildup of debris. Rinse it off in the water again to remove the debris and repeat it until it’s spotless.

4. Using Sandpaper To Buff Out Stains

If you see it after cleaning it thoroughly, the stains are still noticeable; you can use 3M Wetordry Sandpaper to buff it out.

To do so, move your sandpaper in one direction and keep rubbing it till the stains disappear. Remember, this is a delicate process, and it should be the last thing you do. Cause sanding too much with sandpaper will end up damaging your leather.


  • Are Timberlands Tight At First?

Yes, and it is very normal. As Timberland boots use rugged and durable leather, they seem a bit tight at first. The boot has a narrower width for the first few days, which makes it feel a bit tight. However, don’t worry; it stretches automatically and gets bigger in a few days.

  • Is Timberlands Waterproof?

Indeed they are. All of Timberland’s boots are waterproof. But that does not protect them from being marked or stained by water. So it is wise to spray them with a waterproof formula to protect them from getting stained.

  • Can You Resole Timberland Boots?

For sure you can. Timberlands boots will last you a while if the sole gets a bit worn. You can easily resole them. The sole and upper are two different pieces in Timberland boots, so you can easily remove and replace them.


This wraps up our article on do Timberlands stretch. Before ordering yourself a pair of Timberland boots, measure your foot accurately. Timberlands are always true to their size, so it is essential to know your proper size.

Lastly, being made to last, they can be a bit hard and tight on your legs, but over time they will stretch. If you want to boost the process, read our tips and tricks thoroughly and use them well.

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