Are You Wondering How Long Do Doc Martens Last? Let’s Find Out

When it comes to trendy, trustworthy, and tough shoes, Doc Martens are top-notch. These cool and comfy boots stood against the test of time and thrived in the modern shoe market. The high-quality leather and soles are some of its more defining features that pick your curiosity easily.

However, how long do Doc Martens last? After all, they are expensive, and ensuring a bank for your buck is tactful. So, are Doc martens long-lasting?

Yes, Doc Martens are the most long-lasting shoes for their high-quality leather, details, and construction. If used, maintained, and stored correctly, these boots last around 5 to 7 years. Many customers even confirm that Doc Martens last for 20 years, often more, even after regular and extreme use.

Let’s learn more about the durability of doc Martens.

How Long Do Doc Martens Last?

how long do doc martens last

Established in 1947, Doc Martens shoes have gained widespread popularity for their unique features. They are, in fact, the coolest and comfiest boots for every kind of work. But, as they are expensive, you want to know how long they last.

Typically, a pair of Dr. Martens can last up to 5 years of continued usage. Some users even suggest that if they are taken care of, these pairs may last even up to 20 years! The high-quality leather and detailed mending made them superior to others.

However, do Doc Martens get ruined easily? Not exactly. The durability of Doc Martens or any shoes depends on 3 –

  • how you use it
  • how you maintain it
  • how you store it

If these 3 are properly taken care of, Doc martens will support your feet like a good friend almost forever. Your successor may use your Doc martens still kicking after years; who can tell?

However, users have also warned against fake Dr. Martens. Those do not last long and would break apart after months or even weeks.

Do You Get A Warranty With The Shoe?

Dr. Martens used to have a lifetime warranty against its shoes. But unfortunately, that warranty has been revoked for any shoes purchased after 26th March 2018. 

Nonetheless, they will replace any damaged pair of shoes within the first 30 days after purchase.

The Durable Doc Martens

The Durable Doc Martens

Do Doc Martens still last? Which Doc Martens are the most durable?

The lifespan of Doc Martens is quite remarkable. The reason is that these shoes are made with high-quality full-grain leather.

Besides, these shoes undergo durability testing before being released. And aside from the leather, the insole is too known for its durability and comfort.

The PVC air-cushioned soles are wear-tested in street environments.

Check out these 5 durable Doc Martens to be your friend for years.

Durable Doc MartensGreat For
Dr. Martens Tarik Utility BootsCemented construction, maximum comfort, lang-lasting
Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion BootAir cushioned sole, unique design with yellow stitch
Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Combat BootFold-down boot, 100% leather, air cushioned
Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal 8-Eye BootWater resistant, beaten-up appearance, high-performance
Dr. Martens Unisex 1460 Mono Smooth Leather Lace Up BootsTough and durable, heat-sealed

How To Spot The Fake Doc Martens?

How To Spot The Fake Doc Martens

As we said, fake Dr. Martens won’t last anywhere near as long as the original Dr. Martens. First, keep in mind that Dr. Martens has expanded its manufacturing outside England in several Asian countries.

Aside from that, several counterfeits exist in the market that uses Dr. Martens’ name and logo but isn’t the original. It warns us to be aware and learn how to identify these counterfeits. Let’s have a look!

  • The Delivery Box

Dr. Martens’ shoes would usually be packaged in a proper cardboard shoebox containing the brand logo on the top and the side.

On the other hand, Fake Dr. Martens won’t always come in a box.

And even if they do, the logo placement would be wrong, the fonts mismatched, and sometimes even the brand name is misspelled.

  • The Back Heel

The original Dr. Martens would have an AirWair loop stitched to the back. This feature is unique to Dr. Martens, consisting of a handwritten text saying “with bouncing soles”. If you don’t see this loop, the pair is likely fake.

  • The Signature Stitching

The stitching on Dr. Martens is yellow. Naturally, as a renowned brand, the stitching would be done professionally and meticulously with a straight, evenly spaced, smooth ending. There would be no gaps.

The stitching would be sloppy and uneven finishing in the fake shoes, and some places would seem less fastened than others.

  • The Label

With real Doc Martens, you should get a white sticker detailing the shoe’s type, size, and color. However, fake ones don’t have the label.

  • Cross Checking The Product Code

The upper inside of the shoe would contain the same information printed on the white label on the box. You will find the pair’s product code and country of origin among this information.

However, in fake Doc Martens, the printed pieces of information often don’t match the label.

