Flat Shoelaces vs. Round Shoelaces – The Best Choice for You

Have you ever thought shoelaces could be a topic of debate? Flat shoelaces vs round shoelaces – however trivial the topic is, they are one deciding factor of your shoes’ fate – feeling, comfort, and style.

However, which side is the victor? Which shoelaces are best for which shoes? To discover that, we must first understand the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Therefore, stay tuned with us, and explore which shoelaces are best for you.

Flat Shoelaces Vs Round Shoelaces

Flat Shoelaces Vs Round Shoelaces

Round laces typically come in various colors and are easier to tie than their flat counterparts. They also stay in place better and don’t need to be re-tied as often. However, they can be bulkier, which some people don’t like.  

On the other hand, flat laces are an excellent option for people who want a versatile and durable shoe. They are perfect for running, walking, and hiking because they provide stability and support.

Flat laces are also a good choice for people who have to do a lot of walking or standing during the day.

However, both have pros and cons and are popular in their ways. Let’s find out the core difference between these two.

What Are The Core Differences Between Flat Shoelaces And Round Shoelaces?

What Are The Core Differences Between Flat Shoelaces And Round Shoelaces

Round shoelaces are easy to find and come in a variety of colors. However, they are a bit bulky and are more prone to fraying.

Round laces are the most common type – they’re the standard laces that come with most shoes. They are known to be more traditional and versatile, whereas flat laces are more modern and unique.

Furthermore, round laces are known to be sturdier and stay tied better, even though flat laces are more flexible and easier to tie.

Flat laces are also becoming more popular, especially among sneakerheads and people who like to customize their shoes.

Flat shoelaces are thinner and more discreet than round laces. They also don’t fray as easily. But, they are a bit harder to find and are not available in many colors.

Flat Shoelaces Vs Round Shoelaces: Which Shoelace Is Best?

Flat Shoelaces Vs Round Shoelaces Which Shoelace Is Best

There are many different types of shoelaces on the market these days. Flat shoelaces and round shoelaces are two of the most popular options. So, which of the both is better?

  • Flat shoelaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are easy to install and look neater than round shoelaces. Additionally, they are less likely to come undone than round shoelaces.
  • Round shoelaces are more traditional, and many people believe that they provide a better grip than flat shoelaces. They are also less likely to get tangled than flat shoelaces.
  • Round shoelaces are the best to use in traditional loafers with leather tongues. They have a specific curvature to them. This curvature makes them act as springs, resulting in a generally more comfortable fit because they can mould your foot’s shape.

However, flat shoelaces are becoming more and more popular due to their many advantages. They are easy to install, look neater than round shoelaces, and are less likely to come undone.

Compared to round shoelaces, flat shoelaces are a better choice for sports shoes and, in general, when you need to secure your shoes tightly. They are also convenient if you like to play with the look of your shoes; just by changing a pair of laces, you can make them look completely new.

It all comes up to you if you ask us, whichever makes you feel better and more comfortable, which is easier to use. Either of them can be a great choice depending on your taste.

Pros And Cons Of Flat Shoelaces

To decide which is suitable or unsuitable, you need to know the bright and dark sides of the moon. Therefore, here are the pros and cons of flat shoelaces.


  • Easy to tie
  • Less likely to break
  • Suitable for all kinds of shoe


  • Do not hold the knot well
  • Most often, untied easily
  • Wear out quickly.

Pros And Cons Of Round Shoelaces

As we have explored the pros and cons of flat shoelaces, let’s check the pros and cons of round shoelaces.


  • Round laces are often more durable
  • Less prone to come untied
  • They’re quite strong
  • They look great
  • Available in various colors and sizes


  • less durable, and can be harder to keep tied.

Flat Shoelaces Vs Round Shoelaces: Which Method Is Better?

There are a lot of different opinions on what type of shoelace to use in between flat & round shoelaces. Some people believe that it doesn’t matter and that you can use either type of shoelace in between.

Others believe that using a Flat Shoelace in between Round Shoelaces is the best way to go, as it helps to keep the Round Shoelaces from slipping out. Still, some say that using a Round Shoelace in between Flat Shoelaces is the best way to go, as it helps to keep the Flat Shoelaces from slipping out.

How To Tie Your Shoes With Either Type Of Lace

How To Tie Your Shoes With Either Type Of Lace

There are two ways to tie your shoes: the “bunny ear” method and the “loop” method. They are both effective methods, but they have different benefits.

