Do Vans Old Skool Stretch? – All You Need to Know

Looking your best certainly is a confidence booster, and your shoes play a big part in it. 

It is said that people will notice your shoes first. Whether people notice it or not, owning a good pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes is the goal for many. Vans Old Skool is a good choice when it is a matter of fashion without sacrificing comfort. 

They are famous for their availability. These shoes are comfy and relatively cheap as they are made of canvas. But some users might find their shoes a bit too tight, which leads them to ask, do Vans Old Skool stretch?

Let’s look through this article and find out, do Vans Old Skool stretch? If so, how can you stretch yours?

Do Vans Old Skool Stretch?

do vans old skool stretch

Like any other shoes, if you wear your Vans old skool for a few days, it will stretch out and loosen a little bit, but there are other methods to stretch your Vans. Let us find out a method that can help you stretch yours.

How Can I Stretch Out My Vans?

If you have bought a new pair of shoes and feel tight, it’s best to wear them for a few days, and the materials are supposed to stretch and mold to the shape of your feet. But sometimes, being patient is the last thing that helps when all you want is a quick solution. In that case, you can follow a few pieces of advice to stretch your shoes.

How Do You Loosen Old Vans Skool?

How Do You Loosen Old Vans Skool

Tight shoes are pain-givers, making your walking and running all a misery. However, following some techniques, you can loosen the tightness of your Vans without waiting for them to stretch after several wearings.

Let’s find out how you can loosen your Vans Old Skool and wear them in no time.

1. Stuffing Your Shoes

Stuffing your Vans Old Skool will help them stretch if you stick to the steps given below.

  • Get your hands on some paper and crush them into balls. You can use newspapers or any other kinds you have available.
  • Stuff these balls of paper in your Vans Old Skool. Keep in mind to keep them as compact as you can.
  • Leave them like this overnight and remove the stuffing when you are about to wear them. The stuffing will stretch your shoes.

However, you might need to repeat this process a few times to get the desired results. This method is beneficial if your shoes are a tad bit tight in the toes area.

2. Wearing Thick Socks

If your shoes are tight, it might be uncomfortable for you, not to mention we all are scared of blisters. Wearing a pair of socks will help you with it. The thicker the socks, the better.

Find a pair of thick socks, and wear them before putting on your Vans Old Skool. Then walk about the house with your shoes on but keep in mind to tie the shoelace not too tight and not to lose.

This method is easy and convenient to loosen your shoes, but you need to be patient. As time passes, your shoes will loosen up. Some people use more than just a pair of socks.

3. Hair Dryer Method

This method is a way to stretch your shoes quickly. You will need a hairdryer, a pair of thick socks and your Old Skools. Follow the steps below.

  • Wear a pair of thick socks and then your Vans Old Skool. The thick socks will prevent your feet from getting burnt. 
  • Take your hairdryer and start blowing at your shoes, especially at the tight parts, and remember not to keep them too close to your shoes. You might hurt yourself. Keep blowing for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • While blowing, keep your toes or back of the heels or the part that feels tight moving or flexing. The shoes will loosen and fit your feet precisely the way you want them to.
  • Once you feel like you can move your feet with much ease, stop blowing and take your shoes off.
  • Remove the socks and wear your shoes once more. You should feel the difference.  If your shoes still feel tight, repeat the process until they fit without irritation.

4. Microwaving

This method is similar to the hairdryer method, and the purpose of this one is also the same. You need to put your Vans Old Skool in the microwave and set the temperature high.

Microwave your shoes for thirty seconds. Take your shoes out and wear them. But wear a thick pair of socks. Flex your feet and walk around the house. If you didn’t achieve the desired result, repeat the process.

A majority of the people are not a fan of this method. Putting your shoes in the microwave, where you cook food, seems like an unappealing idea.

You can put a few layers of paper towel before putting your shoes in the microwave.

Are Vans Tight When You First Get Them?

Are Vans Tight When You First Get Them

If you buy the right size, your Vans shouldn’t be tight. Like all other shoes, they should fit perfectly. Your shoes should have an optimal fit.

If you buy too tight Vans, you might get blisters from all that friction. As the shoes fit a bit snug, they might hurt the front part of the toe part of your legs.

If your Vans are too loose, you will feel uncomfortable walking; you will hardly keep them on your feet. Moreover, since the shoes are for skateboarding, a pair of loose shoes can be problematic.

If your Vans are a little bit tight, they should get better as you wear them. But put on thick socks to safeguard your feet.

Additionally, Vans Slip Ons are a bit tight when you first get them as they grip onto your feet. But with time, they will loosen up. But before that, it is advisable to wear a pair of socks to protect your feet.

How To Maintain Your Vans?

How To Maintain Your Vans

Vans are made of canvas to be easy to clean and need less care than other shoes. You can keep your Van Old Skools clean and good by doing the following.

  • Take any brush suitable to clean the dirt off your shoes.
  • In a bowl, take some water and laundry detergent.
  • Clean your vans with the detergent water. You can gently brush the dirtier places.
  • Wipe them with a damp cloth. It is advisable not to dip them in water.
  • When drying them, keep them away from direct sunlight because sunlight can cause them to fade.
  • Keep them in a place with good ventilation.
  • To dry the inside of your shoes, you can screw up a newspaper or other paper and place them inside your shoes. Don’t forget to change them until they are dry. 

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  • Can Vans Old Skool hurt my feet?

Yes, they can if you’re not careful. Firstly, Vans are for skateboarding; therefore, they have a flat surface. But if you use them for walking or other things, the flat surface without necessary arch support for your feet will cause you pain.

Secondly, not purchasing the right pair may cause blisters and toe pain.

  • Are Vans Old Skool good for big feet?

According to the Vans website, Vans Old Skool fit a bit snug. So, it might hurt people with big feet. The shoes will definitely feel tighter in the toe area. People with big feet can buy a pair, but they might need to stretch it.

  • Can I run with my vans?

Vans are not exactly manufactured for the purpose of running. They are for skateboarding. They don’t have arch support or cushioning and aren’t very supportive. Moreover, canvas shoes are not good for shock absorption. You can wear them for a casual walk, but running is not a great idea.

  • Why are my vans giving me blisters?

Chances are you didn’t buy the right size, and the shoes are rubbing against your ankle. You should wear socks to avoid getting blisters.

  • What are Vans Old Skool made of?

Vans Old Skool is made of canvas and suede. Canvas is a type of coarse material made of hemp, a kind of cotton. As a result, these types of shoes are easy to clean.


Do Vans Old Skool stretch? Yes, they do. If you follow the methods mentioned here, hopefully, you will be able to stretch your shoes. But it is best to buy the size that is right for you. Check your shoes if they fit perfectly or not at the shop before purchasing them.

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