New Balance 992 vs. 993 – Which One Should You Pick?

When you look for shoes providing maximum comfort and stylish yet supportive design, New Balance shoes are always at a head start. However, every new launch of their shoes puts you in a great puzzle. For example, New Balance 992 vs. 993 – which one should you pick?

New Balance 992 and 993 are famous and fine shoes on their own with high-grade quality, comfortable insole technology, etc. However, while the 992 may provide more comfort to your feet, New Balance 993 delivers a greater range of styles and looks.

With that in mind, let us give you a run-through of the similarities and differences between New Balance 992 and 993.

New Balance 992 Vs. 993- Which One To Choose?

New Balance 992 vs. 993

New Balance is a brand that stands for quality, design, style, comfort, and durability. Therefore, whatever shoes you will pick, you are sure to get a good shoe in your collection. However, if you are puzzling between 992 and 993, it’s totally up to you.

Both the 992 and 993 are fantastic shoes. However, some features make each unique on its own.

For example, New Balance 993 has more sophisticated technology in place in terms of comfort and cushioning. But if you have high arches, the 992 would be more appropriate for you.

As well as that, if you’re more of a fashion enthusiast, you would find the New Balance 992 more diverse and attractive in style and design.

New Balance 992 vs. 993: A Quick Comparison

What is the difference between 992 and 993? That is the most crucial question while comparing 992 and 993. Let’s take a quick peek at the two.

The ground of ComparisonNew Balance 992New Balance 993
ConstructionPigskin and mesh suede upperENCAP and ABZORB midsoleRubber outsole.Leather suede and mesh upperABZORB midsoleFull-length Ndurance rubber outsole.
ComfortComfortable.Very comfortable due to more sophisticated ABZORB foam and heel cushioning.
CushioningHas ABZORB SBS technology. Has ABZORB SBS and DTS technology.
SupportProvides greater heel and arch support.Doesn’t have full-length cushioning, which is unsuitable for people with higher arches.
DurabilityDurable.More durable due to sturdier and advanced construction.
FlexibilityIs flexible.More flexible thanks to DTS cushion technology.
StyleHas a greater range of color choices and is fashionable.Has various color choices but isn’t as widely received as fashionable as 992s
FitTrue to size.True to size.

New Balance 992 Vs. 993: Detailed Comparison

New Balance 992 Vs. 993 Detailed Comparison

As mentioned above, New Balance 992 and 993 are good for you. However, a thorough observation is always helpful to determine which one suits you better. So, let’s dig deeper.

1. Construction

To comprehend the construction of both shoes, you need to visit the upper, midsole, and outsole of these shoes.

  • Upper

The New Balance 992 upper is made of pigskin suede leather and mesh. On the other hand, the New Balance 993 has a leather suede upper with mesh.

Both of these shoes’ uppers are pretty strong and sturdy. No doubt – New Balance tries to make these shoes as durable as possible. Besides, the mesh design allows for smooth ventilation and air passage.

But, it is said that the 992 have more ventilation compared to the 993.

  • Midsole

The 992 has a thick midsole, allowing for greater stability and weightlessness for the wearer. Its ENCAP and ABZORB dual-midsoles are said to maximize comfort.

The 993 also has a similar midsole structure. Like the 992, it also has an ABZORB midsole that helps take in impact shock.

  • Outsole

Both 992 and 993 employ similar cushioning technology as they belong to the same series, 99X.

The 992 features a rubber outsole that helps with gripping and enhances durability. At the same time, the heel is cushioned with SBS ABZORB, a technology that New Balance has placed to make the shoes more comfortable.

On the other hand, the 993 outsoles are also full-length rubber.

However, the difference lies in the heel area. In the 993, the heel is protected by Ndurance rubber, another technology employed by New Balance to strengthen the shoes’ durability.

2. Comfort

New Balance has always emphasized enhancing the comfort of their shoes. However, are 992s comfortable? What about 993?

The construction of both New Balance 992 and 993 places ample comforting technology. 

Both share ABZORB midsoles that help with shock absorption and cushioning. The uppers have a mesh structure that allows for adequate ventilation, so you don’t have sweaty feet.

But what the 993 lacks is forefoot cushioning. This lack of arch support makes it unsuitable for those with high arches.

In contrast, 992 has cushioning throughout the length of the shoe. Those suffering from overpronation can safely wear these.

3. Durability

Both 992 and 993 are made of leather and fabric. Such a composition helps make the shoes stiffer and hence more durable. 

But in terms of durability, 993 takes the lead. The 993 has more updated and advanced support. As such, the shoes tend to be bulkier and stronger compared to the 992.

4. Flexibility

While both shoes are relatively flexible and easy to break into, the New Balance 993 is more malleable. Thanks to the combination of ABZORB SBS and DTS technology, the 993s are more capable of providing comfort and flexibility.

5. Cushioning

Both the New Balance 992 and 993 contain ABZORB cushioning technology. As well as that, the shoes have padded tongue and heel areas. As such, the ankles and heels are padded and well-cushioned. 

The difference is that in 992, it is combined with SBS, while in 993, it is combined with DTS.

The SBS and DTS technology of 993 helps with the shoe’s flexibility. Aside from that, the heel area is more padded in the 993 version. 

But the 993 also doesn’t have adequate cushioning in the forefoot region.

Nonetheless, the ABZORB DTS is a more advanced cushioning technology than the 992s’ ABZORB SBS. As such, there is more cushioning in the 993.

6. Style

The New Balance 993 has a more attractive look than the 992. It has to do with the materials used. Despite the pig suede being soft, the leather suede of 993 looks better than 992’s pigskin upper. 

Both the 992 and 993 provide a wide range of color choices. For example, the New Balance 992 Snow Beach has a Yellow-Red-Black combination. The 992 series also features a New Balance Colorblock consisting of Gray, Blue, and Yellow. 

The 993 also doesn’t back down in the styling game. The New Balance Vintage Indigo, for example, has an Indigo-Grey design. But, in terms of fashion, the 992 is usually given more preference than the 993. 

The streamlined structure of 992s is more stylish, and the wide palette of color choices 992 provides gives them a greater preference for styling and fashion wear.

Fitting Guide 992 Vs. 993

Generally, both New Balance 992 and 993 are said to be true to size. With that being said, some may find a problem finding the appropriate shoe width for their foot. 

Luckily, New Balance 993 has 3 different options for width: Narrow, Normal, and Wide. So, their needs are accommodated for those who have unnaturally wide feet. Unfortunately, 992s are available only in regular width.


  • Which New Balance did Steve Jobs wear?

Steve Jobs wore the New Balance 992. This model was his favorite. There are even rumors that Steve Jobs helped develop the design of the 992s.

  • Does 992 have better breathability than 993?

The 992 has a more breathable structure than the 993. The mesh upper allows for quicker break-in and improved ventilation than the 993. As a result, the New Balance 992 is more breathable than the 993.

  • Is Balance 992 discontinued?

The New Balance 992 was discontinued in 2010 after its release in 2006. According to New Balance, the 992 didn’t yield satisfactory performance in the market, for which it was retracted. 

However, in 2020, the 992s were reintroduced to the market. It shows how popular the 992 was and is still so well-received.


The New Balance 992 vs. 993: which one is better? Well, to be precise, there is no one definitive answer. People’s tastes and choices differ. 

Besides, 992 and 993 are great shoes with their unique features. For example, while the 993 is better in comfort, the 992 is more stylish and fashionable. In addition, Both these shoes employ similar technologies to make the experience better for the wearer.

So, before you decide your heart, consider what you need first and then jump the gun – 992 or 993.

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