Are There Any Shoe Goo Alternative? 6 Super You Have

How would you feel if you found out that your favorite shoe is in pieces? That would make anyone’s day tragic, for sure. Thanks to Shoe Goo for making your day better in these situations. But what if Shoo Goo isn’t available? Is there any Shoe Goo alternative?

Yes, there are some Shoe Goo alternatives in the market. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue, Gorilla Glue Barge all-purpose waterproof glue, Tuff Toe shoe protector, and some more options in the market with useful glue-removing features. They work perfectly on your shoes and fix them with a long-lasting effect.

We’ve compiled the six most useful alternatives to Shoe Goo in the article. Also, there’s a guide to buying a suitable shoe goo substitute, so you leave the page with zero confusion.

Sounds promising? Let’s dive right in!

Shoe Goo Alternatives: Key Features

Shoe Goo Alternatives Key Features

No matter how disheartening it is, shoes are perishable. Today or tomorrow, they will face wear and tear causing repairs, and in such cases, Shoe Goo is a quick savior.

However, if you don’t have shoe goo nearby, you can go for a substitute, working as well as shoe goo. But when so many alternatives are available, how to pick the right one?

Well, don’t worry; researching the market, I have gathered 6 suitable substitutes to cover you in every nook. 

But before we explore them in detail, let’s look at the key features of the Shoe Goo alternatives at a glance. 

6 Shoe Goo AlternativesKey Feature
Boot-Fix Shoe GlueInstantaneous Bonding.
Gorilla GlueWithstands moisture.
Gorilla Clear GlueSuitable for leather shoe.
Barge all-purpose waterproof glueQuick and effective fixing ability.
Fiebings leathercraft cement adhesiveAbility to form strong bonds over time.
Tuff Toe shoe protectorWorks best on work boots.

6 Superb Shoe Goo Alternatives

You’ll find hundreds of shoe-repairing glue in the market. But there is only a handful of them that can be as good as Shoe Goo. Shoe Goo has set a standard in the market with its excellent adhesive power and cheap price range. 

Let’s look at some of the glues worthy of being called Shoe Goo alternatives.  

1. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

shoe goo alternative

This glue is one of the few products in the shoe repair market created by experts who have been fixing shoes for generations. It provides excellent repairing results on your boots.

The bond will start to work on the outsoles or any impacted component of your boot even before you clamp your shoes together.

If you need an immediate impact on your shoes, the Boot-Fix Shoe Glue won’t disappoint you. Shoe glue quick repair takes effect as soon as it contacts the materials of your shoe. The adhesive is strong and lasts very long without falling apart. It is another important feature of Shoe glue’s instant repair.

If it comes to how effectively and long it keeps shoes together, you may trust the durability of Shoe glue and instant repair. It is affordable and has functions similar to Shoe Goo.

2. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla glue can effectively repair your shoe if it is vulnerable to water damage. You’ll get many additional benefits as well. One example is the defense it offers against moisture in your shoe. 

Many pairs of shoes sustain damage from excessive water on the outsoles and material. Therefore, you should use Gorilla glue to stop your shoe from splitting due to wetness. 

You may also use the Gorilla adhesive to make rapid repairs on several different materials. Moreover, it has a good smell that is not repulsive. Therefore, Gorilla glue is suitable for people sensitive to chemical smells.

In addition, if you work in a humid climate, you should have Gorilla Glue in your kit box. Your shoes are prone to face moisture damage more in humid areas, and Gorilla Glue is a master in preventing this damage.

Furthermore, Gorilla glue dries out and binds pretty quickly compared to other alternatives.

3. Gorilla Clear Glue

 Gorilla Clear Glue

This glue is slightly different than Gorilla glue. It doesn’t leave a permanent stain because it has a neutral color. Therefore, the Gorilla Clear Glue is suitable for several shoe materials.

However, leather materials generally work well with Gorilla clear glue. Since the chemical ingredients are strong and might harm your rubber shoes, avoid using them on rubber or plastic materials.

An issue with some adhesives is they leave an unpleasant white scuff mark where you apply them. However, with Gorilla Clear Glue, you won’t notice any marks on your shoes once it dries.

In addition, this substitute for Shoe Goo is among the strongest glue that has bonded to your shoes for a very long time.

4. Barge All-Purpose Waterproof Glue

Barge All-Purpose Waterproof Glue

Here’s another great substitute for Shoe Goo- the Barge All-Purpose Waterproof Glue. It’s an instant glue you may use on your shoe to fix quickly and effectively. That is, your shoe would be ready in a short time. Compared to other adhesives, this one dries up more quickly.

This glue is transparent, just like the Gorilla Clear Glue. Therefore, it won’t cause a stain on your shoe. It is also excellent for many types of shoes due to its neutral colors, unlike white glue, which will only work with white shoes.

Moreover, every material responds flawlessly to the Barge’s all-purpose waterproof glue. Unlike most glues on the market, the chemical components of this glue don’t damage plastic and rubber materials.

Some adhesives have strong interactions with such delicate materials, making them unsuitable for rubber materials. The all-purpose waterproof glue, however, is safe for rubber-based products.

