Dr Martens vs Blundstone Chelsea Boots – Which One Is Better?

You are looking to buy a pair of new boots but are quite confused about what to buy. You would hear about many boot brands in your search. 

And from there, you may also hear about two brands — Dr. Martens and Blundstones. Comparing and contrasting these two boots may be a bit difficult. Both of them have significant popularity and reputation in the market.

But which one you would like is up to you. In this article, we have compared these two brands Dr Martens vs Blundstone Chelsea Boots, on a number of features and given our verdict.

Have A Brief Knowledge On Dr Martens vs Blundstone Chelsea Boots

FeaturesDr. Martens BootsBlundstones Chelsea
MaterialSmoothed leather, PVCSome makes are made of vegan materialLeather, wool
SoleInorganic rubberRubber/PU/TPU compound
WaterproofMost of them are not waterproofThe Winter Thermal Series have a waterproof upper layer
ComfortComfortable, as they have air-cushioned solesComfortable thanks to their Shock Protection System
UsabilityMostly casualThey have boots for cycling, hiking, walking and even feature work boots
Weight726 g (1 lb 9.6 oz) for men592 g (1 lb 4.8 oz) for womenClassic 550s: approx. 960 gWomen’s Chelsea Boots: 12 oz

Fundamental Differences Between Dr. Martens Vs Blundstone Chelsea Boots

dr martens vs blundstone chelsea boots

You know the basic things about both brands. But to pick the best boots for yourself, you must have a vast knowledge of them.

Let’s jump into the major comparison between Dr. Martens and Blundstone Chelsea Boots to choose the perfect pair of shoes for you. 

1. Durability

Dr. Martens was famous for having a lifetime guarantee on all their boots. But they decided to scrap that policy lately and offer a lifetime guarantee on a separate line of boots.

Nowadays, buyers report that a good pair of Dr. Martens last anywhere from 5 to 20 years. These are guaranteed to last for at least 5 to 7 years. But if you take good care, they can last for 20 or even more years. 

However, some netizens do criticize the Asian-made boots. They complain the single stitch causes the boots to be more vulnerable, affecting their durability.

However, Blundstones have to take the defeat here. Their company website says typical wear with an average amount of wear and tear lasts 2-7 years. 

Some consumers have reported that their Blundstones have lasted for 10 years and are still on the run. And others have also expressed that their Blundstones are now outperforming the current Dr. Martens. 

But in the end, on average, Dr. Martens has said it lasts anywhere around 3-5 or sometimes 20 years.

In comparison, the maximum that a pair of Blundstones would last is no more than 10 years.

2. Comfort And Boot Style

Comfort And Boot Style

In terms of comfort, Dr. Martens is very comfortable wearing and walking around. It is made of smoothed-out thin leather. This means after the break-in period, the leather would mould smoothly to accommodate your feet. The insoles are very soft, which makes wearing them comfortable. 

As well as that, Dr. Martens have an outside air-cushioned sole. This feature is exclusively unique to Dr. Martens. And as such, walking around on these soft yet durable soles is much easier. They also feel quite lightweight.

Moreover, they are designed to accommodate arch and heel support. It further adds to the comfort of wearing and walking around with these. However, like other boots, Dr. Martens, too, have their break-in period. 

That would typically be anywhere between 4-6 weeks. The boot would adjust to your feet’ size and shape within that time. They are also relatively wide so fitting them in is much easier. 

They have enough feet and toe room to wiggle your toes around. You can also wear socks, and they wouldn’t become too tight. But do remember, the initial break-in period may be a bit uncomfortable. 

To which it is recommended you wear socks to avoid blistering.

And just like Dr. Martens, Blundstones too has distinguishing features to it. They call it the “Shock Protection System.” According to the manufacturer, this feature absorbs the most impact energy when walking in these boots. 

These also do not have any laces. So there is no fear of tripping on untangled laces while walking or running in them. As well as that, Blundstones have almost the similar comfortability as Dr. Martens. 

Blundstones Chelsea uses a thick leather exterior. More recent lines of boots also have a leather-lined interior. While their original boots had an integrated footbed, some of the latest ones have removable insoles. 

They also feature a waterproofing system to keep water out of your boots. All in all, the latest lines of Blundstones Chelsea have more advanced and sophisticated making. Blundstones aren’t any less than Dr. Martens in terms of online reviews. They are said to have been made for walking and are very comfortable. 

The shock-absorbing system and the soft footbed may be their selling point in comfortability.

3. Pricing And Availability

Pricing And Availability

In terms of price, Dr. Martens and Blundstones are almost similar. However, Dr. Martens does have some boots below the 3 digit range. Dr. Martens has boots anywhere from $80 to $300. 

On the other hand, Blundstones may be slightly more expensive. Their boots range from $150 to $250.

