How to Prevent Farting Noise in Shoes? – Detail Explained!

It’s your first day in the office. You walk confidently in your exclusive office attire with poise and style. Suddenly there comes the farting noise from your shoe – the FRAAP-BRAAP day!

Farting noise in shoes is nothing uncommon, and indeed it’s embarrassing, annoying, and unappealing. Not only does it invite negative attention from people around you, but it also becomes the reason for your distraction.

However, what can you do – how to prevent farting noise in shoes?

First of all, you need to find the source – the sole, insole, footbed, or is it coming from the other parts of the shoes. Most of the time, it happens from the insole. Repairing or re-soling usually solves the issue.

However, if you don’t want to repair your shoes, you can use baby powder or talcum powder below your shoe’s insole. It might work for you.

It’s just one idea; there are many more. If you want to know more, keep reading and explore various methods of removing the farting noise in shoes.

Why Do Shoes Make Farting Noises?

Why Do Shoes Make Farting Noises

Removing farting noise from your shoes requires little research and knowledge about why your shoe makes the embarrassing noise.

Air or trapped moisture between the sole and insole may cause farting noises in shoes. If the sole of your shoe is made from rubber, then this rubber sole can also make noises like a fart when it rubs against the floor or slippery surface. 

Your sweaty feet usually lead to farting noises in your shoes most of the time. When you walk or run with your sweaty feet, the moisture of your feet makes an air trap in the sole of your shoes. And that air makes noises like farting.

How to Prevent Farting Noise in Shoes – Explained!

As you know what causes farting noises in shoes, let’s discuss how to prevent these farting noises in shoes thoroughly. 

1. Noise From The Outer-Sole Unit

prevent farting noise in shoes

If the farting noises are coming from the sole of your shoes, most probably the reason is its sole material or the surface you are walking on.

As we have said earlier, the rubber sole makes annoying sounds whenever it comes in contact with some slippery surface or plain floor. Rubber soles have a better grip, and they stick with the surface. So, the sound is quite normal because the soles of the shoes are just doing their job. 

Do you know Nike Air Max and Jordans also make farting noises due to this reason?

The manufacturer of this brand uses extra cushioning and injects some air into it so that it can provide you with additional comfort and a bouncy experience while walking or running. But for this reason, trapped air makes farting noises in shoes.

Preventing Farting Noise From The Outer Sole

To prevent noises from the outer sole, you can apply some methods that include-

  • Using sandpaper to unsharp the soles.
  • Pointing out the exact location and pushing a syringe to bubble out the trapped air.
  • Repairing them.

2. Noise From The Inner-Sole Unit

Noise From The Inner-Sole Unit

What if the ‘Fraap-Braap’ sound is not coming from the outer sole? Then, maybe the source is the inner sole or the footbed of your shoes.

Usually, orthotic insoles make annoying sounds like farting. When you walk or run, your shoe’s insoles rub against the shoe’s bed, which is why the sounds.

Preventing Farting Noise From The Inner Sole

How to prevent farting noise in shoes – from the inner sole or footbed? You can do the following-

  • Wearing socks if your shoes are made from leather.
  • Sprinkle baby powder under the insole. It will reduce friction.
  • You can use body lotion and silicone spray under the insole.

3. Noise From The Shoe’s Tongue

Noise From The Shoe’s Tongue

The noises from the shoe’s tongue usually come from leather shoes like dress shoes and sneakers. Squeaky sounds surface when the shoe’s tongue rubs against the inside and up towards the tip.

Many Adidas Sambas users reviewed that the short tongue models produce more annoying sounds than the long tongue model. So, make sure that the sound is not coming from the sole and then apply the technique.

Preventing Farting Noise From The Shoe’s Tongue

Apply the following ways to prevent noises from the shoe’s tongue-

  • Use vaseline, usually petroleum jelly, or even a lotion. However, remember, they are not a permanent solution.
  • Use sandpaper to make it permanent. Locate the spot and sand it inside and outside until it smoothens. It works!

4. Squeaking Sound Due To High Foot Arch

Sandal and Birkenstocks usually produce squeaking noises due to high foot arch. You can hear a poof sound whenever you walk or run.

Preventing Squeaking Sound Due To High Foot Arch

To prevent this sound, you can apply the following-

  • You can use an Industrial Strength Velcro strap. It will help the air to be discharged.
  • You can place a sheet of baby wipes between your foot and Birkenstocks.

5. Squeaking Noise Due to Trapped Moisture

In summer, your feet become sweaty, and that’s why moisture gets trapped in different places on your shoes. It may occur when you don’t let the shoes dry out and put them into a closet. It can also happen if you wear them on a rainy day. Using talcum powder can not do that much in this case.

Preventing Squeaking Noise Due to Trapped Moisture

You can take some measures to avoid squeaking noise due to trapped moisture, including-

  • You can keep your shoes in the bathroom and running a heater against them. In a word, create hot air, close the door and evaporate the moisture.
  • You can keep your shoes in a dryer for a short time. Before that, ask the manufacturer whether it is ok to put them into the dryer or not.

How To Prevent Farting Noise In New Shoes?

How To Prevent Farting Noise In New Shoes

When the leather dried out, and scuffs appeared, new leather shoes, dress shoes, or old leather shoes may create farting noises.

Usually, leather is stiff, and shoes made from leather are also stiffer. They take some time to conform to your feet, and in that period, you may experience farting noises in your shoes.

To prevent farting noises in new shoes, apply the following- 

  • You need to soften the leather upper.
  • You can use leather oil to soften it.
  • Apply wax-based conditioner under the shoe’s laces and over the toe area. Applying leather conditioner also keeps your shoe’s leather healthier. 
  • You can use a shoe stretcher.

Some Tips to Keep Your Shoes Soundless

There are some things you can do to keep your shoes free from any annoying noises. For your ease, we gathered some tips:

  • The first and foremost thing you should do is buy shoes with the perfect fit and width.
  •  Don’t lock your shoes in a closet after every use. Let them dry out the moisture of your sweaty feet.
  • Wear socks, especially when you are using leather shoes. 
  • Change your footbed often for a better experience.
  • Repair your shoes when they are old.
  • Always try to keep less friction between your feet and your  
  • Instead of cotton socks, you can wear synthetic material socks. 

Which Shoes Are Best for You?

Shoes that are true to their size chart, fit you properly, and are comfortable enough are the best. And, the better they fit you, the higher the chance to prevent farting noise. 

Here are some quality shoes you can check.

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  • How to stop farting Sound Due to Metal Shank in Shoes?

Many dresses use metal shanks in shoes. And after some time of usage, the metal shank starts losing its strength. And that’s making farting noises.

The only solution for this case is to take the shoes to the manufacturer or the cobbler. I mean, you need to repair your shoes. No other method will work in this case.

  • How to stop farting noises in shoes due to loose fit and heel slippage?

To prevent these annoying sounds due to loose fit and heel slippage, you need to buy shoes of the perfect fit and tighten the laces perfectly. And be sure that in the shoes, your rearfoot is not loose.

  • Do waterproofing solutions work in preventing noises in shoes?

Yes, a waterproofing solution prevents farting noises in shoes in many cases. It does not let your shoes get trapped with moisture, which sometimes helps.

Final Words

Farting noise in shoes while walking is definitely annoying and embarrassing for anyone. However, how to prevent farting noise in shoes?

To avoid unwanted noise, you first need to know from where the noise is coming. Depending on the source, take the measures given above. However, if they don’t work and you still suffering from those shunned sounds, replacing your shoe is a suitable solution.

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