Ecco vs Rockport Shoes – Which One Is the Best for You?

One of the biggest dilemmas for any sneaker lover is to choose between two great shoes or brands. And when it come to ecco vs rockport shoes, the task become trickier. 

Both the brands has some great shoes for casual and sports events. Those shoes will offer you comfortable fitting with durability. And of course, the design variation will be the cherry on the top.

I have considered every aspect that makes the Ecco and Rickport unique, And ended up with a guidliene that will help you to choose the appropriate sneaker for you.

Ecco vs Rockport Shoes: Which One is Better?

ecco vs rockport shoes

If you compare Ecco vs Rockport shoes, Ecco will be your first pick for stylish look, high performance, multi-functionality, and comfort. Whereas, Rickport shoes are famous for longevity, stability, and high-quality materials.

Both Ecco and Rockport offer superior quality, comfort, and durability. However, if style and stability if your primary concern Ecco is better than Rockport for you. In case of design variation, bettr sizing, and affordability, it will be hard to beat Rockport shoes.

Thus, if you still want compare Ecco vd Rockport, my suggestion will be to ask yourself. Because both shoes have some fascinating features that make them unique.

Ecco vs Rockport Shoes Comparison

MaterialSelf-sourced leather Full-grain leather, EVA sock liner and rubber outsole
WaterproofSome of them have waterproof technology Somewhat waterproof and weatherproof
UsabilityThey have separate lines of shoes for casual wearing and outdoor activitiesThey have shoes and boots both for running, hiking and exercising
SizingThey generally run biggerUsually true to size

4 Differences Between Ecco vs Rockport Shoes

4 Differences Between Ecco vs Rockport Shoes

There is not many thing left that you don’t know about the Ecco and Rockport shoes. Now it is time to jump longer and deeper to pick the best one for yourself.

1. Comfort

  • Ecco Shoes

Ecco shoes are the best known for their comfort. The insole is made of soft fabric and leather. As well as that, their leather shoes have a wide opening and elastic goring on both sides. 

That way, the shoes become easy and comfortable to wear. It also has a leather outsole that is designed to absorb shock impact. Across all different blog posts and e-commerce websites, Ecco has been accredited for its comfortable shoe line. 

A sizeable majority of buyers and reviewers agree that these shoes are comfortable to be worn on almost all occasions. But some of their sandals have a strap that needs to be fastened. 

This may be a source of discomfort as the strap may irritate your heels. And it may be a hassle to keep wearing and removing them too frequently. But those straps are also helpful to ensure your feet completely fit into the sandals and don’t slip off. 

Ecco shoes have an ergonomic structure to them. It has strong heel and arch support so they are good for flat feet too.

  • Rockport Shoes

On the other hand, Rockport shoes too don’t hold back in the comfortability game. They too bolster some comfy features in their shoes. First off it has heel and arch support, so those having problems with foot fatigue and flat feet can rely on these shoes. 

The heel is protected by a soft cushioning that helps absorb impact. The company calls this technology truFLEX. That way, it is much more comfortable to walk in them. Aside from arch and heel support they are also said to have a rubber insole. 

The insole is soft and thus the footbed feels pleasant to rest your feet on. As well as that the footbed is removable. If you want to replace the footbed then you may easily do so. 

The shoe is also relatively flexible. It hence supports a wide range of foot movement. Online reviews regarding these shoes are relatively positive too. Buyers all agree that these shoes are quite comfortable for walking and standing, despite some having problems with other aspects of Rockport. 

  • Verdict

However, in comparison to Ecco, Rockport’s comfortability is much less pronounced. The rubber sole also provides great traction.

Some of their shoes, such as Total Motion Sport Dress Mudguard Sneakers have a TPU stability plate. This allows the wearer to attain greater stability with these shoes. 

2. Durability

  • Ecco shoes

Ecco shoes are fairly durable. The quality of material that they are made of gives them an upper hand in terms of durability. Firstly, the leather with which their shoes are made is all managed and sourced by Ecco themselves. 

This is quite a unique selling point of Ecco as no other major brand does this. The leather is said to be of much higher quality and so the upper layer usually lasts long. At the same time, their soles are also very sturdy. 

Those are made of polyurethane which can standoff hard wear and tear. Ecco shoes have been more or less praised for their durability across different websites. Buyers typically don’t have problems with wear and tear with Ecco. 

Aside from being able to withstand wear and tear, some of their shoes are also said to be waterproof. Some of their shoes feature Hydromax technology that helps keep water out. Ecco shoes typically have a life expectancy of around 2 to 7 years. 

But with proper maintenance and care their lifespan can be further extended. Some users have said Ecco may last up to 10 years of use. 

