Types of Dancing Shoes, and the Guide to Choosing the Right Ones

Categories of Dancing Shoes

Types of Dancing Shoes, and the Guide to Choosing the Right Ones

1. Ballet Shoe or Ballet Slipper

Refers to a compact shoe that people use specifically for ballet dancing. Usually, the shoes are made using materials such as canvas, leather or satin. Plus, they tend to have malleable or split soles.

You might come across a common color pattern, where men wear black shoes, whole women put pink shoes. Another common trend would be the Skin Colored slippers, which adhere to the foot, and given the appearance barefoot dancing.

Men might have to wear the slippers all through the entire dance session, while women might later on switch to pointe shoes.

The history of this dates back to 1682, a few years after the Royal Academy of Dance started in France.


The most common appearance aspect of ballet shoes would be the leather sole, which don’t stretch out to the edge of the shoe. Another common type would be the split sole, which provides high levels of flexibility. Plus, it’s a design that helps deliver the appearance of the shoe in a pointed manner.

  • The types made using leather offer longevity.
  • The canvas made types are affordable, but wont last as long as the leather types.
  • Satin shoes are common in performances, because of their compact sizes. However, they also break down fast.

The traditional ballet shoe features an elastic band, which users to secure it to the foot. In most cases, its two bands that form an “X” shape at the top of the shoe.

2. Flamenco Shoe

Flamenco Shoe

A Flamenco refers to a shoe that female flamenco dancers typically wear. These dances often wear these clothes with a traie de flamenco costume. Plus, the men will wear short and heeled boots, but they are many variations of these boots that exist on the market.

Design and Construction

Usually, these types are made for people that have small nails, to help improve the sound the footwork that shoes produce. While leather and suede, are the most common shoes in this category, you are also likely to come across those made using synthetic materials.

You are also likely to find Flamenco shoes with different types of heels. These include the:

  • Standard
  • Carrete
  • Cubano.

The heel size of these shoes might average between 3 to 7cm. Heels might be covered by main material, but might also get exposure to material such as wood. Plus, the common fastening materials include leather straps, buckles and elastic. Most modern shoe brands sell different types of Flamenco shoes, based on their purpose. Some are suitable for enthusiasts, while are suitable for professional levels. Plus, these shoes are also likely to vary in terms of the reinforcement and other enhancement to improve sound

3. Dress Shoe

Dress Shoe

Refers to a type of shoe, which one can wear at more formal or casual events. Plus, many dance enthusiasts tend to compare these shoes to the types such as athletic shoe.

Usually, one would wear these shoes as a standard shoe, or choose a comfortable type for dance activities.

Dress Shoes for Men

The range of dress for men is diverse, and varied in various fronts. The guide below takes a few of the key factors to consider before get the right one for your needs:


A few suitable colors to consider might include:

  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chestnut
  • White

Material Construction

A significant number of dress shoes for men feature leather structures only. The main reason is due to the elegance and durability that such material provides. Plus, the soles feature rubber soles, which provide comfort and ease of use across dancefloor surfaces.

Furthermore, you are likely to come across shoes made using different types of leather. Plus, you can even seams might feature different types of embellishment, with many using the Broguing approach.

Brogues are dress shoes that come a with a decorative collection of patterns. The common types you will come across include

  • The full brogues
  • Half brogues
  • Quarter brogue


Usually, people classify mens shoes based on specific factors. The common ones include the fastening design of the given shoe. Below are a few of the common styles you will come across


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