Do Yeezy 350 Run Small? Let’s Find Out

When it’s sneakers, it’s Adidas.

If you are a lover of Adidas, Yeezy sneakers would be on your list, more likely on top. Kanye West introduced them into the market in partnership with Adidas and Nike. However, a common query that often arises in the customer is  – do Yeezy 350 run small?

Yes, Yeezy 350 runs a bit small- half a size small, to be specific. If you wear the size 7 UK shoes, better you buy 7.5 UK shoe size Yeezy 350 sneakers. Otherwise, it will be a bit too tight on your feet. If you buy the right size, you will get an incredibly comfortable and stylish shoe in your pack.

Yeezy 350s are a fashion statement for many. And with that in mind, we would cover a bit more about them: their fit, sizing, fashion and styling. So keep reading along to find out more.

Do Yeezy 350 Run Small?

Do Yeezy 350 Run Small

According to buyers, the Yeezy 350 does run a bit small. Half a size, to be exact. For example, if you usually wear a size 7.5 UK shoes, you’ll need an 8 UK.

The table below compares Yeezy 350 with Adidas Gazelle, one of the most popular and commonly worn Adidas footwear.

Heal-to-toe measurement (in inches)Yeezy 350 US Men’s SizeAdidas US Men’s Size

For US Women’s size, add 1 to the men’s size. Do keep in mind that there aren’t any shoes with sizes greater than 15.5 US (12.2 in) for women.

Do Yeezy 350 Fit Well?

As mentioned earlier, Yeezy 350 runs half a size small. They come a bit tight in fitting, except that these shoes are pretty comfortable. Various online buyers and reviewers have given an overall positive rating for Yeezy 350s.

And due to the material of these shoes, a certain break-in period is involved.  Then they would mould entirely around your feet. If you buy the right size, these shoes will fit comfortably fine after the break-in period.

Can Women Go For Yeezy 350?

Can Women Go For Yeezy 350

Yes, women can wear Yeezy 350. These shoes are unisex, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, should I size up in Yeezy 350? Yes, you should, like a man’s shoe. As mentioned above, Yeezy 350 runs a bit small. So the correct size will be half or full size-up for women.

However, keep in mind that some of their shoes are labeled as “menswear.” But you can wear them and make it a stylish statement with various clothing choices – shorts, jeans, joggers, baggy, etc.

However, leaving a women’s shoes, why should you buy Yeezy? You, of course, can ask this question. So, let’s check.

  • Comfort

Comfort-wise, these shoes are great. Women who bought the shoe extensively approved Yeezy 350s in terms of comfort. The shoe has soft padding around it.

The upper is made of knit material that helps wrap up the entire foot comfortably as well as that the insole and the insole are pretty soft. There is adequate ankle support that further helps in supporting the foot, both while walking and wearing.

  • Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, the upper of the Yeezy 350 is made of Primeknit. This shoe feature covers your foot and would mould around it accordingly. However, do Yeezy 350 stretch out? Yes, they do.

Yeezy 350 would thus stretch and shape up around your feet. So, you can move like a gliding boat, alluring and graceful.

As such, this makes the shoe quite flexible. But from here, you should also infer that there is a break-in period involved. So initially, the shoes may appear a bit snug.

  • Material

Yeezy 350 is made of algae-based foam mixed with ethylene-vinyl acetate. But what does this mean to you as a buyer? Experts say that algae-based materials are more environmentally friendly. This suggests that these shoes are “vegan”.

The upper Primeknit technology is made of synthetic yarn.

The 350s also feature a semi-translucent rubber outsole. The sidewalls in the shoe are made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU). All this means is that it makes the insides softer and cushioned.

And so you will feel more comfortable and easy wearing them and walk around and stand in them.

Yeezy 350-Style Hacks

Yeezy 350-Style Hacks
  • Gents

There are plenty of clothing options that would go well with Yeezy 350s for men. If you want a sporty or athletic look, you can wear shorts and a jersey, topped with a cap.

Oversized sweaters, jackets, and jeans would go well for a more hip hop and trendy outlook. It is preferred to wear a complete monochromatic outfit for a perfect look.

When it’s summer, a pair of denim (or any) shorts and a colorful t-shirt would be complimentary with a couple of 350s.

Furthermore, if you are a fan of ripped denim jeans, Yeezy 350s have covered you. Ripped jeans with casual t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, or denim tops are some streetwear choices you can consider.

  • Ladies

Fortunately, as a woman, your choice is boundless and far-reaching with whatever you decide to wear. At the end, it is your choice how you want to look with your Yeezys.

You can wear shorts (or denim shorts) with Yeezys to style on hot summer days. Speaking of hot weather, mini skirts or crop tops would also complement Yeezys.

If you want to go with a more “sporty” outlook, Yeezys would perfectly go with jogging pants or gym shorts. To get a bit loose and comfy, you can choose to wear baggy, oversized sweaters or jackets with these iconic shoes.

Like men, oversized clothing would go perfectly with a pair of Yeezy 350s for women. For a more street casual outlook, ripped jeans and denim tops are universal choices for both sexes.

As well as that, if you want a more liberated, open selection of clothing, you can wear mini-skirts or shorter dresses. These options would be suitable with bare legs and no-show socks.

Throw in a pale pink shirt and beige trousers for a gentle, romantic outlook. Use bangles, earrings, or leather handbags to add more color and volume. You are the diva!

And speaking of colors, depending on your preference, the color of your clothing should match. Wear black, white, gray, or similar simple colors for simplistic, minimalist composure. You can wear red, light blue, rose pink, mint green, or beige to look more vibrant.

But, Yeezy 350s won’t go well with formal attire like suits or blazers. So, better avoid them.


  • How do you clean your Yeezy 350?

You can clean them either using soapy water or warm vinegar solution. Apply your choice of cleaning mixture to the shoe, gently using a scrubbing brush. Scrub off the insides and outsides carefully.

Make sure you take the laMake insole out first to make cleaning much more manageable. Treat them separately. Alternatively, you can use a washing machine to wash off your Yeezys gently.

Whatever method you choose, air-dry them afterward.

  • Do Yeezy 500 run small?

Yes — just like Yeezy 350s, Yeezy 500s run small too. It is generally recommended that you purchase half a size up. And if your feet are wide, you may need to buy much bigger shoes.

Bottom Line

Do Yeezy 350 run small? It’s a question that often arises while buying this famous shoe. However, Yeezy 350 indeed runs a bit small. So, you should buy a half-size up to get the correct fit.

Though they run small, they are stylish, environmentally friendly, ergonomic, and comfortable. The materials, too, are unique, just like their style. Therefore, buying them would definitely be a wise decision. Just make sure you buy the right size to enjoy it fully.

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