Vans Authentic vs Era: Choose the Best One

It’s very easy to get puzzled with Vans Era and Vans Authentic as they look almost the same. But if you’re a fanboy of Vans shoes like me, you’ll be curious to reveal the hidden facts. Okay, I got it.

To help you out, we’re here with detailed information about the Vans Authentic vs Era.

They have key differences in their structures, styles, materials, design constructions, and so on. I know you’re already feeling impatient to know more about them. So, let’s see what differences they possess, what pros and cons they offer, and some related questions people have in their minds.

Are you ready to explore? I know you’re saying yes!

Vans Authentic Vs Era: A Quick Comparison

The Vans Era and Vans Authentic differ in several ways. Have a rapid look at them:

Debating PointVans EraVans Authentic
HistoryMade in 1976Made in 1966
FashionableModern and fashionableA bit old fashioned and simple
StructurePadding on the collar Do not have padding on the collar
ShapeNarrower and skinnerLess narrow and skinner than Era
Style22 different styles12 different styles
MaterialsLeather or suedeSimple and single material
Upper DesignDurable double-stitched tri-color canvas upper.Sturdy canvas upper
Color toneTwo-toned color options are availableSingle-tone color

What’s The Difference Between ERA and Authentic?- Details!

vans authentic vs era

We already helped the busy people out there with a quick rundown about the shoes’ comparisons. Let’s dig deeper now.

1. Design

Both shoes have been greatly improved over time, and their designs have formed the basis for other graphical series. Talking about the design, there are two portions to discuss: one is the upper canvas, and another one is the collar and tongue.

  • Upper Canvas

Vans Authentic’s uppers are made of durable canvas, and the Vans Era’s upper is made of durable multicolor canvas with dual stitching. The Vans Era is, therefore, stronger and long-lasting.

  • Collar And Tongue

When it comes to footwear, Vans Authentic and Vans Era shoes have very different collar and tongue padding.

Vans Era’s padded collar makes wearing it more comfortable, while Vans Authentic’s collar has no padding at all.

Those with shorter legs find Vans Eras uncomfortable because of the shoe’s thick padding. When it comes to footwear, they choose Vans Authentic.

2. Material

Canvas is the most common upper material for Vans Eras. The Vans Era with a suede upper only comes in one color for the time being. The soft and flexible cush technology under your feet also provides extra cushioning.

Vans Authentic shoes are almost always made of canvas, suede, and leather. At the moment, Vans authentics is only available in denim, the most durable cotton fabric.

3. Structure

In the Era, the collar has added padding, providing additional protection. In contrast, Authentic does not have padding at the collar, based on the product descriptions on the Vans website.

Furthermore, the upper sole area is padded a bit more, as well as the general padding around the shoe.

Eras are usually also narrower and skinnier than Authentics. Those who need a little extra protection prefer the Era because of its padding.

4. Style

The styles of the Era have more variation than those of the Authentic. You may find a plain canvas Era in 22 various variations, including one that combines suede and denim.

Aside from a simple checkerboard style, the Authentic only comes in 12 styles, such as the multi-pinstripe variety.

Vans Authentics are stitched simply and give the shoe a clean look. The sleek construction of Vans Authentic shoes offers a perfect look when you wear them.

The double stitching on some Vans Eras distinguishes them from Vans Authentics with their unique mixed-material design.

Last but not least, the Era represents Vans’ newest technology, whereas the Authentic demonstrates its classic design and feel. The Era, for example, has leather or suede options, whereas the Authentic uses more classic and simple materials.

5. Sizing

Due to the high padded collars in Vans Era, they may fit differently for different people than Authentic. There are no padded collars on Authentic Vans, so they fit perfectly around the heel.

Vans Era, on the other hand, is meant to keep the ankles safe and provide stability. The same sizing applies to Eras as it does to Vans Authentics. Wear half a size larger if you plan on wearing the Vans Eras for casual wear.

Pros and Cons of the Vans Era

Let’s examine the good and the bad aspects of the Vans Era.


