20 Cool Scrub Shoe Ideas to Look You Fashionable

When it is about the appearance of a medical professional, what comes to your mind? You’re right – it’s a white lab coat, a short-sleeve shirt, and a pair of tight white shoes with big laces.

It’s a pretty usual photo coming to your mind about medical professionals indeed – especially their outfits. However, the picture changes now. Doctors and nurses wear various fashionable clothes, considering comfort a great deal.

Doctors’ recent favorite is scrub shoes – the shoes worn with scrubs. There are a lot of shoes to wear with scrubs. But it’s a matter of deep thinking: What shoes look good with scrubs?

Well, pitch your panic, and explore with us 20 cool scrub shoe ideas to look fabulously fashionable.

What Is A Scrub Shoe?

What Is A Scrub Shoe

A scrub is sanitary clothing worn by the physician, nurses, and others involved in health caregiving. And shoes that they wear with scrub are scrub shoes. 

Scrub shoes are different from regular shoes as comfort is its priority. You have to stand for a very long time on your feet. Therefore, comfort is a must for you. And what can provide it better than a pair of scrub shoes?

In addition, slip resistance and durability also matter while buying scrub shoes. Of course, you don’t want to fall on the slippery ‘Phenyled-floor.’

So, when you choose your scrub shoe, you must keep in mind comfort, slip resistance, durability, etc.

20 Cool Shoes to Wear With Scrubs

shoes to wear with scrubs

There are several types of shoes available to wear with scrubs. However, which shoes look good with scrubs? Let’s find out.

1. Ballet Flats

If you search for a shoe that perfectly fits your scrubs and is comfortable and fashionable, ballet flats should be at the top of your favorite.

Lightweight and anti-slippery soft soul makes it super comfortable and easy to wear. It gives you the confidence to walk even on a wet floor.

2. Boat Shoes

If you are not allergic to any color and can wear anything sober and cool, you may style in a classic boat shoe. It goes perfectly with your khaki or navy blue scrubs.

Although the downside of the shoes seems a little bit hard, you may go for this easy-to-wear one if you can ignore this.

3. Sneakers


When you have to stand for a long time in your medical profession, you must choose shoes that won’t make your feet tired – Sneakers. Trust me; you can go blindly for this shoe.

This easy-to-wear and casual pair of shoes give you the ultimate comfort. It is so casual and simple yet stylish that you can easily pair it with a shirt or sweater.

Sneakers are the best where you are always on the move. Moreover, this shoe gives your foot breathability – highly essential when you have to wear shoes for more than thirteen hours a day.

Although sneakers look unprofessional, they can be perfect for a long-run duty. One thing you should remember in mind is that buying sneakers with a rubber sole can help give you the comfort you want.

4. Athletic Shoes

If you want to get proper support and stability with style, an athletic shoe is the right choice. And these shoes gradually have become popular among medical professionals.

5. Slip-Ons

Slip-on looks amazingly cool with scrubs. If you have to stand for a long time and move from room to room, then the right pair of slip-on is the best decision.

Try to choose a pair that is not so high. Easy to wear makes slip on’s one of the best choices to wear with scrubs.

6. Crocs

Crocs shoes are trendy among medical professionals, especially nurses. It is easy to wear; it always goes well with scrubs.

Generally, crocs are made from rubber, and this rubberized texture easily absorbs shock to make you feel comfortable. 

7. Chukkas

Day by day, chukkas are getting favorites among medical professionals. One can easily style in different ways with scrubs because it is a well-fit shoe with scrubs. But if you choose chukkas with your scrubs, be aware of blisters.

In addition, remember that your chukkas must be well fitted because if it’s too loose, they can fall off while you are in a rush.

8. Work Sandals

Work Sandals

One of the most common shoes worn in the operating room is the working sandals. It comes in a wide range of colors and styles, and you just have to choose the right one for you.

Mostly it is liked by the med students because of its easy-to-wear capability. It seems that sandals look perfect in summer, but you can wear it whenever you want because your comfort has no rules fixed by anyone.

