Shoes Like Allen Edmonds – Best 6 Like Allen Edmonds

My brother’s wedding is near; I am the best man. You can understand the pressure – the attire, the tie, the accessories, and the shoes. And when it’s dress shoes, Allen Edmonds is the first name hitting your mind.

Allen Edmonds is a shoe company that has been around for over 100 years. They offer men’s and women’s shoes in all styles. But the brand is very expensive, beyond many people’s reach like me.

So, are there any other shoes like Allen Edmonds?

Six shoes are available in the market that can compete tough with Allen Edmonds. These shoes are Beckett Simonon, Wolf and Shepherd, Ace Marks, Nisolo, Amberjack, and Taft Clothing. These shoes are stylish, classy, sustainable, high in quality, and most importantly, affordable.

This article will look at some of the best shoes like Allen Edmonds that offer similar styles you might find at Allen Edmonds.

About Allen Edmons

About Allen Edmons

Allen Edmonds shoes are a classic American brand that has been making shoes since 1922. They are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

These shoes are a bit pricier than other brands, but they are worth the investment. Trust me; they will last many years if you take proper care.

One good feature of Allen Edmonds is that they come in various styles, colors, and materials. Their shoes are perfect for both formal and casual wear.

I own a pair of black Trewbrixton shoes. They are by far the most comfortable dress shoes I’ve ever worn. I have gone for long walks on concrete, traipsed through creeks, and hiked up mountains in them; they still look brand new.

They are made of leather, have a little athletic cushion, and look great. The company also makes some nice wingtips that look both classy and a little bit retro. We recommend checking them out.

Best 6 Shoes Like Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds are excellent shoes, no doubt; however, their price often puts you off the beaten track. So, here are our best 6 shoes like Allen Edmons. They match the look, quality, and construction nearly like Allen Edmonds at a very affordable price.

Shoes Like Allen EdmondsPrice Range
Beckett SimononAbout $140-$250
Wolf and ShepherdAbout $179-$300
Ace MarksAbout $159-$425
NisoloAbout $130-$260
AmberjackAbout $179-$250
Taft ClothingAbout $275-$395

1. Beckett Simonon

shoes like allen edmonds

This shoe brand is dedicated to creating the highest quality footwear. They are known for their high-quality leather and attention to detail. Beckett Simonon shoes are made in Europe, taking up to six weeks.

The brand was founded in 1873 as a leather shoe manufacturing company. In 1881, they began to focus on safety boots for miners and the military. By 1897, the company had become a well-known name in Europe for its quality shoes and boots.

The company has continued to create annually updated collections of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes.

2. Wolf and Shepherd

Wolf and Shepherd is a shoe company founded in 2013 by two friends. Both of them had a passion for footwear.

It started as an online-based company but has since grown into a brick-and-mortar store. Their shoes are made in Portugal, and they offer a variety of styles from dress shoes, to sneakers, to boots perfect for men and women.

3. Ace Marks

Another shoe company that offers high-quality shoes at an affordable price is Ace Marks. They are one of the few companies that still do all production in North America, which lends itself to their attention to detail and quality.

The shoes come in various colors, from muted tones to bright colors with patterns. They are known to give off a trendy and classy look.

4. Nisolo

This designer shoe company was founded in 2008. They have a wide selection of shoes for men and women, but their focus is on the quality. Their shoes are made from high-quality leather and materials from sustainable sources.

Nisolo offers 5 different styles of shoes that are all similar to Allen Edmonds.

  • The first style is the Amberjack, a dress shoe with an oxford design.
  • The second style is the Taft Clothing, which has a loafer design with tassels and stitching on the top of the shoe.
  • The third style is called Tiverton, which has a lace-up design with two zippers on either side of the shoe.
  • The fourth style is Talbot, which has an open-toe mule design.
  • The last style they offer is the William, a dress shoe with a brogue design.

Nisolo is a brand of designer shoes for men and women made from high-quality leather and materials from sustainable.

5. Amberjack

A newfound shoe company that has been making waves in the footwear industry is Amberjack. The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, designers, an architect, and a performance footwear designer at the University of North Carolina who wanted to create shoes that would be comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable – a shoe with deep roots in traditional cultures.

With innovative designs and thoughtful craftsmanship, Amberjack is living proof that the world needs more sustainable companies. What are its values? Amberjack believes in sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship.

