Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes? – You Might Be Interested to Know

Suppose you’ve bought a pair of long-desired sneakers from an online platform, paying a handsome amount. Obviously, being a sneakers lover, you can spend a fortune; however, the shoes turned out to be fake! How would you feel? Trust me; I can feel you. 

But, what if, there’s a site where you can find great sneakers online, and those are authentic!

Yes, I’m talking about GOAT.

The GOAT Group started its journey In 2015. With 30 million users and 600,000 merchants in 170 countries, what began as a Los Angeles sneaker reseller platform, has evolved into a premium fashion sales platform.

However, you may ask, does GOAT sell fake shoes?

No, the GOAT doesn’t sell fake shoes. They authenticate every pair of shoes they receive, whether brand new or old. You can rest assured that the platform’s authenticators have authenticated every sneaker you buy on the platform.

Sneakers are everyone’s fav. And with GOAT, authentic sneakers are within your reach. People love sneakers for several reasons that include-

  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable
  • Longevity 
  • Stability

Here is a list of the top 3 best-selling sneakers by the GOAT to make your decision a quick one.

Top 3 Sneakers On GoatTop Features
Nike mens Nike Men’s Air Jordan 11Comfortable, good-fit, 100% authentic
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2Sleek, fashionable, highly comfortable
Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro UNCStylish with dual-textured leather and animal print panels

What Is GOAT?

What Is GOAT

GOAT is a sneaker reselling platform that allows customers to resell their sneakers through a fully moderated system that prevents fakes from getting through or parcels not arriving.

It was founded in 2015 after founder Daishin Sugano was stung by a fake pair of Air Jordan 5s via eBay. The website takes both deadstock (new) and worn shoes, allowing customers who missed out on the initial release to repurchase them on the secondary market.

GOAT is one of the most popular alternatives right now, whether you’re trying to purchase or sell the most recent release or a unique pair from the past.

How Do You Buy On GOAT?

How Do You Buy On GOAT

Buying from GOAT is a pretty simple process from the user’s viewpoint. You must first choose the sneakers you want to buy from the large selection available, and then determine whether you want a new or used pair.

Used pairs may vary in condition and always be accompanied by photographs, whereas new pairs will arrive exactly as they would in a retail store.

After that, you must choose your size, displaying the pricing.

There are frequently different alternatives, such as “pre-verified,” which implies the sneakers are in stock at GOAT’s warehouse and ready to ship, or “verified,” which means the seller must first ship them to GOAT for verification.

All taxes and import charges are included in the price indicated at the checkout, so there will be no surprises before delivery. Finally, just choose your preferred payment method and complete the transaction; your new sneakers should arrive at your doorstep before you know it!

How Does GOAT Authenticate Shoes?

How Does GOAT Authenticate Shoes

Because GOAT has such a tight verification method, fake sneakers are nearly impossible to make it onto the market.

All pairs are authenticated in-house by a team of professionals of GOAT. They employ digital authentication methods to ensure that every pair on the platform is of the highest quality.

To guarantee that fakes don’t fall through the cracks, the GOAT crew goes through a laborious process of logging every detail of each new release.

When you buy sneakers from GOAT, you may feel completely at ease. After you’ve clicked the purchase button, you can leave the hard work to the dedicated authentication staff so that you can stop attentively reviewing seller photos yourself.

Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes?

goat shoes

No, They do not.

GOAT has used a ship-to-verify model from its beginning. In other words, when a customer purchases a pair of sneakers from a seller, they are not shipped to the customer.

Instead, the sneakers are delivered first to GOAT’s team. Each item is examined by GOAT’s team of experienced sneaker specialists to ensure it is authentic and in the condition stated by the seller.

The sneakers are then delivered to the buyer with GOAT’s authenticity guarantee. They also offer a money-back guarantee if they make an incorrect decision.

Pros And Cons Of Using GOAT

Every platform has its pros and cons. GOAT is not different from it.


Like every other company or organization, GOAT can also have some faults. Although they claim to do what they promised, you might not like some things about them. 

Anyway, let’s get to the points of what GOAT is good at

  • It’s user-friendly. It offers an easy-to-use interface, and after you’ve found something you want, you can buy it new or use it from GOAT. You’ll see a list of merchants and their asking pricing on the app.
  • It has feedback from customers. Every seller on GOAT has a user-submitted rating, so you can see who you should do business with and who you should avoid.
  • It has a flat-rate shipping option. They always employ a $5 shipping rate, subtracted as a seller’s fee, regardless of what footwear you buy or sell. If you’re selling sneakers, you can see your estimated profit after costs as soon as you pick your price.
  • They have a skilled team of professionals who have a proven track record of detecting and removing fakes from the pipeline.


Every now and then, GOAT, like any other major service, falls short.