This sandal usually comes in two styles. One is a little bit open, and the other is fully covered. It’s all about the material and style that gives you the perfect looks and comfort when you are in a profession requiring several hours to stand on your feet.

9. Walking Shoes

Walking shoes offer the same comfort, support, and stability as athletic shoes. Everybody can use this on their duty, the physician and the nurses. Why delay; go – get your walking shoes.

10. Oxfords

A tie shoe is more reliable than ballet flats or mules when you are in a rush all the time. That is why oxfords are always on the top of the list of shoes worn with scrubs. Lightweight and flexible new generation oxfords look excellent with scrubs. Have you checked these Oxford shoes yet?

11. Mules

Another comfortable and easy to wear is mules. Mules look incredibly cool with scrubs. Mules can be perfect if you don’t want to wear slip-on or tennis shoes with your scrubs.

Mules give you a professional yet casual look. You just don’t think about color. Just put on what you want. A job that requires standing long-time, mules can help ease your tired foot.

12. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are the safest shoes you can wear with scrubs. It is easy to wear and comfortable to let your feet be tired. It became one of the most popular shoes that look super good with scrubs.

Another cool thing about cowboy boots is that they protect your feet from bacteria and germs, which are very common in hospitals. So, get your cowboy boots now.

13. Moccasins

One of the perfect shoes that fit with scrubs is moccasins. It is comfortable and fashionable but less expensive than the others. It is soft flexible, and this shoe’s quality makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

Medical professionals take care of others’ health, and the right pair of moccasins take care of their health.

14. Loafers

the loafers are a bit fashionable in comparison with oxford and sneakers. It is also casual, but it can give a more professional look than the others as it is made of leather. It is also easy to wear, but be careful about slip resistance.

15. Toni Boots

Tony boots are made to give you comfort while wearing them the whole day long without any pain or itching or uneasiness in your feet. Especially it is designed in black and white, but you can find them in another color, so you don’t have to be worried about styling. 

16. Flip Flops

If you like, you can wear flip-flops on your duty. Actually, it’s not professional, and you may never find anyone wearing flip-flops during their office time, but still, you may wear it if you want because it gives you the ultimate comfort.

You can wear it without changing it frequently. But be careful on choosing flip flops because some types of flip flops soles are not anti-slip, and it raises the question of walking on a wet floor. 

17. Mary Jane Shoes

Many lady doctors and nurses often choose Mary Jane shoes paired with their scrubs. It’s easy to wear and comfortable, and its strap won’t let it slip from your feet accidentally when you are in a rush on your duty.

18. Clogs

Another common and popular shoe that goes perfectly with scrubs is the clogs. Clogs are most probably the easiest to wear among all the scrub shoes. These shoes ultimately take no effort to clean. There is a wide variety of clogs; you do nothing but just take one by your choice.

Clogs are popular among those who have to stand for a long time, like the operating room nurse.

19. Clogs with Holes

Holes on clogs is the sub-brand of clogs. They have holes that help ventilate your feet. These holes let your feet relax. This type of shoe allows air ventilation.

20. Running Shoes

Running Shoes

If you want comfort and support like athletic and walking shoes but more stability than these two, you may blindly go for running shoes. Because of their occupation, doctors and ER nurses need more stability, and these shoes are designed for them.

Points To Ponder While Buying A Scrub Shoe

While buying a scrub shoe, you should ponder some essential points. These are-

  • Comfort
  • Air ventilation
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy to wear
  • Durability


  • What shoes should men wear with scrubs?

When it comes to medical and healthcare, comfort and durability are more considerable concerns than appearance.

Either a male doctor or nurse seeks the same – comfort, durability, breathability, non-slip, and easily washable. These shoes include sneakers, clogs, crocs, slip-on, walking shoes, etc.

Let’s Buy The Perfect Scrub Shoes

When you have to stand for a long time and are always in a rush; you should carefully choose your shoes. And while you are a person of the medical profession, comfort, durability, slip resistance should be the primary key point while selecting a scrub shoe.

Now you know what shoes to wear with scrubs and the best 20 scrub shoes to provide comfort and fashion. Therefore, without delay, buy the shoe that best suits you.

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