5 Shoes Like Sambas That Meet Your Fashion Statement Flawlessly

Everyone has a signature piece portraying your fashion statement. For me, it’s the Sambas. It didn’t matter if I wore casual, semi-casual, or at-home clothes; my fit always included a pair of Sambas.

However, lately, that has been changing. I have grown tired of wearing them and started looking for shoes similar to Sambas. So, are there any shoes like Sambas?

Yes, 5 shoes are there that you can wear instead of the iconic Adidas sneaker, the Sambas. They resemble the style and features that can satisfy your standout look. These shoes include – Chuck Taylor, Nike Air Force 1, Vans Tumble Old School Sneakers, Onitsuka Tiger, and Reebok Club C85.

If you are also on the same boat and are looking for shoes offering the same casual, classy look as the Sambas, continue reading this article.

Shoes Like Sambas

Shoes Like Sambas

Adidas Sambas are sneakers that caused a revolution when launched in the 1950s. It started as an indoor soccer shoe, then became a badminton shoe. As time passed, athletes who worked on icy surfaces began using them.

But the most significant revolution era for this range of shoes came during the 1970s when slim-fit jeans replaced baggy jeans. With this momentous change in clothing style, people discovered that Sambas looked the best with skinny jeans.

Since then, the shoe has become a cultural icon that people still wear and adore. And not just for your ordinary people, but several pop icons such as Rihanna and Justin Timberlake have been seen wearing them while performing.

However, let’s address the elephant in the room; can you find shoes similar to Sambas to bring a change in your style?

Now, people like Smabas for their unique design and feature – an all-leather upper, serrated 3-Stripes, and enhanced traction. However, several shoes are available that you can try instead of Sambas offering optimum satisfaction with their great look and features.

Shoes Like SambasFeatures
Chuck Taylorincredibly stylish, comfortable, stitched upper portion, a toe cap.
Nike Air Force 1Leather uppers, a large Swoosh, perforated toe boxes, and an Air-encapsulated midsole.
Vans Tumble Old School SneakersRe-enforced toe caps, padded collars, synthetic uppers, rubber waffle outsoles.
Onitsuka TigerIconic stripes design, comfortable, true to size
Reebok Club C85.Leather upper, low-cut profile, removable EVA, H-strap styling, durable rubber outsole.

1) Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor

Since its launch in 1941, this pair of shoes has become a staple in every household globally. This shoe is beloved by teenagers because of how versatile it is.

You can wear them casually with a pair of jeans or wear them to the basketball court. Not just that, most people still prefer wearing Chuck Taylors to the skating rink.

Because of how comfortable it is while being incredibly stylish, it quickly became popular among punk rock music icons such as Metallica and Greenday.

To this day, over 7 decades later, the brand remains faithful to its original silhouette. This is probably one of the best pairs of sneakers to own as a sneakerhead.

Furthermore, the white body with a hint of black and rubber tip is very similar to the Adidas Sambas. It makes it a perfect replacement for your wardrobe.

Most Chuck Taylor shoes are tailored to fit your size, making them extremely comfortable. Moreover, just like the Sambas, as this shoe also has an entirely white body, it is very customizable. The only thing that will stop you is your imagination. 

2) Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1

This is probably one of the most loved shoes, similar to the Sambas. The Nike Air Force 1 is a range of sneakers created by Bruce Kilgore in 1982. Originally named just Nike Air Force, it was later renamed the Air Force 1 as a supposed nod to the American Presidential Carrier, creating a significant legal issue for the company.

While it was once the most popular shoe to wear on court, later it became a casual streetwear icon due to the East Coast underground hip-hop cults popularizing it.

The Air force 1’s have a chunky midsole and a customizable design. This led to many designs being created for the shoe, becoming one of the most famous sneakers. If you ask us, our favorite must be the Air Force 1 LV8 utility.

It is incredibly similar to the while silhouette of the Adidas Sambas, and several celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Drake, and Kendal Jenner have been seen wearing it.

3) Vans Tumble Old School Sneakers

Vans Tumble Old School Sneakers

With the hype train of chunky shoes going full speed, Vans did not waste a moment and released the Vans Tumble old-school sneaker. Originally made as a skating shoe, it is now one of the most charming sneakers, similar to the Sambas.

It is the perfect sneaker to wear in the summer with a pair of shorts. The shoe is white like the Sambas and instantly recognizable with Vans trademark side stripe.