Dr. Martens has outlets in the US, Canada, and Australia in terms of physical stores. They also have stores in the UK and Germany and, at the same time, maintain a considerable presence in the Asia Pacific region. 

Nonetheless, you can buy a pair of Dr. Martens from pretty much anywhere. Amazon has a vast collection of boots available and would deliver them to you. In comparison to that, Blundstones have an even wider physical range. 

They have distributors in over 15 countries worldwide. They also have stores in Canada, US, and Australia. But just like Dr. Martens, Blundstones, too, are available for purchase online.

Check out the top 3 Dr. Martens and Blundstones boots to stay top in trend.

Dr. Martens BootsPriceBlundstone Chelsea BootsPrice
1460 Greasy Leather Lace-Up Boots$141.29 – $318.99Blundstone Men’s 587 Round Toe Chelsea Boot$139.00 – $232.24
1460 Slip-Resistant Leather Service Boots$104.48 – $278.99Blundstone Unisex Original 500 Series$144.79 – $262.00
Dr. Martens Mens Combat Boot$65.37 – $173.99Blundstone Unisex 550 Rugged Lux Boot$136.88 – $296.51

The Pros And Cons Of Dr. Martens

Every product comes with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before deciding which one is your shoe, it’s wise to consider the pros and cons of that specific lines.

Pros Of Dr. Martens

The pros of Dr. Martens include-

  • They are comfortable to wear once you have broken into the shoe.
  • Dr. Martens is known to be very durable.
  • The boots are slightly cheaper.
  • Their air-cushioned soles are something users love a lot. 

Cons Of Dr. Martens

The cons of Dr. Martens include-

  • They are not very breathable.
  • They have limited usability.
  • Generally, they should be used for casual wearing and do not support hiking or other strenuous activity.
  • Have a 4-6 week break-in period.
  • They are not entirely waterproof.

The Pros And Cons Of Blundstones

Like Dr. Martens, Blundstones also include both the pros and the cons. Let’s check them to decide which one is suitable for you.

Pros Of Blundstones

The advantage that you will get from purchasing a pair of Blundstones include-

  • They are comfortable to wear. 
  • You can wear them for any occasion – from casual wear to hiking to work – these boots support all attire. 
  • Some boots contain waterproofing technology.
  • They have a removable insole. 

Cons Of Blundstones

The detriments you may face buying these boots include-

  • The boots are quite expensive.
  • They are not as durable as Dr. Martens.
  • These shoes are not too breathable.
  • Like Dr. Martens, Blundstones can also be quite difficult to wear during the break-in period.


  • Are Dr. Martens or Blundstones better?

Dr. Martens vs. Blundstone Chelsea boots – which one is good?

There are various metrics to consider. These boots are almost similar in terms of make and quality – high-quality boots made of high-quality materials. Therefore, which one is good comes down to personal choices and preferences.

Blundstones are better for their usability and comfort, whereas Doc Martens are better for durability and style. So, finally, the choice is yours.

  • Are Blundstones more comfortable than Docs?

Opinions fluctuate in this regard. While some would argue that Doc Martens are better for comfortability, others may say the opposite. 

Both boots have ergonomic interior designs to help keep the feet comfortable. Some differences may be in their structure.

Like Dr. Martens use an air cushion outsole while Blundstones have their own Shock Protection System.

  • Which boots are as good as Blundstones?

A wide range of alternatives exists in the market. Obviously, there is Dr. Martens with whom we have compared Blundstones.

Keen Anchorage is a US-based boots and accessories firm that also makes boots like Blundstones. Their products cost around $100 to $200.

Redback boots, just like Blundstones, is an Australian brand. They produce work boots that are sturdy and supportive all simultaneously. Prices are within the range of $160 to $300.

  • Are Blundstone still in style in 2021?

Mostly yes. Blundstones Chelsea boots are enjoying widespread popularity even to this day. Reviews are being done, and purchases are happening in significant volumes. 

However, many die-hard fans of Blundstones complain that the overall quality has fallen due to outsourcing. But despite that, Blundstones haven’t lost their share in the market and are very much preferred.


It is pretty tricky choosing which brand of boots to wear. Blundstones and Dr. Martens are companies that have a unique history. Both are well-reputed in the boot market and are liked by many buyers.

Nonetheless, there are discrepancies in these shoes’ pricing, features, and overall make-up. They use different materials that affect their durability and comfort.

Doc Martens are durable, trendy, and stylish enough to go along with any fashion wear and style. On the other hand, Blundstones are suitable for strenuous activities; however, their reach is limited in terms of style and fashion. But then again, fashion is something entirely subjective. 

So, which is better, Dr. Martens vs Blundstones Chelsea Boots, depends on your preference. If you want style and comfort, go for Dr. Martens. And for strength and adaptability to rain, go for Blundstones.

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