8 Smart Ways You Can Wear Basketball Shoes Casually

Did you buy a basketball shoe thinking you would play the sport for a long time? Now having stopped playing, are you wondering whether you can wear basketball shoes casually or not?

Well, basketball shoes are perfectly suitable for casual wear. With the changing generation, they evolve from just sporting shoes to being an outfit style – eye-catching, lightweight, and more comfortable. With the launch of shoes – the jordans, people have started wearing basketball shoes casually.

However, you need to know how to style it right. Let us continue further with the article to get a detailed answer.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

wear basketball shoes casually

Can you wear basketball shoes casually or not entirely depends on you. There is no law for it. If you feel like wearing it or think it looks good, go for it. You can wear any basketball shoe casually as long as you style it confidently.

There was a time when the only purpose of basketball shoes was to provide the maximum amount of foot comfort to the players. However, those days are long gone now. Nowadays, basketball shoes are made more eye-catching than ever, making them a perfect match for a casual outfit.

Many claim basketball shoes are the most fashionable shoes on the planet. With launches like Air Jordan, Yeezy, and Witness series by pro basketball athletes, these shoes have become a favorite for people to look stylish and swag.

Two of the most trendy casual outfit style with basketball shoes are wearing baggy jeans with basketball shoes. The eye-catching part about this fit is that the jeans cover your shoe completely, giving it a streetwear look.

Another one lately seen is an all-black outfit with air jordans – especially if you style it with some rings and chains. It gives off a sleek look.

Here are a few basketball shoes that are smart and trendy for any casual outfit.

Basketball ShoesStyling
Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-StarsRed, tan, army green, black, white, gray, or navy blue outfit.
Nike Air Jordans Basketball ShoesPerfect with a pair of jeans or shorts
New Balance Men’s Basketball ShoeCool with a pair of jeans or cargo pants
PUMA Mens Clyde Hardwood Basketball ShoesMatches with any casual outfit – jeans, cargo, or shorts
Addidas Dame Basketball ShoesMaches almost anything – jeans, cargo, khaki, shorts, joggers, etc.

How To Wear Basketball Shoes Casually: The 8 Smart Ways

How To Wear Basketball Shoes Casually

If you want to style your basketball shoes with your day-to-day outfit, here are 8 cool ways to do it perfectly.

  1. Wear It With A Hoodie

Try pairing your black or white basketball shoes with joggers and hoodies. It’s the perfect fit for a casual day or running errands.

  1. Be Eye Catching

The best way to wear basketball shoes casually is to style them with an eye-catching outfit. Neon colors, oversized clothes, and animal patterns perfectly match basketball shoes. Off-shoulder t-shirts with cargo pants and a pair of basketball shoes are the most casual you can get.

Alongside the clothes, other features such as lace, sole shape, and custom artwork can also help you style it better and help you wear basketball shoes casually.

  1. Basic And Simple

Another way to wear basketball shoes casually is to wear them with simple clothes. Wearing plain color palette clothes such as baby pink and light blue with beige pants goes well with basketball shoes.

You can try black, navy blue, white, or gray, as these colors go with any type of basketball shoe.

  1. Be yourself

Don’t be fixated on a specific style that you have to pull off. Instead of seeing what everyone else is doing, go for your own style. Try out different outfits and which looks better. It is the best way to wear basketball shoes casually as it adds a touch of you to the outfit.

  1. Go Sleek With Slim Fit Pants

Slim-fit pants are the best choice to show off your shoes as it avoids bunching and draping. Black slim-fit jeans with white socks and your favorite basketball shoes are the best casual look.

However, if you wear bunching and draping pants, they will look bad no matter what.

  1. Wear Matching Colour

The best way to casually wear basketball shoes is to match the shoe color with your outfit color. For example, red air jordans, such as Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Shoes, with dark blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a red coat, are the perfect casual look.

