Is Cole Haan a Good Brand? 7 Reasons Why Cole Haan Is a Great Deal

Material, craftsmanship, and luxury: Cole Haan is a top brand.

However, the controversies about Cole Haan seem like a universal thing. Yes, the brand products are indeed a bit pricey. But, as a luxury brand, Cole Haan only sells exclusive items, which are supposed to be expensive. So, considering the money, is Cole Haan a good brand?

Cole Haan is a quality brand. If you think of comfort, durability, versatility, and a trendy look, It is a complete package. Even when it comes to material quality, a few brands can compete with Cole Haan. Also, this brand often offers heavy discounts on its products, which is a winning deal. 

Are you still not satisfied? Then, go through the following article, and I am sure you will become a fan of Cole Haan yourself.

Is Cole Haan A Good Brand?

Is Cole Haan A Good Brand

Despite all those hatreds, complaints, and controversies, Cole Haan is actually a quality brand. Although, I must admit that the shoes are kind of overpriced. But if you talk about leather, design, or comfort, Cole Haan shoes are definitely worth trying.

Of course, I am not biased toward Cole Haan, but I have reasons to label it as a good brand.

1. Look At The Material Quality

Cole Haan has been very innovative with the material selection of each of its products. Take leather goods as an example. Cole Haan uses full-grain cow leather, which is by far the best quality leather globally.

Full-grain leather goes through the tanning process right after hair removal. As a result, the hide can carry the original characteristics of the leather and holds the shine for the longest period.

Some Cole Haan sneakers are made from dandelion. Yes, you have read it right. The brand has found a way to convert dandelion into rubber, which can be used as a midsole. Isn’t it great?

Well, the quality supremacy of Cole Haan does not stop here. The company issues high-tech plastic for manufacturing shoe bottoms to offer the customers a seamless walking experience.

2. Elevated Craftsmanship

You can not complain about Cole Haan’s craftsmanship either. Besides providing top-notch material, the brand has ensured quality designs.

Any doubt? Randomly pick any Cole Haan product. I guarantee it reflects the trend. Not only that. Any Cole Haan good is sophisticated and always relevant.

The eye-catching design and sterling material are of no use if the products are not comfortable. Well, Cole Haan never compromises with consumers’ satisfaction. Hence, the designers and workmen confirm that each brand’s good makes the customers feel homely.

I mean, seriously. Wear a Cole Haan pair, and you are already bouncing on your feet. Carry a Cole Haan bag, and I bet you will only complain about how handy it is!

Cole Haan is very much confident and proud of their craftsmanship. It justifies the warranty program for any defective product sold in the brand stores.

3. All Time Company 

Cole Haan makes sure you never go out of fashion. The brand has a wide range of collections, and each one is suitable for regular use. Cole Haan never compromises with the look and comfort of the customers.

For summer, the brand has launched flats, slip-on loafers, and light sneakers so that you do not get sweaty feet. Again, for the winter, the boots and oxfords will shield the winter and keep you warm. 

4. No one Leaves Empty-Handed

As I have mentioned, customer satisfaction is the top priority for Cole Haan. Considering the wide range of customers, the brand has launched several products according to demand.

Though Cole Haan started its journey as a footwear company, now it is labeled more as a lifestyle brand. In Cole Haan stores, you will find shoes, bags, accessories, and outwear of any gender.

Again, Cole Haan shops do not sell average, mediocre products. The designers and artisans of this brand have reviewed the taste, style, and comfort zone of all age groups. They try in-house and out-house trials of each product and finally introduce it to the shops.

Speaking of variety, the brand sells products ranging from classy to sporty. Also, you know how challenging it is to find the right shoe size in most stores, but not at Cole Haan. The brand offers flats, flip-flops, boots, sneakers, and even outwear. Hence why people with any fashion sense find Cole Haan designs more expressive.

5. Never Go Out Of Fashion

Cole Haan reflects the perfect fusion of style and substance. The brand stores showcase goods with a classic retro vibe, and at the same, you will find merchandise with a modern flair. It means that Cole Haan is always prepared to offer the customers pieces of any fashion without compromising the quality or style.

It has gained success in satisfying the aesthetic appeal of the customers without compromising comfort or flexibility. So there is no wonder why the brand has become activewear. You can try out a Cole Haan piece on any occasion possible. From the lather bag to an outwear, they always look on point and in fashion.

6. Comfortable And Durable

Cole Haan never compromises customer comfort. Wear a Cole Haan outfit, carry a Cole accessory, or wear a Cole Haan shoe. They perfectly fit your comfort.

