Do Ecco Shoes Run Big or Small? – Top 5 Ecco Shoes We Recommend

Size matters when it’s your shoes!

I have often faced this issue with size when buying shoes from different brands. Even if I buy my exact size, it sometimes fits too tight or wide. Recently I have been planning on gifting my friend a pair of Ecco shoes for his birthday. Which got me to wonder, do Ecco shoes run big or small?

Ecco often runs a little bigger for many. It’s a European shoe manufacturing company situated and originated in Denmark, built in EU size scheme. Unlike other brands, these shoes are designed to fit heel to instep, making them wider for some. So, measure your foot’s size in CM to get the right fit.

Ecco specialize in casual footwear and leather products, and you will get sizes such as EU 39,40,41,42, etc. However, if you are someone with a US size of 9.5 or 10.5, you may have to get a size big or small.

To know more in-depth about this topic, continue reading the article.

Do Ecco Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Do Ecco Shoes Run Big Or Small

What differentiates Ecco from any other athletic brand is its sizing approach rather than designs or quality. As mentioned above, Ecco shoes make sizes on full rather than taking the American approach of making full and half sizes.

So it is hard to answer whether Ecco shoes run big or small because it really depends on your size. If your size is in the half’s, it may run big or small for you. But someone with a size EU 40 will find a perfect fit.

Furthermore, Ecco shoes are designed to fit from your heel to your ankle. Unlike the other shoes available in the market that fit over the toe, limiting the natural distance of your toes when you walk. Ecco shoes are appropriate for a variety of foot types.

However, due to the construction and inconsistent size chart, many find them running a bit bigger. As these shoes are made in European style, converting them to US size will take you to a maze.

Instead, measure your foot size in CM as the difference between the size of Ecco and other brands primarily revolves around the foot length. So, if you only order looking at the US or EU size, you may have the wrong size.

As one Ecco customer reviewed-

Ecco Sizes Compared To Different Brands

It is always hard to buy Ecco for the first time if you have used other brands for the rest of your life. This is due to the sizing differences in each brand.

However, despite the different measuring methods, Ecco is more or less similar to other popular brands in terms of size. Here is a size chart comparison among popular brands.

Foot length



New Balance

Men’s sizes













Women’s sizes













Measuring Your Feet To Purchase Ecco Guide

Measuring Your Feet To Purchase Ecco Guide

We recommend rather than buying Ecco shoes on a hunch about the size, it’s best to measure your feet size before purchasing it. It will help you buy a shoe that fits your perfectly.

Here are 4 steps you should follow to measure your feet size.

Step 1

To take off, take a piece of paper bigger than your feet. If you don’t have one that big available, tape two together. Then grab a ruler and a piece of pencil. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough because it is hard to draw lines with a dull pencil.

Step 2

Now, slowly place your feet on the piece of paper. Make sure the piece of paper is on a smooth surface before doing it. Hold the paper tight with your heel and bend down.

Step 3

Then grab the piece of pencil and mark the longest part of the foot on the paper. If you are confused, then in simple terms, draw a straight line horizontally. Repeat this step for both your feet because it is very common to have different foot lengths.

Step 4

Finally, measure the distance between the marked area and the ending of the paper. Now, compare it with the chart above. Remember always to use the longest foot measurement when choosing your size.

Where Are Ecco Shoes Made?

Ecco is part of a research program that aims to reduce the damages caused by the tanning process to the environment. Almost 98% of Ecco shoes get made in several factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Some are even made in India.

Ecco follows strict policies to ensure a safe working environment and protection of employees against exploits.

Furthermore, they are strictly against child labor.

What Do Customers Say About Ecco Shoes?

According to Amazon and Reddit reviews, most customers are satisfied with their purchase of Ecco shoes. Customers have claimed Ecco shoes are extremely comfortable.

Many even said while being extremely stylish, they also have well-made supple uppers and incredible arch support.

Furthermore, many have even claimed they have years with proper care.

Visit Zappos for further reviews.

Do Socks Affect Shoe Size?

It does if you wear chunky big socks or socks a few sizes bigger. We recommend wearing socks that are just your size or a size bigger.

You can try Hanes Men’s Comfort Cool Crew Socks, offering cushioned foot bottom for extra comfort.

Do not wear smaller socks because the tight pressure may cause irritancy or cause your feet to bleed.

I Have Wide Feet; Will Ecco Shoes Fit Me?

Most customers with wide feet have found medium-size Ecco shoes to fit perfectly because of the tolerant material. The woolen collection of Ecco shoes expands over time, getting bigger and softer.

Top 5 Ecco Shoes We Recommend

Here are some of our favorite Ecco shoes that fit perfectly.



1)ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

  • 100% leather
  • Polyurethane sole
  • Shaft measuring exactly from ankle to arch
  • Blind eyelet lacing
  • Double stitch seems
  • Moisture-wicking lining

2) ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer

  • 100% leather/woolen fabric
  • Leather Sole
  • Slip-on loafer
  • Bicycle toe
  • Elastic goring side inserts
  • Low stacked heel
  • Uppers made with full grain leather

3) ECCO Men’s Cathum Slip-on 2.0 Sneaker

  • Polyurethane sole
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible PU outsole made using Ecco Fluidform
  • Specialized Ecco nubuck leather
  • Textile lining for maximum comfort
  • Removable insole

4) ECCO Women’s Soft Classic Sneaker

  • Made with nubuck or full grain leather
  • Textile lining
  • Padded tongue
  • High cushioning, grip, and flexibility
  • Sole made using Ecco fluid form direct comfort technology
  • Adjustable textile laces

5) ECCO Women’s Soft 9

  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Uppers made using rich, full grain nubuck
  • Textile lining
  • Removable leather inlay sole
  • PU/TPU outsole


  • Does ECCO run true to size?

Yes, they do run true to their sizes, the only difference being they follow the EU measurement system. However, if you just convert your size with the method mentioned above, you can easily find the perfect fit.

  • How do ECCO shoe sizes run?

They run in EU sizes starting from 39. These shoes come in full sizes only.

  • Are ECCO shoes narrow fitting?

Ecco shoes are designed in such a way that they fit both narrow and wide feet. This is because Ecco shoes are made so that they fit heel forward towards the instep, unlike other shoes you will find.

  • What is special about ECCO shoes?

One thing that makes Ecco shoes special or unique from its competitors is that they make direct injection polyurethane sole units. It is the best sole construction method and is very lightweight and flexible.

Bottom Line

So, do Ecco shoes run big or small? The answer is they mostly run true to your size. However, many find them running a bit bigger.

Try the shoes first before you make your call. If you buy online, make sure you have the option to exchange the shoes for getting the right size. Remember, getting the right fit will give you the perfect fit even though your feet are narrow or wide.

Just make sure to measure your feet properly to get the most accurate measurement. It will result in the most comfortable and delightful Ecco shoe experience.

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