These shoes are very durable and comfortable to wear with extreme breathability. To add to it, you can customize it all you want as it is entirely white.

4) Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger

After world war II had ended, the Onitsuka Tiger was launched as a symbol to raise self-esteem among Japanese teens through showing dedication toward the athletes. To this day after, almost 71 years after its launch,  the Onitsuka Tiger is still staple footwear at the Olympics.

It is not only standard footwear in the sports industry but also a ubiquitous shoe in the Japanese streetwear style. But with recent globalization, the trend has been spreading worldwide, with the Onitsuka Tiger having a fanbase of its own.

Being completely white with a chunky bottom sole and red stripe throughout, it is as eye-catching. Having similar vibes to the Sambas and being very versatile in styling, this shoe is a must if you are looking for shoes like Sambas.

5) mReebok Club C85

mReebok Club C85

This was probably one of the most unexpected shoes to emerge in recent years as a shoe similar to Sambas. Unlike the Adidas Sambas or Vans, the Rebook Club keeps its design root straight to the 80s. It gives it a more nostalgic and classy look.

The fine stitching from Reebook and a chunkier feel give Club C85 series a more sleek look while maintaining the maximum comfort possible.

It has excellent arch support and padding around the heel, making it breathable and comfortable to walk in. Furthermore, it is suitable for any weather and terrain. We recommend Reebok Club C85 if you are looking for something similar to the Adidas Sambas in terms of look while enjoying several other benefits.

How To Clean Shoes Similar To Adidas Sambas

Before we jump into cleaning your sneakers, let us talk about the supplies you need first.

Now that you know what supplies you need, let us talk about the process of cleaning your shoe to keep them shining and long-lasting.

1) Brush And Erase

To start, remove all the specks of dirt from the outsoles of your shoe by brushing it thoroughly with a shoe brush. Make sure to get as much dirt off as possible. We recommend using a soft bristle brush. Once done, use the shoe eraser to remove any scratch marks or spots.

2) Create A Soap Solution

Heat up a pot of water to mild warm, then put one or one and a half cups of dish soap and mix it well. You can also create a paste for completely white shoes by mixing equal parts of water and baking soda. It comes down to your preference.

3) Wash The Laces Separately

One the laces and wash them separately with hot water and dish soap. Massage and rub the laces properly with your hand to get rid of any dirt or smell. Then rinse it off and leave it to dry.

4) Wash The Soles

Soak your brush on the solution you made and gently rub it through the mid and outsoles of your shoe. Do it slowly, maintaining a steady motion to get rid of as much dirt as possible. Repeat the process as often as possible until it is properly cleaned.

5) Washing The Upper Body

Now, take the brush or a clean piece of cloth and soak it in the mixture thoroughly. Then scrub the upper body of your shoe gently. Doing it too hard may damage the material.

Repeat till it’s properly clean, then use a microfiber towel to wipe it off. Make sure your brush is not dry when you rub because it may wear down the fiber.

6) Air Dry

Once done, let the shoe air dry at room temperature for about 8-10 hours. Wear it once it is completely dry. Wearing wet shoes may lead to bacteria growth and create a foul smell.


  • Are Adidas Sambas good shoes?

The shoe is still one of the most famous sneakers several decades since its launch. This says a lot about if it is good or not. If you are still confused, yes, they are not just good, but the best you can find. The Adidas Sambas are known for their durability and comfort.

  • What is the difference between Adidas Samba original and classic?

The most eye-catching difference between the Adidas Samba original and the classic as to be the change in looks. In contrast, the original has a brown outer sole and a shade of gray-brown front, the classic changes that up by giving a black outer sole and a layer of the beige front.

Without a doubt, it is Nike. They are the largest footwear brand in the world, with a revenue of $38.7 billion in 2019. It is also the second largest apparel company in the world.

  • What white sneakers are in style 2020?

Several sneakers, such as the Adidas Sambas and the Nike Force 1 collection, are in style. Look at the sneakers we recommended above to find out about the most trendy sneakers right now.

Take Away

With sneakers being one of the most worn shoe styles right now; everyone is looking for shoes like Sambas(as it is one of the most commonly worn sneakers). You can try several things: Chuck Taylor, Reebok, Nike Air Force 1 Vans, etc. Therefore,  go and get the shoes of your choice similar to Smabas at a reasonable price.

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