You will find every piece of Cole Haan extraordinarily flexible and functional. People now wear Cole Haan staples because of the warmth and homely feel.

Not only that, the brand is durable. Even after everyday use, you will find the pieces in the right shape. Credit goes to the top-class materials the brand uses to manufacture the goods.

7. Series of Innovation

Cole Haan has recently launched dandelion sneakers, which is a wonder. The brand uses dandelion rubber to manufacture the midsoles, which has undoubtedly influenced the sustainability of the pairs. Not only that, the shoes have become more comfortable and bouncy than before.

Cole Haan never stops innovating new things. The band plays around with different materials to find the perfect match for their products.

Is Cole Haan a Luxury Brand?

Is Cole Haan a Luxury Brand

Anything elite is a luxury. And of course, if you want something looking fancy, you have to pay for it. The definition fits perfectly with Cole Haan. This brand is famous for its quality and the exclusivity of products.

Let’s talk about the quality first.

It is manufactured using high grain cow leather if you look at its leather products. Again, the brand has developed a dandelion rubber for the sole purpose of uplifting the product quality.

Again, a large team of expert designers works together to pull out one single Cole Haan piece. Then, after finalizing the design, the artisans spend enough hours to ensure comfort and flexibility in those pieces. So there is no question about the exclusivity of Cole Haan products.

And finally, if you talk about price tags, it is better to avoid the topic. Cole Haan is pricey, and we all know it.

So, yes. Over time Cole Haan has emerged as a rising brand and stepped into the luxury brand game.

What Is Cole Haan Famous For?

What Is Cole Haan Famous For

Cole Haan started its business as a footwear company and made a mark during the early years with its comfort and quality. Soon, people started switching to this footwear brand for daily purchases.

Though Cole Haan sells lifestyle accessories now, shoes are its forte, and people eventually know this as a shoe brand. Particularly, the formal leather shoe of Cole Haan is a total steal.

The brand uses full-grained leather, which is of the best quality available. Moreover, it is sustainable and keeps shining for years.

But do not think other Cole Haan products are flops. Different shoe categories, like sneakers or flats, are equally popular. People now prioritize Cole Haan over many other brands while choosing their athletic look or office wear. 

The brand has shown its innovation and stylish comprehension of bags, accessories, and outfits. You will even catch celebs flexing flawlessly in their Cole Haan outfits.

Let’s check out 5 famous shoes of Cole Haan that you will not regret buying.

Famous 5 Cole HaanGreat For
Grand Crosscourt Ii Sneaker100% Leather, Grand 360 Design, Engineering comfort technology, Sleek, and Simple.
2. Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford100% Leather, Fully rubber outsole, Grand OS technology, Laser cut wingtip.
Women’s Cloudfeel Stitchlite Espadrille LoaferFabric, Ankle-strap, Fully lined footbed, Cloudfeel technology, comfortable and breathable.
2.Zerogrand Chukka BootTwo eye chukka pattern, EVA outsole, Breathable
Womes’s Eilise Driver ShoesClassic, comfortable, breathable, flexible

Is Cole Haan Owned by Nike

After the massive success of Cole Haan, Nike Inc. acquired this company in 1988. The brand has done business under Nike for almost two decades. On May 31, 2012, Nike announced to divest Cole Haan from them.

The CEO of Nike assured the world that this step was solely for the improvement of Nike. The company wanted to channel all its focus on Nike only to unleash its highest potential. On November 16, 2012, a private firm Apax Partners Worldwide LLP, bought Cole Haan for $570 million.

Is Cole Haan A US Brand?

Cole Haan is a US brand founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. The brand started its name as a footwear company and has emerged as lifestyle footwear and accessory brand. The company now sells footwear, dress, belt, handbags, gloves, hosiery, scarves, outwears, sunglasses, and hats.

This brand’s limited-edition collections with top-notch quality and timeless fashion sense have made people go crazy for these products. As a result, the brand decided to ship internationally and has developed global brand patterns for seamless end delivery.

The company has expanded its head offices. Now they are available in both NY and Greenland. The brand is worth appreciation if you think of Cole Haan’s journey.

Final Thoughts

Is Cole Haan a good brand? It certainly is. From material quality to comfort, Cole Haan products are 10/10. Yes, you might have to pay a fortune for the goods, but buying at discounts can save you money.

I have given all my reasons why Cole Haan is a good choice. Now you tell me why it isn’t.

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