  • The Bunny Ear Method

It is the traditional way to tie your shoes. To do so, make a loop with one lace, and cross the other lace over the loop. Then, take the end of the second lace and put it over the first lace. Finally, tuck the end of the second lace under the first lace.

The bunny ear method is the more common way to tie your shoes. It is more complex than the loop method, but it is more secure and stays tied longer.

  • The Loop Method

This is a newer way to tie your shoes that is quicker and easier. It is not as secure as the bunny ear method, but it is easier to do and takes less time.

Make a loop with one lace and put the other lace through the loop to do this method. Pull both laces tight and tie a knot. This method is excellent for runners or anyone who wants to save time when tying their shoes.

Why Do Running Shoes Have Traditional Flat Laces?

Why Do Running Shoes Have Traditional Flat Laces

The main reason is comfort. Flat laces naturally align with the natural curves of your foot, letting your foot move naturally to stabilize itself.

In contrast, round cords, common on skate shoes, create a different pressure on the foot. Flat laces provide stability as they move with your foot.

Flat running laces are an excellent choice for running shoes because they don’t come untied. That may not seem like a big deal, but trying your best to get through a 10K race with your shoelaces kicking up and down can be frustrating.

They’re easy to use, and you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to tie them. Also, they’re adjustable, resulting in you being able to make them as tight or as loose as you want. They stay in place. They won’t come untied during your run.

Finally, they’re affordable. You can buy a pack of 100 for just a few dollars.

How To Prevent Shoelaces From Untying?

How To Prevent Shoelaces From Untying

Let’s start with the basics.

When you tie your shoes, the end of the lace should not be visible.

If you do this, the lace might come loose during your walk or go for a run. It can get avoided by making a double bow.

There are several methods of solving this issue:

Firstly, you should tie the laces properly. If you poorly tie your laces, the laces will be more likely to come untied. Try to collar the laces with the tongue once and tie them.

Secondly, you should be careful about lace length. When you lace the shoes, probably your laces are too long for lacing.

Finally, you should use a double knot or a double loop to tie your shoelace instead of a single loop or a single knot. When you use a single loop or a single knot to tie your shoelaces, you may have to tie it several times throughout the day.

Combination Of Flat & Round Shoelaces

Combination Of Flat & Round Shoelaces

There are pros and cons to flat and round shoelaces. Flat shoelaces are easier to tie and stay tied better, while round shoelaces are more comfortable. Some people also find that round laces make their shoes look nicer.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can buy a combination of flat and round shoelaces. These laces have flat and round sections to choose which type of lace you want to use for each shoe. It gives you the convenience of flat laces when you need them and the comfort of round laces when you want them.

 Lace Lab’s flat laces get made from flat polyester material. This material is smooth, flat, and has no shine. You can lace your shoes with these laces or our round laces. The flat laces are solid and will not easily break.

We recommend using the flat laces together with the Lace Lab’s round laces. The combination will add an excellent design and user-friendly texture to your shoes.

4 Best Flat Shoelaces & 4 Best Round Shoelaces


  • Are Flat Or Round Shoelaces Better?

Flat shoelaces are better for running shoes and outdoor footwear, as they are more resistant. However, the round lace is more famous for dress shoes as it is more elegant.

  • Why Are Shoelaces Round?

They’re round to match the rotational symmetry of the human foot, which is always positioned in the same way, whether standing or walking, says David Solomon, the shoemaking director at Berluti, the luxury French leather goods house.

  • What Is The Difference Between Flat And Oval Shoelaces?

Flat laces are great for shoes that don’t have any flash or do not have laces on the tongue. Oval shoelaces are ideal for shoes with laces on the tongue and those with a flash on the side.

  • Which Shoelaces Are Best?

Several brands make brilliant shoelaces. In the table above, we have mentioned our top choice of shoelaces.  


There’s a long-standing debate in the sneaker world on flat shoelaces vs round shoelaces that has finally got answered for you.

Flat shoelaces are better than round ones. The verdict comes from a study recently published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, where they explained how they found round laces untie more often than flat ones.

Both flat shoelaces and round shoelaces get used by billions of people across the globe. No matter which type of shoelaces you prefer, the main point is to make a well-educated decision before buying yourself new laces.

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