6. Taft Clothing

If you want some stylish and trendy options for men, Taft Clothing is your place. It is another brand that produces high-quality shoes with an affordable price tag, similar to Allen Edmonds.

They offer many different styles of dress shoes as well as casual options. They offer shoes for almost every occasion. They have many different styles of shoes and some great options for men with various colors and prints, as well as new designs each season.

One of the most popular brands of Taft Clothing is Vans. Other popular brands include ASICS, Hush Puppies, and Birkenstock.

Who Is Allen Edmonds’ Competitors?

Who Is Allen Edmonds' Competitors

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Allen Edmonds is one of the only remaining Shoe companies still making shoes in the USA. They manufacture their shoes in Port Washington, Wisconsin, and are “still hand-crafted, by skilled artisans dedicated to the highest standards of excellence,” according to their website.

Allen Edmonds has been in business since 1922, but they’ve been having a tough time recently. However, a company that could challenge Allen Edmonds is Johnston and Murphy, which also carries industry-leading quality shoes at a higher price point.

Jack Erwin is also an up-and-coming competitor, but it still has a way to go before it can compete with Allen Edmonds’ product offerings and brand.

In addition, Allen Edmonds’ top competitors include Wolverine, Wolverine World Wide, and Bates Footwear.

Allen Edmonds is a subsidiary of the Wolverine World Wide. Unfortunately, Allen Edmonds and Wolverine are direct competitors. Compared to Wolverine products, it’s tough to find Allen Edmonds products for sale in the shop.

A similar high-end shoe brand is Cole Haan which has a cheaper price tag than Allen Edmonds and Wolverine products.

Here are the 7 best competitors of Allen Edmonds in terms of cash value.

Allen Edmond’s competitorsCash value
Johnston & Murphy$278 Million.
Easy Spirit LLC$56 Million.
Bally$521 Million.
Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.$576 Million.
Cole Haan$300 Million.
Nine West$1 Billion.
Famous Footwear$1 Billion.

Table reference:

Is Allen Edmonds A Luxury Brand?

Yes. Absolutely, from the materials they use to the hand-crafted manufacturing process. Allen Edmonds offers a quality that’s hard to find in the industry. If you’re in the market for some new dress shoes, maybe take a look at Allen Edmonds.

Now, let’s take a look at why Allen Edmonds is one of the best shoe brands in the world.

  • Leather is a very subjective topic. What some consider to be good leather, others may consider being poor leather. The truth is, Allen Edmonds has some of the best leather you can find on any shoe.
  • Allen Edmonds uses full-grain leather from the top layer of the hide. This leather is the best source of leather to look for. It is very durable and can take a beating.
  • The shoes’ soles are made of a single piece of leather.
  • The shoes have a high upper and a midsole that is non-slip.
  • The shoe lasts are made of Norwegian birch wood.
  • They are hand-crafted in Allen Edmonds’ factories in Wisconsin.
  • Finally, they Are Well-designed. In fact, in terms of design, Allen Edmonds has nailed just about everything.


It depends on the person and their foot size. While some will find the shoes comfortable, others think they are not. However, in short, these shoes are comfortable for most people who wear a size 8. Or 8.5.

A fellow shoe reviewer, Genevieve, was able to experience these shoes firsthand, and she found them very comfortable. These shoes were the first pair of Allen Edmond shoes she had ever gotten, and she was delighted with them. She said they’re comfortable; she liked the black, red, and white color; they are cute, and she can wear them with just about anything. 

  • Are Allen Edmonds Worth It?

Allan Edmonds shoes are high-quality shoes worth their price. They are shoes with a long history, and they have a lot of loyal customers. They are made from high-quality materials and have many features to choose from.

Customers like them because the shoes have an excellent level of comfort, are well-made, and the materials are high-quality. Besides, they usually last long, which is worth it in the end.

In addition, they have beautiful designs and are very versatile. You will be able to find something that is perfect for you.

Final Thought

Allen Edmonds shoes are a classic American brand best known for their quality, craftsmanship, and durability. However, they are a bit pricier than other brands, but they are worth the investment. They will last for many years with proper care.

However, for many, it is not worth the investment, or they can’t afford them. But, don’t worry; several shoes like Allen Edmonds are available that will match your requirements and budget. You can easily buy one of the recommended shoes and have a similar experience you would get wearing Allen Edmonds.

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