  • People’s criticisms about GOAT primarily concern their customer service. Support requests aren’t always responded to, and returns aren’t always completed on time.
  • People have reported receiving the wrong shoes on a few occasions. Not knockoffs, but the incorrect model, which may be really frustrating.

Does GOAT Have Legit Sellers?

Does GOAT Have Legit Sellers

As previously stated, any seller wishing to sell products on GOAT must go through a strict verification process, which means that bogus accounts are spotted early on.

For the most part, it’s safe to believe that the majority of sellers on the marketplace are trustworthy. While the staff is doing everything possible to avoid unauthorized activity, accidents may happen, and things can slip through the cracks.

If you’re seeking a hassle-free way to get a pair of kicks, you can trust that the sellers already on the marketplace are trustworthy.

Is Goat Really The Greatest?

GOAT is a dependable service that delivers on its promises. It has a number of advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Will you fall victim to a con? The chances are incredibly small. As a seller, though, you may find their customer service to be a little frustrating.

How To Find Good Quality Shoes?

How To Find Good Quality Shoes

To determine whether shoes are of high quality, you must first comprehend the shoe’s anatomy.

  • The Sole

This is the most significant component of the shoe; it’s the base of the shoe where most damage occurs, and it’s frequently where we look to see if our shoes need to be changed.

Leather or rubber soles are usually available, and both are excellent options depending on your needs.

Always inspect the area where the shoe joins the sole, and if you notice any glue, put it back and leave it for the basic bitches. It’s not supposed to be like this.

  • The Heel

A strong, thick high heel is less prone to catch on things and scuff. The heel of a shoe should not shake or shift in any way when you buy it. If it does, toss it on the floor and flee the scene.

The heel is typically constructed of wood or cork, and it is fastened by glue, a pin, or stitching.

  • The Innersole

There shouldn’t be any space between the sole and the innersole. If there’s nothing between those two layers when you start wearing these on a regular basis, you’ll have hurt heels and balls of your feet, and your shoes will wear out faster.

An inner sole can be glued down, but the best ones are stitched or molded and pressed. With your nail, you should not be able to lift the innersole.

  • The Cuff

The cuff of your shoe is the section that fits around your ankle; this is the location where we normally experience the most pain when wearing shoes.

If the shoe is leather and you expect to wear it every day, this section should always have a lining. If you don’t, you’ll have sore heels for much longer than you expected, and your shoes won’t maintain their form as well as they should.

  • Vamp Or Throat

This is the area at the front of your foot that stretches from your toes to the front of your foot. This section of the shoe normally exhibits a lot of wear and tear; sometimes, it fades, and other times it stretches and develops age lines.

When buying closed or peep-toe shoes with a piece of fabric on the outside, such as a decorative strap, make sure to peek down into the shoe.

This should be made of a flexible fabric because a shoe made of a non-flexible material can cause discomfort across the front of your foot.

  • Inner Toe

The inner toe area should be lined all the way down to the toe with the inner sole. If this isn’t the case, the shoe isn’t well manufactured.

All you should see is the basic lining where your inner sole joins the rest of your shoe; none of the inner shoe interfacings should be visible.

  • Stitching

If you’re looking for a lace-up brogue, Oxford, boot, or hiking shoe and notice exposed stitching, it could be for one of two reasons. It has two purposes: one, it is ornamental, and two, it keeps water out.

If it’s decorative, you should be able to see the thread separating as you run your nail over it. Nothing should come off when you run your nail along with it to keep the water out. Instead, it should be covered in a waxy layer.

Points To Ponder While Buying Your Shoe

Look for the shoes that have the following-

  • Shoes with a Stiff back.
  • Contains small amount of Torque.
  • Where your toes bend, the shoe bends.
  • Which shoes provide complete arc support.
  • Long and wide enough for the toes.
  • Feels comfortable from the first minute.


Does goat sell real shoes?

Of course, GOAT sells authentic shoes. With its 30 million users and 600,000 merchants in 170 countries, GOAT is going a long way to being a trustworthy site for sneaker lovers.

Can I trust goat shoes?

You can Trust Goat shoes. Because the sneakers, which you buy from them, are authenticated by a team of sneakers professionals before your purchase. They even provide a money-back guarantee if you can say that you’ve got a product with any defect.

Take Away

It’s never been easier to get a pair of “fake” sneakers, and it’s never been easier to be fooled into buying knockoffs online. As a result, it makes sense to attempt to be extremely cautious, but even then, you can end up with a terrible purchase.

GOAT is said to be trying to change that. They claim to be a marketplace where you can buy and sell genuine sneakers.

Therefore, if you still have the question – “does GOAT sell fake shoes” – the answer is NO; you can purchase your favorite shoes without a doubt.

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