Explore the Shoes Like Jordan Eclipse! – Some Great Alternatives

If I ask you which sneakers offer an incomparable exclusivity level with their high sense of fashion? Undoubtedly, the Jordans

The Jordan brand is a trendsetter, and the eclipse collection enriches the style with its multidimensional basketball-inspired shoes. These comfortable, sporty sneakers are lightweight and breathable yet give a sporty vibe all over.

Even though one can not simply feel the same luxurious feeling that Jordan Eclipse offers, there are some shoes like Jordan Eclipse.

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Brooks, etc., are a few brands that manufacture similar shoes like the Jordan Eclipse. Some notable shoes include Nike Roshe, Nike Air Force, and Adidas Superstar. They are indeed better alternatives as they provide a similar quality and experience to Jordan Eclipse.

If you are having problems fitting into Eclipse, follow this article to learn about the new Jordan Eclipse collection and how you can use an alternative to have a similar experience.

Shoes Like Jordan Eclipse: Some Great Alternatives

Shoes Like Jordan Eclipse

You can do anything wearing these shoes, which makes them more unique. These are long-lasting, breathable, and very lightweight. But you might not find a suitable pair that fits comfortably as the width is narrow. 

Those seeking a pair of sneakers with excellent ankle support and custom insoles should look for Jordan Eclipse. It is an all-in-one snack. Let’s talk about what are the alternatives and why you should look for an alternative:

  • This shoe’s narrow design provides a certain shape to give off a slim look. So it might not fit properly for people with wide feet. You might browse the Nike Air Max 90 or Nike Air Max 270, as both shoes are noted for their wide-toe boxes.
  • As Jordan Eclipse is a premium edition, it might not be affordable. In this case, Nike Roshe Run seems like an affordable version of this shoe collection. It is also better when it comes to leather. 
  • You can use Air Jordan 1 Center Court in a professional environment. You can flex with these sports sneakers in your workplace as well. 
  • To have more Street-centric versatility, 80s retro charm, and softer leather, one can buy Adidas Forum 84 Low or Adidas Superstar Run-DMC

Which Jordan Shoe Is The Rarest?

Which Jordan Shoe Is The Rarest

Nike Air Jordans, Released in 1985, is the rarest Jordan sneakers collected today. 

Nike has manufactured limited-edition Air Jordan pairs, each dedicated to an athlete. General people don’t know much about these exclusive pairs as these weren’t exposed to the public. 

Let’s discuss the rare pairs that were exposed to the public but had very limited editions and were released and sold quickly. These were mostly made for charity auctions.

1. Air Jordan I High Strap Just Don BHM

This edition was first released in 2015. The current value for this Air Jordan pair is $4,949 to $10,000. It was a Black history month special edition of 2013 Nike’s collaboration with designer Don C of Just Don. 

The 39th year of Black History Month was celebrated in February 2015, and to commemorate the occasion, 39 pairs of special edition Air Jordan I High Straps were manufactured to generate funds. The Ever Higher Fund received the auction money.

2. Air Jordan XI 25th Anniversary with Jumpman

In 2010, Nike launched 25 pairs of a special version of the Air Jordan XI to commemorate the silver jubilee of the first Air Jordan, which was introduced in 1985.

Even though the edition was a bit disappointing to sneakerheads, Air Jordan XI 25th Anniversary version took only a few days to be sold out. The reason for dissatisfaction was that they expected an embroidered logo in this edition. 

The current value for this rare pair is $5,499 – $11,000. The original pair cost not more than 150 dollars.

3. Air Jordan IV Retro x Carhartt x Eminem

This collaboration is among the most unique and collectible of all Jordans. Eminem collaborated with Nike and Carhartt to create unique Air Jordan IV Retros for his friends and family in 2015. It was released to commemorate Eminem’s album Marshall Mathers LP’s 15th anniversary, which was released in 2000.

Only 10 pairs of this special edition Air Jordan IV retro were out for the public, and the current price is $10,500 – $21,780. The original retail price was $18,750 – $30,100, and the total raised fund was $227,552. 

What Are Jordan’s Favorite Shoes?

Micheal Jordan’s favorite shoe list will amaze the sneakerheads as it is pretty impressive. He puts Jordan 11s, Jordan 3s, and also the 12s or 13s. 

The Jordan 11s might be regarded as a black sheep in the Jordan dynasty in terms of appearance.

It doesn’t have flexible blocks or specific details. In reality, the 11’s out-of-the-box appearance is entirely due to one feature: it’s gleaming, wrapped patent leather top. Despite this, the 11 is one of Jumpman’s most popular and valuable shoes and is Michael Jordan’s personal favorite.

This Air Jordan pair has a great hype which is still going on for 25 years. This pair was designed by Ken Black in collaboration with Michael Jordan himself.

