Vans vs Sperry- Know the Differences for a Better Choice

Choosing the right shoe is challenging – choosing the right brand is a tough call.

When you go shopping to buy a new pair of shoes obviously you want to buy the best one for you. However, if the options are Vans and Sperry shoes, you are in a quandary.

Both brands are popular for their unique style, both brands feature a variety of designs, both brands are way too good. Now, which one you should go for? Real confusion, isn’t it?

But stop worrying; this article displays every detail and difference between the two shoes, Vans and Sperry, to help you make a definite decision. Comfort, design, durability, sole design, cost – let’s see which brand matches your requirements.

Vans Vs Sperry- A Quick Comparison

Key Comparing FactorsVansSperry
MaterialDurable Canvas and suedeLeather and canvas
SoleMade from a mixture of carbon and rubberFlexible rubber
Arch SupportSome series of shoes lack arch supportNeutral
Price Range$44 – $92$38 – $109
DurabilityMore DurableDurable
Specialized forSkateboardingBoat
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Vans Vs Sperry Shoes- What Makes The Difference?

Vans Vs Sperry Shoes- What Makes The Difference

Live with style; style is everything

It may sound trivial, but Vans and Sperry’s key difference is style.

Vans are street-style shoes with vulcanized soles, while Sperry shoes have non-skid outsoles with a wavy pattern specially added to wet surfaces. Slip-on style vans are available with lacing completion of 4-5 pairs of buttonholes, while Sperrys have distinct moccasins style. They have a 360° lacing system.

Vans shoes provide a more youthful and spontaneous classic look, whereas Sperry shoes provide a more mature look. When compared to Vans shoes, Sperry shoes are less versatile. Vans shoes go with a wide range of outfits. On the other hand, Sperry shoes go well with jeans, leggings, and shorts.

Vans shoes are available in various colors and patterns, but Sperry shoes have several specific options.

Detailed Differences Between Vans and Sperry Shoes

vans vs sperry shoes

We have briefly compared some key features of Vans and Sperry shoes. Now for better understanding, allow us to clarify the details. 

1. Style

Vans shoes are available in a variety of styles and colors, including Vans Authentic, Vans Old-skool, Slip-On, sk8-Hi, etc. Vans Era is the most comfortable one as it has added pad and Vans Slip-on is the most celebrated one.

Boat shoes, boots, loafers, flats, sneakers, gold cups, etc., are the available styles of Sperry shoes but don’t have many color variations. Boat shoes are the specialized product of Sperry and are most celebrated.

2. Durability

By using foxing tape, Vans shoes are glued with the upper canvas.

Vans last longer than any other normal shoe brand. But, as they are glued and added to the upper canvas by a foxing tape, they might not last longer than Sperry shoes. Vans shoes’ soles might come out faster than Sperry shoes.

Consumer review also noted a negative point of Vans shoes: if you use Vans shoes on a daily basis, the upper part of the canvas cracks up faster.

Sperry shoes are made from smooth full-grain original leather, and it is strong enough to endure the stress of so many busy days. You can trust undoubtedly, you will get the best leather quality. Even if the leather is a little bit stiffer, it can maintain its shape properly through the years.

3. Sole Design

Vans and Sperry, these two brands differ the most when it comes to sole design. Let’s identify them-

Key featuresVansSperry
Pattern Waffled Wavy-Siping
Resistance Great resistance, stability and gripEnough slip resistance, great flexibility 
Suitable forBoth skateboarding and casual wearBoat and casual wear
cushioningGood enough for more comfortThin cushioning compared to Vans

4. Comfort

If you want to stand for a long time then Vans are not good enough for your comfort.

Because it has flat soles consisting of rubber, it is not worth enough for shock absorption. Vans shoes have to go through a vulcanization process, making them sturdier, stiffer, and less comfortable.

But there is a series of Vans shoes named “Vans ComfyCush Shoes” with more cushioning for more comfort.

Now, the question is, are Sperrys comfortable? The answer is, there are very few brands where you can get as comfortable boat shoes as Sperry.  But it may seem a little uncomfortable for daily usage and for a long time standing because of its stiffer leather.

As per customer reviews, the Vans new series “Vans Comfycush Shoes” are much more comfortable than Sperry shoes.

Vans Vs Sperry Sizing Guide

Vans Vs Sperry Sizing Guide

You may ask, are Vans and Sperrys the same size? No, they are not. Vans and Sperry have their own distinct size chart. For your ease, we have given their size chart below.

1. Vans sizing guide

Vans do not have a variety of widths. They only manufacture their shoes according to standard widths. But you can rest assured, they run true to their size and will fit you properly. You can even customize your shoes. Let’s check the sizing chart-

CMInchesUS MenUS WomenUK (M+W)EU(M+W)

2. Sperry Shoes Sizing Guide

Sperry shoes are available in a variety of widths such as, Slim, Medium, wide and extra-wide. Here is the chart:

CMInchesUS MenUS WomenUK menUk WomenEU MenEU Women
239.0647436 37

Are Vans Better?

We have already discussed all of the details of Vans and Sperry shoes.

Now it depends on you whether you like Vans or Sperry more. It also depends on your style choice, and on your needs too. If you need boat shoes or shoes that work well on wet surfaces, why would you buy Vans?

You will definitely go for Sperry shoes. But according to the popularity and ratings, Vans are better as they have more style options, color options and are more comfortable! So yeah, if you view from this perspective, then Vans are better.

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  • Can I wear socks with Sperry shoes?

“Socks and Sperry shoes” is an odd pair to put on. But it is not socially prohibited. So you can wear it if you really want to.

  • Are Vans more comfortable?

Yes, according to the customer reviews and ratings, Vans are more comfortable.

  • Why are Vans better shoes?

You’ll be able to choose from too many options and can get the perfect one. It is more comfortable and more versatile.

Bottom Line

Now you know every possible detail about Vans vs Sperry shoes, how they differ from each other, and at which point they are just similar, etc.

So, you just have to be sure about your preferences like style, taste, need, and then you are ready to make the perfect decision. However, we guess you have already picked your brand; if not, hurry up and buy the best gift for your feet.

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