How Long Do Timberlands Last?- Answer Revealed

If you are fascinated by boots, you must have come across Timberlands. They are one of the oldest and high performing brands in the market. You naturally want to get your hands on a pair of Timberlands. 

But mind you, those are mad expensive: durability should be your priority. Now, if you spend over $100 on a pair of boots, they should last long enough. So, how long do Timberlands last?

A good pair of Timberlands can last on average 4-5 years. However, with proper care, you can extend their lifeline even further. You should also focus on the way you use your boots. Long periods of intense activity would obviously wear and tear them quicker. So wear them with care.

That said, let’s find out more about this iconic brand, shall we? Please read further to find out more.

How Long Do Timberlands Last

How Long Do Timberlands Last

Timberlands are top picks for any boot lover. But as they come at a high-end price, you would obviously want them to last longer. So, it’s obvious if you ask, “how many years do Timberlands last?” before buying the shoes.

An average pair of Timberlands should last 4-5 years. But if you take proper care of them, you can extend their age to a decade or further. But then again, you should also be careful about using them. 

A normal walk every day wouldn’t do significant damage. But let’s say you wear them on snowy terrain and work for hours on end; you are bound to destroy them earlier. 

Are Timberland Shoes Waterproof?

Are Timberland Shoes Waterproof

Generally, Timberlands shoes are water-resistant. There are separate lines of shoes that are specifically waterproof. Since the uppers are made of leather, they would not easily let water into your shoes. 

The upper is hot, glued tight with the sole. So chances of water seeping into your shoes are really small. Timberlands make some of their shoes entirely waterproof to add to this water-resistant ability. 

Their branded Gore-Tex or Timberdry membranes are used to pad Timberland Pro shoes to make them truly waterproof.

Taking Care Of Your Timberland

Taking Care Of Your Timberland

The most important step in extending the longevity of your shoes lies in taking care of them. Timberlands come in different upper types. Naturally, each type of material needs its own special methods of treatment to keep them clean and tidy.

1. Suede and Nubuck

Timberlands produce a very durable line of Suede and Nubuck shoes. They are susceptible to getting dirty. Conventional washing techniques aren’t suitable for these materials. You have to dry clean them. 

For suede and nubuck shoes, you need the following:

  • Shoe brush specifically for suede and nubuck shoes
  • Suede eraser
  • Waterproofing spray
  • Cleaning solution (optional) 
  • Suede Rubber brush

Step-By-Step Cleaning

Follow the cleaning method to clean your shoes correctly.

  1. Before starting with the upper, you should scrub off dirt and mud from the soles. Use soapy water or detergent to clean off the soles thoroughly.
  2. After being done with the upper, use the brush to sweep away any dirt on the top. 
  3. Then, using the eraser, scrub off the dirt marks on the upper surface. Brush off the upper once more to clean off the spots thoroughly.
  4. Alternatively, you can also opt for a water-based cleaning solution. Timberlands sell cleaning sprays specifically suited for suede and nubuck uppers. Do keep in mind that these uppers don’t fare well with water. 
  5. So if you are applying a cleaning solution for more severe dirt marks, be careful in the application. Put your hands inside the shoe so that you get uniform coverage. Carefully apply the cleaning solution to the upper in small amounts.
  6. After being done with the cleaning, you may still see that your shoes are not quite “done” being cleaned. That’s when you’ll understand that you need to buff up your shoes. The cleaning has made the suede or nubuck upper a bit matte. Timberlands have their own “Suede Rubber Brush” that would help you with this.
  7. And finally, apply a waterproofing solution as a final touch. If you want to keep your shoes nice and clean for long enough, you should waterproof them too. As mentioned earlier, these types of uppers are allergic to water. 
  8. Timberlands’ Balm Proofer All Purpose Protector is a good solution to have. Applying it is simple. You use the spray to put on 2 layers of coats. 
  9. After applying the first coat, let it dry for 30 minutes before applying the second one. Be sure you are applying the protector uniformly across the shoe.

