How to Unshrink Crocs: 3 Super Savers You Have

Crocs have been one of the most worn and fashionable footwear. People have been styling it with almost everything. However, with such a huge number of people using it daily, people quickly noticed that crocs shrunk.

Yes, you heard me right; Crocs do shrink. However, the next concern is if they can be unshrunk. So how to unshrink Crocs?

Heat is a major reason that usually shrinks the size of your crocs. However, you can unshrink them by using 3 methods. You can soak the shoes in boiling water, blow with a clothes dryer covering in a towel, or heat with a hair dryer. Remember to wear socks before wearing the shoes after unshrinking.

Continue reading if you want detailed instructions about how to unshrink your crocs.

Why Do Crocs Shrink?

Why Do Crocs Shrink

Crocs have been famous for summer footwear for 5-6 years because of their ventilation system. The shoes have ventilation that helps create extra airflow into the shoe. In addition, these holes also help the debris get out.

But why does it shrink? Well, the most common cause of crocs shrinking is heat, and the primary source is the sun. The crocs being under the sun for excessive amounts of time can lead to it shrinking.

How much usually it will shrink is very hard to predict, but in most cases, the longer it is exposed to heat, the more shrunk your crocs will be. For example, being under the sun for 30 minutes may cause minimal shrinking, whereas leaving it under the sun for a couple of hours will shrink for a maximum of two sizes.  

Furthermore, it is not just the sun that may cause your crocs to shrink; leaving it in a hot car or a washing machine can also lead to shrinking. In both of those instances, the temperature rises a lot.

How To Unshrink Crocs?

How To Unshrink Crocs

Now that we know what causes crocs to shrink, let us find ways to solve it.

1. Soak In Boiling Water

The easiest way to unshrink your croc is to place your croc in a pot of boiling water and soak it for a bit. It is to loosen the material up.

Let’s unshrink your crocs step-by-step now.

  1. Soak the shoes in the boiling water for a maximum of a minute.
  2. Then take them out.
  3. Now, wear them instantly and keep them until they cool down. It makes the Crocs extend if it has shrunk and thus unshrinking it.
  4. We recommend wearing a few thick socks before putting on the croc. As it has been just taken out of boiling water, without a doubt, it will be very hot, and putting your feet directly inside it will cause severe burns.
  5. Lastly, repeat the process a few times if you don’t see any. In most cases, it took about 4 rounds of this method to unshrink their crocs.

2. Clothes Dryer

It has the same concept as the boiling water method but is a bit more convenient. In this method, too, we introduce high heat to the crocs malleable and make it stretch to its actual size.

So, let’s begin.

  1. Start this method by starting your dryer and setting the temperature to medium-low heat.
  2. Then set its timer to 10 minutes.
  3. Now put your pair of crocs in with two pieces of wet towel and start the dryer. The wet towels will provide the moisture that will help soften the croc’s material. We suggest standing beside the dryer when doing this step to ensure the heat is not too high.
  4. Once 5 minutes pass by, take the crocs out and wear them instantly. Remember to wear thick socks to ensure you don’t burn your feet.
  5. Wear them till they cool off to unshrink your crocs. If they didn’t unshrink as much as you wanted them to, repeat the process for 5 minutes left on the timer.
  6. We also suggest walking around while wearing them to unshrink them even faster.

3. Hair Dryer

It is a rather time-consuming but the safest way to unshrink your crocs. The hair dryer provides much more subtle heat, which is better and safer when unshrinking your crocs.

The process of doing it is very simple.

  1. Turn the hair dryer on and face it towards your crocs.
  2. Blow the hair dryer on each of them for several minutes to ensure you distribute equal heat everywhere.
  3. When you feel they are hot enough, wear them immediately and scroll around.
  4. Wear thick socks will ensure safety and unshrink your crocs faster.
  5. You may have to repeat this process a lot because the hair dryer’s heat is not drastic enough.

What Material Are Crocs made of?

What Material Are Crocs made of

Typically it is known and said that crocs are made of EVA foam. However, customer service says crocs croslite material isn’t made from EVA Foam. They continued saying they are restricted from disclosing its contents as it is supposedly a proprietary closed-cell resin.

