How to Stop Leather Shoes from Squeaking

Buying the right shoes is sometimes a challenging process. Even after conducting all the needed research, you will still realize that buying footwear involves being prepared for challenges.

A good example would be to answer the question, how to stop leather shoes from squeaking?

Well, the best way to stop leather shoes from squeaking would be to ensure the soles are well prepared for the floor. You have to investigate the structure of the sole on your shoe, and make the appropriate adjustments.

Tips for Stopping Shoes from Squeaking

How to Stop Leather Shoes from Squeaking

Now that you are finally here after picking the best comfortable shoes, let us dive right into some excellent suggestions for stopping squeaking shoes. These tips include:

1. Place it In the Dryer

Using this approach is ideal for new leather shoes that squeak. If trapped water is responsible for making shoes squeak, consider drying them in the sun. Add some fabric softener, and place it on a soft cloth or sponge.

Then, proceed place the sponge along with the squeaking shoes into a dryer. Ensure you let them sit in the dryer for over ten minutes. Anything higher is likely to compromise the structure of your shoes.

2. Sprinkle Baby Powder

Moisture sometimes finds it way into where your shoes get in contact, which can lead to unusual squeaks. So, applying some baby or talcum powder on the inner section of the sole can do some good.

It will help absorb any moisture. If your shoe is fully sealed, then consider adding the powder around the soles.

3. Find a Way to Soften Your Soles

New shoes are likely to produce noise, especially if you have not passed the break in period yet. If this is the case, you can speed up the procedure by using some sandpaper. Use it rub down the bottom section of your shoe.

4. Apply Some Petroleum Jelly

The insole in your shoe is likely to produce unusual noise when it gets in contact with the interior section of your shoe. If you want to do a quick fix, place some petroleum jelly or lotion to the insole section.

Doing so will reduce any friction between the parts of your shoe. Its one of the best ways for how to stop shoes from squeaking on floor.

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5. Get a Dryer Sheet

Have you recently setup a new insole, only to discover that its making your shoes squeak with each step? Well, go to the laundry room and get a dryer sheet to help stop the squeaky shoes sound.

Placing the sheet under the insole will help make a sound buffer along this area. The result will be shoes that won’t produce any noise.

6. Try WD-40 Oil

Are you wondering what whether WD-40 can be suitable for squeaky shoes for adults? Well, it works, and you can find it in your garage or local automotive shop.

Get a clean cloth or some cotton wool, and then soak it in some WD-40 oil. Next, proceed to apply the oil to the sides of your shoe. However, never use this wd40 to stop squeaky shoes on suede, as its likely to compromise the material quality.

7. Use Some Saddle Soap

Shoelaces are a common cause of squeaky shoes. If the shoes get in touch with the tongue, the result is that your shoe will start producing noise the entire time.

So, apply some saddle soap, or some leather conditioner around the seams of the shoe. Doing so will help reduce the noise production.

8. Work on Any Loose Heels

Evaluate your squeaking shoes to determine if there is space where the shoes have come loose. Once you find the issue, apply some shoe glue to the seam around this section.

Then, hold it together tightly until the glue dries completely. If you are worried about the results of your technique. The consider the services of a cobbler.

PRO TIP! Take look at this YouTube Video for more insight into how to stop this shoes from squeaking.


  • How Do I Stop My Shoes from Squeaking When I Walk?

The best way to stop your shoes from squeaking when you walk would be use an informed approach. Consider applying some baby or baking powder to help smoothen the seams. Plus, doing so will also help absorb any moisture, and reduce noise issues.

  • How Can You Stop Your Shoes from Squeaking?

The best way to stop your shoes from squeaking would be to walk back and forth to determine the cause of the squeaking. Next, lift the sole, and use any of the DIY methods recommended above until you get a good solution.

  • Why Do My New Shoes Squeak Every Time I Walk?

The main reason your leather shoes squeak every time you walk would be to the sole structure. It might be on the outer sole or on the inner sole. So, try and apply some of the solutions recommended above.

  • Why Do My Heels Squeak When I Walk?

Your heels squeak when you walk due to a host of different reasons. The first reason can be due to the fact that the sole is still new, the break in period is still small and the shoe needs modification.

  • What is the Best Way on How to Stop Leather Shoes from Squeaking?

The best way to stop leather shoe from squeaking would be use the proven techniques that wont compromise your shoes. You can use baking or baby powder, or even some WD40 for squeaking shoes.


If you have ever become self conscious about squeaking shoes, this guide should have solved your problem. However, the techniques mentioned above are not set in stone, and you can get creative with things. The options are endless!

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