How To Break The Doc Marten?

Dr. Martens can be very comfortable with the correct size. And one of its more discussed features is its comfort. But buyers have also complained about how painful these shoes are when wearing them for the first time.

Clearly, there is a specific break in time involved. And you want to break into these shoes as painlessly as possible.

However, before buying the shoes, consider the followings-

  • Make sure you got the right size for yourself.
  • Dr. Martens do not have half sizes. So if you wear half-sized shoes, like 7.5 UK, you should size down, for example, 7 UK. 
  • Do not buy too big shoes that would come off loose, fearing that the break-in won’t be painless.
  • Neither should you buy too small ones. If your feet are wide, you must buy bigger ones. If the width is too small, you will struggle to break in, as it is more difficult for Dr. Martens to stretch in width.

Break-In Doc Martens

Break-In Doc Martens

You can break in Doc Martens in several ways.

  • Wearing Thick Socks

Wear a pair of thick socks with your new shoes. The thick socks would protect your feet from blisters and pain due to friction with the inner lining. They also widen and stretch the boots faster and quickly.

  • Putting The Towels

You can stuff your boots with socks, towels, or newspaper to stretch your shoes. Tie the lacers the way you tie in your feet and keep them aside for a few days.

  • Walk Around Often

Walk for 5-10 minutes wearing your new boots inside your house – at regular intervals. Try not to wear them for long to avoid foot blisters and pain.

However, the shoes will quickly loosen up and shape around your feet if you do this repeatedly. 

In case you feel pain while walking in them for the first time, cover those challenging regions with bandages or moleskin. It will reduce the impact and friction on the affected areas.

Then, try wearing them for 1-2 hour intervals in your home. Repeat this process over several weeks. You should painlessly break into the shoes if you correctly do as outlined.

  • Wonder Balsam

You can use a different, more technical method to break into Dr. Martens. The official store recommends using a type of wax they call Wonder Balsam.

Dr. Martens is made of full-grain leather, which is quite stiff. The wax helps keep the leather clean and soften it up.

If you decide to use wax, take out the laces first. Additionally, the wax contains beeswax, which makes the shoes waterproof.

  • Shoe Stretcher

One sure technique is using shoe stretching spray and a shoe stretcher. In this process, you would use a shoe stretching spray and apply it to the insides of your Dr. Martens.

After that, wrap the wooden stretcher with washcloths soaked in the stretching spray. Fill in the leg area of the shoe with newspaper and lace the shoes tightly.

Wait for 24-48 hours. Try wearing the shoes after removing the stretcher. If it doesn’t fit, repeat the process until your feet completely break into the shoe.

  • Hammering

Another alternative includes hammering the shoe’s sole. Hammer your shoe a little at a time to avoid damaging the boots. However, if you don’t have experience with hammers and boots, stay far away from this method.

  • Other Methods

You can hair dry your shoes in the part where it feels the tightest. Some even suggest leaving the shoes inside a freezer as it causes the shoes to expand.


One of the most defining features of Dr. Martens is the air-cushioned insole, which is bouncy. These soles are unique in their own right. And Dr. Martens sticks them hard inside.

It makes resolution a bit more challenging. However, if the sole wears out or develops cracks, it is possible to repair your shoes.

  • First, clean the shoe using soap or leather cleaner and a sponge/cloth. 
  • Leave the leather to dry afterward completely.
  • Then, smoothen the shoe.
  • Apply leather filler and get rid of any excess paste.
  • Finally, leave the paste to dry completely.

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  • Do Doc Martens come with lifetime warranty?

Doc Martens used to have a lifetime warranty for all their shoes. But due to some reasons, they have retracted that warranty for any shoes since March 2018. But Doc Martens would replace any faulty shoes within 30 days after purchase.

  • Are doc martens good for your feet?

Doc Martens are the most comfortable shoes with their air-cushioned bouncy insoles. They provide excellent arch support. But, you may find it painful breaking into them initially for their full grain leather.

However, those with flat or low arch should wear an insert with these shoes. In addition, patients with muscle weakness, ulcerations, and elderlies should avoid wearing them. 

Final Words

Doc Martens are popular brand providing performance and features for almost 50 years. However, how long do Doc Martens last? People often ask this question whiling buying the shoes due to their high cost.

Doc Martens usually lasts around 5 to 7 years. However, with proper use and care, many claim to use them for longer, even close to 20 years.

However, to get the best of the shoes, buy the authentic ones, wear them correctly, and take good care of them.

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