  • A padded collar and tongue are on the Vans Era.
  • Vans’ most comfy shoe is this one.
  • There are a total of fifteen different colorways available for the shoe.
  • As a result of the shoe’s low-top style, it’s appropriate for wearing with both jeans and shorts.
  • The high-quality materials used to construct Vans Era make them extremely long-lasting. Extreme conditions are no match for it.
  • For years, Vans shoes have been known for their adaptability in terms of style, and the Vans Era is no exception.
  • A variety of colors and styles are available.


  • While the shoe fits well, the collar sometimes scratches the feet.
  • A size up is recommended for wide feet as the shoe is narrow.

Pros and Cons of Vans Authentic

You know about Vans Era; now, check out the pros and cons of Vans Authentic.


  • They are super comfortable.
  • The laces aren’t excessively long, and the canvas fabric breathes well.
  • On rainy days, the waffle tread will prevent you from slipping.
  • You can wear them with anything from a pair of skinny jeans to a summer dress as they’re comfortable without being bulky.
  • Vans Authentic is not too narrow.


  • After years of daily wear, footbeds began to break down.
  • They are not durable enough. After wearing it for a few months, there can be holes in the canvas.

Vans Era Vs Vans Authentic – Which is Better?

Vans Era Vs Vans Authentic - Which is Better

Vans’ Authentic and Era models are among the best on the market. Even so, one must be superior to the other, right?

However, it depends on your choice and taste. Some individuals favor the Vans Era’s padded foam collar and tongue, while others favor the plain Vans Authentic.

The Vans Authentic is simple footwear. It has a classic style that blends nostalgic design into the modern era. Vans Authentic may be worn for skating as well as informal situations due to their simplicity.

The Vans Era, on the other hand, is a refinement of the Vans Authentic. Vans Era, as opposed to Vans Authentic, has a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort.

As soon as it was released, the Vans Era quickly became the best skateboarding shoe. People loved the shoe because it offered a level of comfort that the Authentic could not.

Some people choose Authentic because of its simplicity and the vintage vibe. And some choose the Vans Era because of its variations, durability, and comfort. Speaking frankly, it depends on one’s personal interest.

Whatever, we’ll go for Vans Era if you want our recommendation. Its durability and stepping up with time keep it ahead of Authentic. Additionally, its variety of style and color combinations makes it worth buying.

We have displayed the top 3 Vans eras below to make your work easy. Check and choose the best one for you.

Top 3 Vans EraFeatures
Vans Sk8-HiA casual lifestyle wear with enhanced skate performance
Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip-OnA casual and relaxed slip-on sneaker
Vans Old SkoolSimple style with a high profile collabs and bold colorways

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What’s the difference between vans authentic and authentic pro?

The Authentic PRO is an upgraded form of the Authentic Classic, with additional heft and sturdiness. Even though it will take some time to break-in, the quality of the construction is superior and more durable. The large heel cushion is the most noticeable difference. As with the Authentic Classic, the PRO is less flexible and thinner at the toe than the latter.

What is the difference between Authentic and Old Skool Vans?

Van Authentic and Old Skool share several differences. Such as

  • Vans Original Skool has a breathable canvas and suede upper, but Vans Authentic has a more permeable leather upper.
  • In contrast to the Old Skool’s stripes, the Authentic has a plain design.
  • Authentics don’t have a padded collar, whereas Old Skools have.

What is the difference between original Vans and fake?

Genuine Vans are stitched with a tight, even pattern. The shoes are likely fake if they are double stitched, having two stitches in a single hole. It’s also a red flag if the stitching patterns are uneven or the holes are spaced irregularly.

What are the similarities between Vans Era and Vans Authentic?

Era and Authentic share some similarities:

  • Low-top design is common in both shoes.
  • Both are ideal for skating.
  • Waffle rubber outsoles are signature Vans features.
  • Their lace-up closures feature metal eyelets.

Wrapping Up

To make an end, we expect our guide helps you to choose the best one for you and makes all the issues about vans authentic vs era transparent. You haven’t made a mistake if you pick either of them or even both of them as your favorite.

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