How to Stretch Out Suede Shoes

Buying boots can be a challenging process, and many people often end up making several mistakes throughout this process. However, there are various useful solutions for solving this problem. A good example be to learn how to stretch suede shoes.

The best way on how to stretch suede shoes involves various techniques and methods. It’s a simple process, and you can complete using DIY techniques.

The good thing is that you can use the following products to complete this process conveniently:

  1. Use a stretch spray product.
  2. Get some rubbing alcohol spray.
  3. Try out the freezer technique.
  4. Try out the hairdryer method.
  5. Invest in some shoe stretchers.
  6. Use thick socks technique.

However, let us first start this guide on the stretching of suede shoes.

Do Suede Shoes Stretch?

Yes, suede shoes stretch, but you also have to be well informed about this process occurs.

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If your shoes are becoming overly tight lately, there is some good news, you can opt for the leather types which can stretch out easily.

Suede to be specific, offers one of the best natural stretching properties. So, you can increase it to up to a quarter size. However, the maximum stretch has limits, and you will have to avoid buying shoes are excessively tight.

Be careful during the stretching process, as any poorly done stretching techniques can damage the shoes. Any such issues can pose the risk of deforming the shoe, and you won’t be able to get much value from them in this state.

Before you start the stretch, evaluate the shoe’s structure. For instance, check to determine if the shoe has a thick lining. Usually, suede shoes have a synthetic lining don’t have sufficient leather layers.

Remember to also evaluate the stitching quality. The ideal shoe should make the shoe sturdy and difficult to stretch. However, if the suede is frail, the poor stitching can make it prone to damage. Ensure you never force the leather excessively, or you risk breaking the stitching.

How Can Someone Stretch Suede Shoes at Home

For starters, its never good to purchase small shoes. Still, it’s an issue that you are likely to come across, especially if you like buying footwear on a regular basis. So, if you ever come across this issue, consider these techniques for stretching out your shoes at home:

1.     Use a Stretch Spray for Suede Shoes

Stretch spray is a product made to simply the process of stretching out suede shoes at home. You just have to apply the spray on the shoe, and adhere to some a few key instructions.

Plus, this often means that you have to wear the shoes at a home for a few hours, or using a stretching tool.However, be careful read the instructions, and apply it to the shoe. Some sprays are suitable for different leather types, while some are only suitable for the inner structures of shoes.

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2. Put On Some Thick Socks

Just at the same suggests, you get to use thick socks to stretch the interior of your suede shoes. The steps involved include:

  • Put on a pair of dense socks.
  • Put your feet in the shoes. Be careful not to compromise the quality of the material.
  • Then, let your foot sit in the shoe for a few hours as you move around the home.

While this process might be uncomfortable, its an excellent technique for stretching out shoes with compromising the material.

The best type of sock to use would be wool socks, or you can also go for the heavier types. Plus, a denser sock is ideal as it forces the shoe to stretch more.

Remember the key factors that keep your shoes comfortable for daily use. The last thing you want is socks that can compromise circulation in the feet, or cause excessive discomfort.

3. Use Some Alcohol Spray

If you don’t like the hassle of using as stretch spray, consider the other alternative. Go for an alcohol spray product. For this technique to work, you will need a few resources:

  • An application spray bottle.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Some water.

PRO TIP! You can use some alcohol with some water, but be careful not to apply excessive amounts that’ll damage the cover.

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