Every style of crocs is made from croslite material, which is fantastic for absorbing resin material to provide maximum cushioning. This material is safe to be worn directly above the skin and can be washed using soap and water.

Furthermore, they contain no latex material and are 100% croslite material. However, some models do contain latex. So avoid those if you are sensitive to latex.

After some research, we also further found that crocs are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Vinyl acetate is the material that builds up about 10-40 percent of the copolymer, while the rest is ethylene.

The result is a polymer, an elastomeric material that is extremely flexible and soft.

Furthermore, it has thermoplastic qualities.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Do Crocs Stretch

Yes, they do stretch and shrink. But the stretch does not occur over time; instead, it can stretch when worn after being exposed to a certain heat level.

The croslite material has very high elasticity and can shrink or stretch under specific situations.

But that does not mean you should change your croc size. Despite being a really flexible material, crocs can hold their shape perfectly for a long time. Only if the conditions mentioned above are met, then only will your crocs shrink or stretch.

How To Wash Crocs?

How To Wash Crocs

Despite being durable and sturdy footwear, it is essential to clean your crocs regularly to maintain hygiene. If not done every once in a while, the material can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Here are some step-by-step ways to wash your favorite pair of crocs.

Hand Washing

  1. First, start by taking a bowl and filling it up with cold water. Then put a few drops of any detergent available at your home and mix it well.
  2. For the second step, get a piece of dishcloth or toothbrush and soak it in the mixture.
  3. Now, continue damping your crocs under cold water and rubbing them using the dishcloth or toothbrush. Make sure they have enough soap water mixture on them to ensure most germs are killed.
  4. Repeat the process until your crocs are nice and clean;
  5. When done, rinse it with cold water and let it dry at room temperature.

Washing Machine

  1. If you plan on using your washing machine, start setting your washer to the gentlest setting available. It is crucial because a bit of harshness can cause bending.
  2. Now fill the washing machine with laundry detergent and put in your pair of crocs.
  3. Let the crocs soak in for at least 5 minutes to loosen up the specks of dirt, then start the cycle.
  4. Once it is done washing, let it air dry, and you have a clean pair of crocs.

How To Remove Bad Smell From Crocs

It is a common issue with crocs as the material used in making crocs can promote bacterial growth. And wearing a pair of crocs frequently will produce an odor due to the bacteria growing from your sweat.

However, there is a simple method that will help you completely remove this stinky odor from your favorite pair of crocs.

To carry on with this method, you will need-

To remove bad odor from your crocs, follow the steps below.

  1. First, lay down a zip-top bag on the floor.
  2. Then, fill the bag with baking soda to create a base for your crocs.
  3. Now place your crocs inside the ziptop bag and let it sit for 24 hours. The baking soda will absorb and pull all the smell from your crocs.
  4. After 24 hours, take the crocs and shake off any excess baking soda.
  5. Let it rest for a few hours before using it.

Remember to properly dispose of the baking soda and ziptop bag as they may contain harmful bacteria.


  • Are crocs known to mold to your feet?

It is most likely to happen if your crocs are slightly tight or a bit smaller in size. They will eventually stretch and mold to the shape of your feet. It is because the material used in making crocs ‘croslite’ is very flexible and elastic.

  • Is it okay to get crocs wet?

Yes, it is. Despite crocs not being designed as water shoes, the material used can get wet or be submerged under water without having any harmful side effects. However, if your crocs have fur liner, remove them before soaking them in water.

  • Can crocs make your feet wider?

Well, scientifically, there is no explanation why this should be the case. However, it may be possible similarly with any other shoe if the size is improper or due to medical conditions.

  • Do crocs run true to their size?

Yes, most crocs, including the classics(clogs), run true to their size. Despite being your size, most crocs tend to have extra wide space to provide maximum comfort.


  • How to unshrink crocs?

You first need to remember what causes crocs to shrink to unshrink them. Leaving it too long in the sun or a very high heat place will shrink your crocs.

However, if you wear it in a high-temperature place, nothing will happen because it will mold to your size. The easiest way to unshrink a pair of crocs is to boil it in water for 30 seconds and wear it with thick soaks until it cools off.

Remember to take every required precaution before trying any methods. In addition, we suggest storing your crocs in a dry, cool area.

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