When Did The Jordan Eclipse Come Out?

Although Jordan Brand is best known for creating basketball sneakers, the renowned brand has expanded to include all sporting and everyday gear. In 2015, Jordan Eclipse debuted as a new casual shoe. Its basic sneaker is as comfortable as the Nike Roshe Run, thanks to its comparable shape. 

The upper of this shoe is made of a shredded material that is both breathable and light.

A Neoprene inner shoe inspired by the Huarache provides a flexible and slim fit.

An enclosed Zoom Air unit in the ankle offers both padding and assistance in a reduced pumped midsole/outsole combo.

The Jordan Eclipse is finished with a V-shaped weaving pattern on the lower outsole for grip.

On Wednesday, April 1, the Jordan Eclipse was released at nike.com, selecting Jordan Brand shops.

What Does Jordans Symbolize?

What Does Jordans Symbolize

Nike owns the Jumpman symbol and uses it to promote Jordan sneakers. Michael Jordan is a professional basketball player. He used to play for the Chicago Bulls. He is shown in the logo.

Michael was photographed wearing New Balance basketball sneakers in one of the photographs for Life magazine in 1984, and the logo was born. Michael later repeated the posture and photo in 1985 while wearing Black Toe shoes.

Tinker Hatfield owned the first Air Jordan 3 with the logo in it. From 4, 5, and 11 until the 33 in 2018, the symbol started showing up on every pair of the brand. In October 2015, Michael inaugurated his Jumpman flagship store on State Street in Chicago.

Is the Jordan Brand Still Owned By Nike?

Nike owns the brand producers, and Michael Jordan is given a percentage of the profits. Much has changed since the Jordan brand’s initial public release in 1985, yet the brand has got to stay constant throughout the years. 

Many prestigious labels have partnered with Jordans, creating limited pairs and new variants with prices ranging from moderately reasonable to exclusive.

Michael Jordan’s initial Nike deal, signed in 1984, was worth $500,000 per year. It continued for the next five decades. He also received a percentage of their revenues as part of the deal. He has become a billionaire because of this deal. 

Pros And Cons Of Jordan Eclipse

Let’s finish the discussion with the pros and cons offered by Jordan Eclipse.


  • The biggest advantage of the Jordan Eclipse is that it is made for casual use. One can also use it for sports, making it versatile and unique. 
  • One will get heel support because the flat sole is very needed in weight training, squats, etc. It will make you feel less pressure and strain on the legs.


  • The biggest con for this pair would be the narrow space for the foot to make it look firm and give a distinct style and shape. One might face size problems with this pair. 
  • Jordan’s is not that good for running as this pair can’t match regarding lightweight with some top running shoes, such Brooks Revel 5‘s, which weigh roughly 0.54lbs. Research into footwear load indicated that for every 3.5 ounces of lead per sneaker, users ran roughly 1% slower, so Jordan might make you run less fast than other sneakers.


  • What is the most sold Jordan shoe?

Air Jordan 1 High Black Toe is the most sold Jordan shoe. Fans still cherish the 80s Chicago Bulls Micheal Jordan and celebrate him by keeping it in the bestseller list for years. This shoe started the cult of many other Jordan shoes and became a legacy.

Jordan 1 Chicago, Jordan 3 Black Cement, Jordan 5 Fire Red, Jordan 11 Concord, and many other editions of this collection are the top most sold Jordan shoes that go into sell-out as soon as it released.

  • How to Tell if Jordans Are Fake?

Because of the popularity, Jordan shoes are often manufactured by fake companies. Check it properly before buying as you might get scammed. Follow these rules to check your pair:

  1. Check the box properly as it is a tight-fit box with no gaps. There will be a Jumpman logo on top. However, the color may vary depending on the year and the edition. You should check the color up on the internet and match it.
  2. Check the spelling of the Jordan shoe and the proportion of the Jumpman logo and make sure if it is on point or not. 
  3. Check the manufacturing sticker, which will be on the exterior of the box. It will provide the edition, manufacturing country, size, and color of the sneakers.
  4. Compare the tag’s product code to the one provided on the package.
  5. Check the unique lacing and high-quality stitch.

Final Words

Air Jordans is indeed a fashion staple, and Eclipse is one unique creation of this brand.

The midsole construction and the first usage of the Jumpman logo on the ankle and the neoprene neck from the Jordan 6 and 7 are prominent features of the Jordan Eclipse. The famous Zoom Air innovation in the heel carried on the history of Air Jordans. All these features make the Jordan Eclipse very unique and hard to replace.

However, few Shoes Like Jordan Eclipse are obtainable that can satisfy your sneaker love. So, give them a try to get a new experience of walking and running.

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