However,  It does cost a lot of money.

5. Fiebings Leathercraft Cement Adhesive

Fiebings Leathercraft Cement Adhesive

Fiebings leathercraft cement glue is a good substitute for shoe goo. You will experience the exact qualities and advantages that should be available with shoe goo.

In addition to replacing shoe goo, this glue works well for leather materials.

It is composed of high-quality chemical elements that operate like magic to bond things together. This glue will perform a great job of bonding back a leather shoe that has fallen apart.

This glue is notable for its ability to form strong bonds over time. With this glue in your repair kit, you may wear your leather shoe for a long time. Also, the chemical composition used to make this adhesive is non-toxic and suitable for the skin. 

It is not, however, appropriate for rubber or plastic shoes. The Fiebing’s leathercraft cement glue on plastic or rubber shoes may not stick well. Due to the powerful ingredients in this glue, your rubber shoes will also suffer.

6. Tuff Toe shoe protector

Tuff Toe shoe protector

This protection is a top choice as a Shoe Goo alternative because of its simplicity. This glue may be used on any footwear, including slippers, sneakers, sandals, slides, and more, even though it generally works best on work boots. 

Additionally, it binds the soles of your boots. This adhesive’s composition utilizes the same technology as ballistic adhesives and adhesives used by NASA, which is a unique attribute.

Furthermore, compared to other consumer-grade products, it is more flexible and has superior resistance properties. This glue is well renowned for extending the lifespan of your work boots.

Both fire and water resistance are features of the Tuff Toe shoe protector. With this glue, working with electricity is safe since it is non-conductive.

How We Chose The Alternatives

How We Chose The Alternatives

The most important choice when purchasing glue to repair shoes is whether to go with a super-basic or sophisticated solution. There are sophisticated things for people who like a high-end experience and ease when utilizing the products.

Thanks to the ever-expanding world of technology, we all have a variety of brand-new products available to us these days. But we need to look out for certain things before buying a product. 

We have shortlisted our top picks for Shoe Goo alternative based on the following factors:

  • Brand value
  • Features
  • Longevity
  • Consumer ratings & reviews
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Materials.

Guide To Buying The Best Glue For Fixing Shoes

Guide To Buying The Best Glue For Fixing Shoes

While selecting a product, you must ensure that the item you plan to purchase will serve you for a long period. The following are some things to consider before purchasing.

  • Cost.

It is among the most crucial factors when selecting glue for shoe repair. Knowing your budget for purchases is a good idea before you make one.

To stay under your spending limit, you must also make sure you have the money for it. Try exploring for something cheaper with comparable characteristics if the price of anything you find is too high.

For example, the price range of Boot-Fix shoe glue, Gorilla glue, Gorilla clear glue, and Fiebings leathercraft cement adhesive are more affordable than Barge All-Purpose Waterproof Glue and Tuff Toe shoe protector.

  • Features

Many types of glue for fixing shoes have different types of advantages, but not everyone will need them. Before making any purchase decisions, you should check for items with relevant and necessary qualities for your needs.

For example, you might need glue for your rubber shoes; in this case, you don’t have to buy glue that is good for fixing leather shoes. You should also consider whether these features are necessary and worth the extra cost or whether there are less expensive options with the same features.

  • Quality

To receive what you paid for, you should only get high-quality glue from reliable manufacturers when fixing shoes. There is no certainty that inexpensive things from an unproven or unknown brand will endure long enough for you to gain your money’s worth.

Additionally, if your product has a problem and you don’t have a warranty plan, it can cost more to fix than the item was initially worth!

  • Brand

Choose a brand with a solid reputation and high standards for quality if several companies provide comparable glue for mending shoes at various rates. 

It will guarantee that your product will endure longer than those from more budget-friendly companies with lower requirements for quality assurance.

Brands such as Gorilla or Boot-fix are quite more reputable than other brands. And that is why you can remain assured before buying products from these brands. 


  • Does shoe goo work on soles?

A resin system found in shoe goo is created to improve adherence to flexible fabrics and enhance abrasion resistance. Depending on the material, humidity, and temperature, shoe goo is the most flexible and powerful adhesive currently on the market.

  • How long does shoe goo take to cure?

Depending on the environment, a complete repair needs 24 to 72 hours. Cure times increase at lower temperatures and greater humidity levels while reducing at higher ones. 

Apply heat with a handheld drier set to low to reduce drying time. Hold the dryer six inches or more away from the surface.

  • Can I use super glue to fix my shoe?

Super glue is the least costly and most frequently used type of adhesive for shoe repairs, making it a great choice to repair most shoe problems. 

Cyanoacrylate, the primary component of super glue, reacts with humidity to forge solid bindings among the two surfaces it comes into contact with.


Shoe Goo is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for a shoe. But if you don’t have Shoe Goo, several Shoe Goo alternatives are available, providing similar results.

However, while choosing the substitute, consider the important factors – features, quality, price, etc. A thoughtful decision will ensure longevity for your favorite pair of shoes.

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