Vans vs Keds Shoes Difference- What to Know Before Choosing One?

As you are here, we bet you are looking for a perfect pair of shoes.

Vans and Keds, both brands, are the most popular. So, it is normal to get confused between them. Also, it seems pretty challenging to select the perfect one for you, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, we are here to help. This article covers every detail about vans and keds you might be looking for.

Now, let’s come to the point, “vans vs keds shoes difference”. Before starting the differences between them, remember that they are similar in most sections. Mainly, they differ in style, durability, sole design, and price range.

Ifyou want to learn more, keep reading.

Vans Vs Keds Shoes Difference- A Quick Rundown

Key Comparing FactorsVansKeds
MaterialDurable canvas and suedeDurable canvas
WeightLightweightLighter than vans
SoleMade from a mixture of carbon and rubberMade from gum rubber
LacesMade from 100% cotton fibersCotton
ComfortComfortableMore Comfortable
Arch SupportSome series of shoes lack arch supportHave arch support
Price Range$44 – $92$24 – $85
DurabilityMore DurableLess durable
Area ServedWorldwideWorldwide
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Vans or Keds- Which Came First?

Vans or Keds- Which Came First

Classic American shoe brand Keds came first, founded in 1916; on the other hand, Vans shoes were established in 1966. However, before making your decision, let’s learn the brief history of vans and keds.

  • About Keds

Keds started its journey as a women’s shoe company, but later they began making shoes for men as well. The Keds Champions from the 1920s are still the most popular shoes of this brand. Because compared to the other designs of keds shoes, keds champion shoe designs are unique. Therefore, their popularity survived for a long time.

  • About Vans

Vans shoes started their journey in 1966 and specialized their shoes for skateboarding. Vans shoes always maintain their quality with the latest technology. Some different series of shoes like Eras and Authentics has added arch support, and they are also comfortable.

Key Differences Between Vans and Keds- Explained!

vans vs keds shoes difference

You have already got a basic idea about vans and keds shoes. Now, let us explain every detail and realize exactly which one will be perfect for you. 

1. Style

Vans shoes are available in various styles and colors that include-

Various Style Of VansFeatures
Vans AuthenticGenerally loved by skateboarders as these shoes have sticky waffle soles.
Vans Old-SkoolFirst skating shoes; well-acknowledged for more supportive fit and better stability.
Vans EraComes with padded collar and different color combinations
Vans Slip-OnPopular in style and featured in the movie “Fast times at Ridgemont High” in 1982
The sk8-Himost comfortable for skaters
Vans Steve Caballerobuilt with a strong base for the brand to be well acknowledged by the skaters


Keds shoes are also available in 3 distinct styles that include-

Various Style Of KedsFeatures
Champion OriginalsComes with rubber soles, lighter in weight and pretty feminine.
Studio JumperLightweight foam footbeds and soles with added padding for the heel
Double DeckerComfortable and comes with a dreamy double amount of foam cushioning in footbeds.

2. Durability

The major factor that made the significant differences between vans and keds is their durability.

Vans shoes go through the vulcanization process, which means using a waffled textured gum rubber sole. This process makes the shoe sturdy and perfectly glued with the canvas.

On the other hand, the vulcanization process is not used in the construction method of Keds shoes. So, the gum rubber sole is simply glued with the canvas.

In contrast, we can state that vans shoes are much more durable than the keds shoes for their construction method. As vans shoes are specialized for skating and keds are for casual footwear, vans obviously have to be sturdier. For regular usage, keds are also durable enough.

3. Sole Design 

Vans and keds – these two brands differ the most when it comes to sole design. Let’s identify them:

Key featuresVanskeds
Pattern Waffled Flat pebbles like
Resistance Great resistance, stability and gripNot enough slip resistance 
Suitable forBoth skateboarding and casual wearCasual wear
cushioningGood enough for more comfortVulcanization process compensate the comfort of cushioning

Are Keds More Comfortable Than Vans?

Are Keds More Comfortable Than Vans

When comparing Vans shoes with Keds shoes, we must admit that Keds shoes are more comfortable because of their soft gum rubber sole.

Keds double-decker even has double cushioning.

On the other hand, Vans also has enough cushioning but as mentioned earlier, they have to go through a vulcanization process which makes them sturdier, stiffer, and a little bit less comfortable.

So yes, keds are more comfortable than Vans.

Do Keds And Vans Fit The Same?

Keds and Vans have different widths and different sizing charts.

To answer your question, we will first provide you with the Keds sizing guide and then come to the Vans.

1. Keds sizing guide 

Keds shoes are available in a variety of widths. Such as slim, medium, wide and extra-wide.

You can just look at the chart below and clarify which size will fit you properly.

CMInches US MenUS WomenUK MenUK WomenEU MenEU Women

Hope, you have got a clear idea about keds sizing. Now, let’s come to the Vans.

2. Vans Sizing Guide

Vans do not have a variety of widths. They only manufacture their shoes according to standard widths. But you can rest assured, they run true to their size and will fit you properly. You can even customize your shoes.

Check the chart below and clarify which size will fit you properly.

CMInchesUS MenUS WomenUK (M+W)EU(M+W)

Which One Is Better for You?

We have already discussed every possible detail about Keds and Vans.

Now, if the question arises, are keds or vans better? Its answer is up to you. But if you want us to recommend you one, we will say that Vans are for you if you are a sportsperson. You can also use Vans as regular footwear.

But if you only want shoes for regular usage, then Keds are better for you. They are comfortable and even cheaper.  


  • Do Keds stretch out?

Yes, after wearing it someday, it may stretch out.

  • Is it OK to run in vans?

To simply put – no. You won’t get enough support from Vans shoes for running as it has less cushioning than running shoes.

  • Is it OK to run in Keds?

Keds are walking shoes and have less cushioning than running shoes. So, your feet might hurt if you run for a long time with your shoes.

Bottom Line

“Vans vs keds shoes difference” – which one is good for you?

You know everything about vans vs keds shoes now, their differences, similarities, and advancements. 

Hopefully, you won’t be confused next time purchasing the right pair of shoes. Just be sure about your needs and see which type of shoes meet your needs.

So, wear your shoe and stride with style.

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