How to Shrink a Bomber Jacket? – Incredible and Effective Methods

Jackets are always flattering – aesthetic, attractive, and easy on the eyes. And when it comes to bomber jackets, it always serves as a style statement for both men and women.

Bomber jackets are a popular style which has been really trendy in the recent generation being the perfect streetwear. However, they can sometimes run large. It is a common issue people face when they buy a bomber jacket.

If you wonder how to shrink a bomber jacket, here is a guide easy as 1,2,3 for you. Let us dive straight into it.

How To Shrink A Bomber Jacket?

How To Shrink A Bomber Jacket

If you’ve recently bought a bomber jacket that’s too big, or if you’ve had one for a while that’s gradually become loose, you might be wondering how to shrink it.

You can use a few methods to shrink a bomber jacket quickly, but just be careful not to ruin the jacket. One method is to put the jacket in the dryer on high heat for about 20 minutes. Another is to soak the jacket in hot water for 10-15 minutes, then put it in the dryer on low heat.

A third option is to hand wash the bomber jacket using hot water and then hang it up to dry. This will definitely shrink your bomber jacket. You may also want to consider purchasing a stitching repair kit, as some prefer it may need re-stitching after being shrunken in size.

10 Incredible Methods To Shrink A Bomber Jacket

10 Incredible Methods To Shrink A Bomber Jacket

You can apply several methods to shrink your bomber jacket. However, demonstrating 10 efficient tips on making a larger bomber jacket smaller will definitely make your task a lot easier.

Therefore, without delay, let’s dig deeper into the tips.

1. Put The Jacket Into A Wash On The Hot Setting

If you have a washer, put your bomber jacket into the washer on the hot setting.

Close the lid and let the washer agitate for about ten minutes. That intense agitation will get your bomber jacket ready for the other steps.

You can try COMFEE Portable Washing Machine, which is easy to use, energy and space-saving.

2. Let Dry The Jacket Completely

Although you can shrink your bomber jacket yourself, you can also take it to a dry cleaner for faster results. Your jacket will shrink more if you choose to do this. Dry cleaners use a commercial-strength press machine that shrinks the jacket in minutes.

Make sure to let your jacket completely dry before wearing it, as it can be very hot and uncomfortable if you wear it while it is still wet. Be sure to lay the finished jacket flat in order to dry completely before wearing it.

You can now wear your jacket with confidence, knowing that it fits great and makes you stylish. They can run it through a dry-cleaning machine which will shrink the jacket faster. Hang it to dry after washing it.

3. Organize The Jacket To Make It Smaller, And Wear Your New Style!

You can simply hang the jacket on a hanger, cinching the bottom hem in so that the jacket gets shorter. Then you can turn it inside out and zip it back up, making a much tighter fit with crushed sleeves and narrow shoulders.

4. Use A Spray Bottle

Though it’s a method we prefer, it works well! Fill a spray bottle with hot water, and spray your bomber jacket. The water will create a thermal barrier between your body and the jacket, keeping you warm. Furthermore, once dried, it will shrink the bomber jacket. This hack also works for other jackets, sweaters, and even hats.

5. Iron The Bomber Jacket

Once you have sprayed the jacket, you need to iron it to size it down. Lay the jacket on the ironing board and start ironing it with a steam iron.

Use a steam iron to iron the jacket. This step is needed to set the spray on the leather. By doing this, you will have wrinkle-free leather. You can try Rowenta steam iron, providing perfect steam distribution with 400 active holes.

6. Mustard Oil Leather Conditioner On Bomber Jacket

Once you have ironed the jacket, you will have to give it a good shine. You can do this by using a piece of clean cloth and applying the mustard oil leather conditioner. Instead, you can also use regular olive oil to shine your bomber jacket.

7. Iron The Bomber Jacket

As soon as you have ironed the jacket, it is now time to take it for a wash. Wash it in the machine as you would normally wash your clothes. Wash it on a cool cycle to increase the longevity of the jacket.

8. Care After Washing

Don’t leave your jacket anywhere in direct sunlight. Also, avoid ironing a bomber jacket that has already shrunk, as it may cause the collar to melt or the fabric to stretch and fray. It will shrink the jacket down to a new size, and you will have a new edition to your wardrobe.

9. Cut Off The Cuffs Or Sides

You can cut off the sides of the jacket to make it look perfect. You can cut off the sides of the jacket to make it look perfect. You can sew the sleeves to make them fit you. It will give the shape back to the jacket.