  1. Avoid Pairing With Overly Skinny Jeans

Remember, most basketball shoes are a bit bulky in size, so don’t wear them too tight. It may result in the basketball shoes looking bigger than they actually are, resulting in it not being a casual look anymore.

  1. Wear Shorts

The best way to wear basketball shoes casually is to pair them with shorts. It is the most casual combo out of it all. Either style with denim shorts or go for gabardine shorts, such as Dockers Men’s Perfect Classic Fit Shorts.

Advantages Of Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually

Basketball shoes are perfect for casual wear. But, you may be wondering, are there any benefits to wearing them? So, here they come.

  • They keep you more balanced and stable while walking.
  • As basketball shoes have grippy soles, wearing them on a rainy day or in wet places would reduce the chances of you slipping.
  • They are slimmer and comparatively lighter than regular shoes. So it is easier on your feet.
  • As these shoes are form fitting, people with foot problems can wear them without feeling too much pain.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually

Like the dark side of the moon, wearing basketball shoes casually poses some issues. These disadvantages include-

  • It may not fit as well as your regular sneaker leading to foot cramps and toe or heel pain
  • Your feet may sweat more as most basketball shoes are not breathable

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking?

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking

As basketball shoes have more cushioning and support, they are comfortable when you walk or run wearing them.

Furthermore, as these shoes contain additional grip, you walk more stably. So lesser chances of you slipping or tripping.

To add to it, basketball shoes have high collars. So, your Achilles tendon is safer and less likely to get injured.

These factors make the shoe feel very light on your feet; thus, you can walk around freely and faster.

Can Basketball Shoes Get Used For Other Sports?

Yes. Basketball shoes provide enough comfort and grip for quick movements and high jumping power. So you can use it for other sports such as volleyball or handball.

However, keep in mind that each sport has a different requirement set for shoes, so companies make shoes specific while keeping those requirements in mind.

Therefore, it is better to wear shoes made for that specific sport. It may give you a performance boost and maximize your efficiency.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Hiking?

Basketball and other sports shoes work perfectly for hiking as they have the grip to keep your legs firm to the ground. You also have fewer chances of you falling.

Furthermore, they are lighter and more comfortable than regular shoes. So they provide a better walking experience.

Difference Between Regular Shoes And Basketball Shoes

Difference Between Regular Shoes And Basketball Shoes

The most distinctive difference between regular and basketball shoes is that basketball shoes have a very hard bottom. This way, it can handle more intense impacts such as jumping for long periods.

Moreover, basketball shoes’ materials are more flexible than regular ones. Thus they are easier to wear and more comfortable. It also saves basketball players from getting ankle or foot injuries.

Another major difference between the both would be the quality. Regular shoes are good and will last you a while. However, Basketball shoes are made out of tougher and better material, which leads to them being of better quality. A pair of basketball shoes may end up lasting years for you.

Lastly, the price point is the most initial and eye-catching difference between the two. Due to the qualities mentioned below, basketball shoes are priced higher, if not double, compared to regular shoes.


  • Is it okay to wear basketball shoes casually?

Of course, it is fine to wear basketball shoes casually. No law says these shoes have to be worn only on the basketball court. If you can style it right, you can wear it anywhere.

  • Is it okay to wear basketball shoes if you don’t play basketball?

Yes, it is, and most people nowadays do so. A decade back, there may not have been a lot of people who wore basketball shoes casually, but nowadays, it is almost a style. Everyone wears it; most people don’t even play basketball.

It is very easy to style basketball shoes with casual clothes. Not to mention they are great looking and comfortable.

Take Away

You have a basketball shoe in your collection; however, playing basketball isn’t common. Can you wear basketball shoes casually? Yes, you can.

Just make sure the shoe is comfortable and the correct size. Otherwise, your feet may get blisters and severe pain.

Furthermore, it is essential to make sure you dress well when wearing basketball shoes casually, as these shoes are pretty loud. They will catch people’s eyes, so dressing well gives them more reason to keep looking.

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