Meermin vs Allen Edmonds- What Makes Them Different?

A good shoe defines your personality. However, choosing the right one is a challenge for all. For example – Meermin vs Allen Edmonds – who describes you better?

When you like the quality collections of Meermin and Allen Edmonds, it’s pretty normal to get confused about which one to choose. But hey, there are bigger things to worry about. Let’s not waste your energy on something we’re handling for you.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Meermin vs Allen Edmonds; their differences, similarities, unique features, what pros and cons they offer, and whatnot.

We assure you that you won’t leave this page confused about the topic. So, stick around!

Have a Rapid Look on Meermin vs Allen Edmonds

Meermin and Allen Edmonds have several noticeable differences. Here are some of them:

Key DifferencesMeerminAllen Edmond
Brand RegionSpanish brand American brand
PriceAffordable priceExpensive 
ShopsThey deliver products directly to the customers.They have stores in different countries
Materialsfrench calfskin German calfskin 
Solesblack Danite soleleather sole
CalfskinA bit rigidSofter
SizingOffers only in E widths, and UK sizesFrom 4A to EEE, a broad range of widths are available.
UsabilityLess comfortableComfortable

Major Differences Between Meermin and Allen Edmonds

meermin vs allen edmonds

You have a quick idea of both brands. But to choose the best you must know in detail. 

So, let’s jump into the more expressive comparison between Meermin and Allen Edmonds.

1. Pricing

Both Allen Edmonds and Meermin Shoes are top-notch. Meermin is much more reasonable, whereas Allen Edmonds is more pricey. It costs between $400 to $500 for an Allen Edmonds shoe, while a pair of Meermins costs roughly $200. 

Though Allen Edmonds is expensive, it is worth buying to meet with the quality.

2. Sizing

Meermin shoes are UK-sized, while Allen Edmonds are US-sized.

Meermin and Allen Edmonds size is the last dependent. The last determines a shoe’s comfort and fit. It refers to the shape a leather wrap around your foot makes. Some lasts are curved, making for more comfortable shoes.

Allen Edmonds has a wide variety of lasts, whereas Meermin shoes have a limited selection. Meermin shoes are not recommended for people with wide feet. Only 11 distinct lasts are available for Meermin shoes. All of their models come in medium width (E).

Allen Edmonds has a variety of lasts to choose from. It offers a wide variety of widths, from 4A to EEE. for wider and roomiest lasts, you can try Allen Edmonds 678 or 234 models.

Because of the width and last diversity, Allen Edmonds shoes are unbeatable.

3. Comfort

Allen Edmonds is quite cozy. Their German calf leather is softer than Meermin shoes.

Consequently, Allen Edmonds does not require blow and will simply fit your feet and bring you super comfort.  Allen Edmonds shoes are made of calfskin, which is flexible and does not need to be broken in before use.

The calf leather in Meermin shoes is stiffer, and therefore they need a little time to break-in. Meermin shoes are likely to hurt at first, but eventually, they will form nicely to your feet.

4. Dress Shoes Styles

Dress shoes from Meermin have a more streamlined appearance, making them more fashionable.

On the other hand, Allen Edmonds are conventional, attractive, and well-crafted dress shoes created in the United States that have become increasingly classic. You can check out Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip Oxford for a statement look.

When compared to European-styled shoes like Meermins, their look is quite distinct. Rather than being slick, they have a boxy, clunky appearance, especially at the arch.

A Reddit forum had several people who owned Meermin and Allen Edmonds dress shoes, so I looked for them. The study showed that dress shoes from both companies elicit the same reactions.

5. Structural Shape

The last is the shoe’s structural shape.

Human feet are three-dimensional structures. Shoe sizing is more than just width and length. For a comfortable fit, you must give proper thought. This aspect gives great consideration when creating dress shoes.

Allen Edmonds dress shoes have the upper hand over Meermin dress shoes.

Pros and Cons of Meermin

Let’s look at the positives and negatives of Meermin.


  • In addition to shoes, they provide an extensive range of accessories, such as handbags and belts.
  • Customers from around the world can order from them because they ship globally.
  • “Made to Order” strategy to guarantee customer pleasure in every way
  • Trunk shows are a way for them to deal directly with their staff and their merchandise.
  • They use a variety of social media platforms to keep their customers up to date on new products.


  • Customers aren’t aware that many of the items they see on their website are currently out of stock until they choose one.
  • Men’s shoes may be included under the women’s category if the consumer chooses that option.
  • There aren’t any special offers or discounts.
  • Their website’s homepage is cluttered and unappealing in layout and design.
  • There isn’t a FAQ page to help clients with inquiries, or issues save some time.

Pros and Cons of Allen Edmonds

Now, you know about Meermin, here are the pros and cons of Allen Edmonds.


  • A Goodyear welt is used on nearly all of their shoes, allowing them to last long.
  • The combination of high-quality materials and a precise sizing system ensures that almost any man may discover a shoe that fits his foot.
  • Allen Edmonds shoes are made of calfskin, which is flexible and does not need to be broken in before use.
  • These shoes have a classic style that tends not to get too fashiony. Consequently, they can be worn by most men in almost any situation.
  • Because of their durability, comfort, and capacity to be remade, the shoes are worth every penny.


  • Allen Edmonds may not be the best choice for a man who enjoys his shoes with a tapered last or simply a little more flair.
  • Allen Edmonds’ shoes aren’t the most affordable, but they’re also not the most costly. If a guy can’t afford them, the amazing value bundled into the price isn’t beneficial.

Meermin vs Allen Edmonds- Which Is Better?

Meermin vs Allen Edmonds- Which Is Better

Honestly, choosing the best one mostly depends on your needs and budget.

Compared to the junk on the market, the AEs offer excellent value at the sale price and full price.

On the other hand, Meermin is probably better built and has a higher level of detail than AE. The value proposition is clear for just $200 (or less) for a quality shoe. 

If you want our recommendation, we will go for Allen Edmonds. Though it has an expensive price value, it ensures quality and comfort.

Additionally, it allows consumers to buy from their stores, enabling them to pick the ideal one.

In case you’re planning to get a pair of Allen Edmonds collections for you, these 5 best Allen Edmonds shoes will be our recommendation:

Best Allen EdmondsTop-notch features
Allen Edmonds Unisex-Adult Strandmok OxfordFor all-weather performance with eye-catching color
Allen-Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford ShoeFor an extensive range of sizes and widths
Allen Edmonds Men’s Porter Derby SneakerFor impeccable shock absorption, best for wider feet
Allen Edmonds Men’s Courtside OxfordFor enhanced support, flexibility, and comfort
Allen Edmonds Men’s Nomad Penny LoaferFor stylish fit and lightweight sole


  • Where are Meermin shoes made?

The Meermin root factory is located in Mallorca, and the product is shipped directly to the consumer. We also have a production facility in China. Materials are sent from Europe and Japan, and shoes are also made there.

  • Does Meermin have sales?

Yes. But unlike other firms, Meermin does not offer sales or promotions; instead, they focus on providing the best possible prices for their consumers all year round. For this reason, it seems they don’t have sales.

  • How long will Allen Edmonds last?

Allen Edmonds lasts more than a decade. They will, in fact, last for about 12 years. And, if you take care of it regularly, it will last even longer.

Bottom Line

Are you still in dilemma which shoes to buy – Meermin or Allen Edmonds?

With the effort we put in to give you comprehensive guidance, you may now know every necessary information about Meermin vs Allen Edmonds.

No matter which one you go for, you have reasons. And, we believe that you made the right choice with our little help!

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