10. Wear It Over Other Clothes

After your jacket has shrunk, you can wear and enjoy it. Simply put it on over your other clothes, and you will look fashionable.

Top 3 Bomber Jackets To Check Out

As we have explored how you can shrink a bomber jacket, what’s next? Why don’t you check the top 3 bomber jacket to give your wardrobe a boom-blast fashion blast?

The Top 3 Bomber JacketTop Features
Calvin Klein Men’s Water and Wind Resistant Rip Stop Bomber jacketZipper closure, water, and wind resistant
Levi’s Men’s Faux-Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber JacketFull sherpa-lined body and collar, offering extra warmth and protection
Rothco MA-1 Flight Jacket Bomber Jacket Military JacketNylon water repellent outer shell and added storage options

How To Measure When Shrinking A Bomber Jacket?

How To Measure When Shrinking A Bomber Jacket

There are a few ways to measure to shrink a bomber jacket. The most common way is to take the jacket’s measurements and compare them to a smaller size. It will give you a general idea of how much you need to shrink the jacket.

Another way to measure to shrink a bomber jacket is to try it on and see how it fits. If it’s too big, you’ll know that you need to shrink it. Keep in mind that this won’t be as accurate as taking the jacket’s measurements, but it can be helpful if you don’t have a measurement tape.

How To Sew A Bomber Jacket To Shrink it?

How To Sew A Bomber Jacket To Shrink it

It is the most common way to shrink a bomber jacket. You will need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins, and a bomber jacket. The first step is to take the jacket apart. Cut the seams on the sleeves, the sides, and the bottom of the jacket. Be sure to leave the seam on the back of the jacket intact.

Next, sew the sleeves shorter. Sew a new seam about an inch from the end of the sleeve. Do the same thing for the side seams. Next, sew the sleeves shorter of the bomber jacket. Sew a new seam about an inch from the end of the sleeve.

Do the same thing for the side seams too. Now that your jacket is with shortened sleeves. So, it’s time to shorten the length of your jacket now. Cut off the bottom of the jacket a few inches (according to your need) from the bottom. Sew a new seam to close the hole.

Finally, cut off the collar of the jacket. You can either discard it or sew it onto another piece of clothing. It is a very popular trend and can be seen on a lot of runways and in street-style photos.

To make your jacket even more unique, you can also sew the seams on the bottom of the jacket shorter. It will give your jacket a cropped look that is also very trendy.

How Can I Make My Jacket Tighter?

Now you know how to shrink a bomber jacket; however, how can you make your bomber jacket tighter. Just follow the steps and have a tight jacket.

  • Put the jacket in a plastic bag and then put it in the freezer for a few hours.
  • Boil water and pour it over the jacket. Wait for a few minutes, and wash your jacket with cold water.
  • Use regular vinegar to soak the jacket. Keep it as it is for a few hours; after than clean it with clean water.


  • How Tight Should A Bomber Jacket Fit?

Bomber jackets get typically made to fit snugly to be worn under a coat. However, the fit of a bomber jacket can vary depending on the style and brand. Some bomber jackets get designed to be very fitted, while others have a more relaxed or oversized fit. 

  • How Can I Make My Jacket Waist Smaller?

You can do a few things to make your jacket waist smaller. You can try a belt or get a tailor to make it smaller for you. If you’re not happy with the waist’s look, you might also want to consider getting a new jacket.

  • How Do You Make A Bomber Jacket Smaller? 

There are several ways to make a bomber jacket smaller. One way is to take it to a tailor and have them sew it smaller for you. Another way is to buy a bomber jacket that is the correct size and then use a sewing machine to sew the sides together until the jacket fits more snugly. You can do so by putting it in the washing machine. Another option is to put it in the dryer on a low setting.

Final Words

Bomber jackets are style-statement. However, your style, look, and fashion definitely drop when you get them in a larger size.

Wait, if you haven’t heard, let me tell you a new trend is gaining popularity among today’s generation—shrinking their jackets! So how to shrink a bomber jacket?

You can try several ways – washing, sewing, drying, or taking to a tailor. These are easy and great ways to get your ‘shrinking-job’ successful.

Now, wear your perfectly fitted bomber jacket – the snug, light, and great-looking attire to go with all kinds of outfits.

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