  • Rockport Shoes

Rockport shoes do not give up in the durability game either. They are made of full-grain or corrected grain leather which is said to withstand the durability test. Some of their shoes are waterproof too. 

The rubber sole is also quite sturdy and is said to perform well against regular wear and tear. And across online reviews, buyers complement the comfort and durability provided by Rockport. 

However, there are quite a number of negative reviews regarding Rockport’s durability. In terms of durability, the complaints were a bit more pronounced against Rockport. Users typically criticise the insole wearing out too soon. And in some cases, the stitching may come off a bit loose. 

  • Verdict

But overall, Rockport also enjoys quite a lot of positivity for its durable shoes. The leather footbed is said to be fairly durable. And since it is removable, users may replace it with a more comfortable footbed instead.

3. Shoe Style, Size And Usability

  • Ecco shoes

Ecco shoes are made for casual day-to-day wear. Aside from casual ones, they also have a separate line of shoes for hiking. Their Ecco Biom 2.1 X Country Men’s Low, ATH-1FW Women’s sneakers are made for outdoor activities. 

Aside from that, their shoes are said to be made for walking. Ecco will provide comfortable shoes you can walk and stand in all day. And in terms of sizing, most Ecco shoes run bigger than your actual size. 

But some consumers have also found them to be true to size. But to help you decide what size to buy, here’s the official website that outlines the different sizes they offer.

  • Rockport shoes

Similarly enough, Rockport shoes are also suitable for wearing every day. They are appropriate if your daily routine consists of walking around and standing for long hours. 

They are also suitable for all sorts of terrain and weather. On top of that, they have a separate shoe line for athletics. Dickinson Lace-Up Men’s Leather Workout Hiking shoes may be suitable for both hiking and exercising. 

  • Verdict

And in terms of sizing, Rockport shoes generally run true to size. Some users may say they run only slightly bigger. This is in contrast to Ecco, whose shoes mainly run a size larger.

4. Price Range

Ecco shoes are generally within the price range of $120 to $250. However, you can get pre-owned ones as cheap as $30-$40. 

On the other hand, brand new Rockport shoes run a bit cheaper. They start at $70 and only go as much as $150.

Pros and Cons of Ecco Shoes 


  • Ecco shoes have gained a reputation for their durability. 
  • The polyurethane sole, as well as their self-sourced high-quality rubber, helps them last longer. 
  • Aside from durability, they are also quite comfortable. They fit well enough and are suitable for day to day use. 
  • Some users go as far as saying Ecco shoes don’t need breaking in. Your feet just fit in.


  • One disadvantage of Ecco shoes may be that they run a size bigger. So if you are planning to buy them, be sure to look out for the sizing. 
  • Aside from that, their high-quality make and comfort mean that they are also pricier than Rockport. 

Pros And Cons Of Rockport Shoes 


  • Rockport shoes are also very comfortable. Buyers across the internet have complemented Rockport’s comfortability. And where complaints exist, consumers almost never had any issue with comfort. 
  • Contrasting to Ecco who had a very small number of foot blistering and fitting issues. 
  • They also run true to size, so you would not have any issues with sizing. And they are relatively cheaper.


  • Rockport shoes are not quite durable. While many online reviews and blogs have praised their durability, websites like Amazon have something else to say.
  • Customers there have a recurring complaint regarding broken soles and stitches. 


  • What is special about Ecco shoes?

In terms of durability, undoubtedly Ecco shoes take the lead. Their shoes rarely have a durability issue and are made of the best quality materials. According to some users the shoes are so comfy that you don’t even need breaking in.

  • Are Rockport shoes worth the money?

Yes, Rockport shoes worth the money. They are more affordable than high-end Ecco shoes with all the great features. If you are looking for a regular use shoe for everyday walking and outiung, Rockport can be a great option. 

  • Is ECCO a luxury brand?

Yes, Ecco is among the top 5 leather luxury brands. They use the premium quality leather material to make the shoes. Besides, the brand inciporte the new technologies in the shoe makling proceess to offer you the maximum comfort.

  • What happened to the quality of Rockport shoes?

In the last decade, Rockport decided not to use premium quality materials to scale-up their profits. This process has significantly impacted the quality of the Rockport shoes. However, if you are still looking for affordable sneakers Rockport is a great brand. 

Final Verdict

Rockport and Ecco both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. In terms of comfort and usage, both of these shoes have a similar outcome. They are equally as comfortable and are also suitable for any situation. 

But which shoe you would pick up is completely up to you. This article has intricately run down all the distinguishing and important features of both these shoes and made necessary comparisons. We hope that this article has helped you in deciding your next purchase.

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