2. Leather

Cleaning off leather shoes is a bit less involved and critical compared to suede or nubuck uppers. And for that, you would need the following items:

  • Boot brush
  • Soap and water (or Shoe cleaning solution)
  • Vinegar (as an alternative)
  • Waterproofing spray
  • Timberland’s leather protector wax

Step-By-Step Cleaning

  1. Before starting the actual cleaning process, take out any laces. Wash laces separately; this is a way of getting better access to every part of the shoe.
  2. Brush off loose dirt or debris from the shoe with a boot brush. 
  3. Then, using a soapy solution, start with the actual cleaning process. If the marks are too stubborn, pick up a brush and start scrubbing down hard. Also, make sure you clean up the bottom of the soles. Alternatively, you can make use of shoe cleaners that are specifically made for leather uppers. 
  4. Put some on a sponge or washcloth and apply them to your shoe. Moreover, you can use a 10:1 water to vinegar solution to clean your shoes. The process is the same.
  5. With all that, leave your leather shoe to dry. Please make sure that they are air drying. Do not try to speed up the process by putting the shoes in a dryer or using a hair dryer. That would damage your leather upper, crack it, or even make it smaller.
  6. Keep it water-resistant. Timberland’s Waximum Waxed Leather Protector is perfect for this job. Scoop up some wax and apply it to your shoes until fully covered. Then allow the wax to settle on the surface. 
  7. After that, scoop another pile of wax and apply a second layer of waxing thoroughly.
  8. Finish by allowing the shoes to rest out in the open. The wax would make the shoe water repellent, not allowing water and dirt stains to settle on the shoe easily.

Breaking Your Timberland Shoe

Breaking Your Timberland Shoe

Timberlands shoes are well reputed for their durable shoes. Naturally, their materials are extremely tough. This can, however, has an unfortunate secondary disadvantage of the shoes being too tough. 

Breaking in Timberlands can be a bit daunting. But with the right technique, you can be sure to break into a pair of Timberlands painlessly.

  1. Choosing the right size

It is crucial to ensure you can comfortably break into your shoes. If you get mismatched sizes, then there won’t be much help in making your shoes comfortable. 

Neither size up nor size down; pick the one that perfectly fits. Ensure that there is enough toe room and that the shoes are wide enough for your feet.

  1. Wearing thick socks

Thick woolen socks would provide padding against the inner walls. That way, you would minimize the risk of developing blisters or getting injured by friction from the insides. 

  1. Using bandages

If you feel pressure despite wearing socks, you can cover up those areas with bandages. Especially in the heel, toe, and arch area, you may feel more pressure. Padding those areas can help mitigate the pain.

  1. Walking in the shoes before using them outdoors

After you buy a fresh pair of Timberlands, it is recommended to wear them indoors. Wear the shoes with socks on and walk on them occasionally. Wear your new pair for hours for several weeks until you are comfortable walking around in them. 

  1. Using shoe softener

If you find the above methods painful or laborious, you can try using softeners. This help soften and relax the leather upper, which would help you break into the shoes much more easily.

would help you with conditioning your leather. Other brands other than Timberlands’ Leather Proofer are available if you’re looking for something more affordable, like DaLuca Venetian.


  • Are Timberlands high quality?

Timberlands are well known for their durable and sturdy shoes. Since its inception in 1952, Timberlands haven’t disappointed its customers. From leather to suede, they have every type of shoe and boot.

  • Do Timberlands crack?

Timberlands have leather, suede, and other natural materials they use as uppers. Under adverse weather conditions or long periods of usage, they can crack. Do keep in mind that excessive heat can crack leather boots. 

So if you are drying a pair of leather shoes, do not apply direct heat.

  • How long does it take to break Timberlands in?

Typically, it is said that around 4-5 weeks are needed to break into Timberlands. It means you need to be 90 hours inside those shoes for 90 hours to break into them firmly. However, the length may be shortened if you try to stretch your shoes, like stuffing them up with newspapers.

Bottom Line

Despite being a relatively old brand, TImberlands seem to uphold their reputation as one of the leading brands in the market. And it is completely understandable why anyone would want to have their hands on a good pair of Timberlands. 

Which necessarily begged the question: how long do Timberlands last?

Timberland boots usually last around 4 to 5 years. However, if you take proper care of them and wear them thoughtfully, they can accompany you for longer to give the bank your buck.

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