What Does PS Mean in Shoes? – You Should Need to Know

When shopping for shoes for your little kids, it’s essential to understand the correct size. Shoes that are too small or too large can be uncomfortable and lead to foot problems for your child. Therefore, to make sure you’re getting the right size, you need to understand What Does PS Mean In Shoes!

To add to it,  when you first enter the wonderful world of parenthood, one of the most daunting tasks is shopping for your child’s shoes. What size do you get? Does brand matter? How often should you replace them?

To answer these questions and more, read on our comprehensive guide to shoe sizing.

What Does PS Mean In Shoes?

What Does PS Mean In Shoes

PS in shoes stands for preschool. It’s a sizing metric used to indicate the size of a child’s shoe. Most children grow out of their shoes around the age of 4, so the Ps designation is meant to help parents and other interested parties gauge how long a particular pair of shoes will last a child.

In short, PS is basically a measuring system used for kids in the youngest age group. Of all the sizes available for kids, PS is the smallest, and GS is the largest. 

It is crucial to know which is the correct PS size for your kid’s shoe because a kid’s feet grow the most during that time. Restricting them to a small, tight size may cause issues with the growth of their feet. 

Kids Shoes Size Measuring Guideline

Kids Shoes Size Measuring Guideline

When shopping for sneakers, you may encounter some abbreviations like PS, GS, TD, BG, etc. PS stands for preschool, and the average heel-to-toe length for kids’ shoes is between 6 ½ to 8 ⅜ inches.

For GS, which stands for Grade School, the length is between 8 to 8 ¾ inches. GS also indicates the Girl’s Shoe, and it is for kids that are four to seven years old and has an average length of 8 ½ to 10 ¾ inches.

A shoe that has TD or “Toddler” written on it is meant for toddlers and has a length between 8 ¾ to 10 inches. With BG, which stands for “Big Kid,” the length is between 10 to 11 ½ inches. Finally, a shoe designated as “Youth” will have a shoe length between 11 ½ to 12 ¾ inches.

The average foot length for boys is 14 inches. The average foot length for girls is 13.6 inches.

It is essential to know that there is no such thing as a single shoe size. Every pair of shoes has its length.

For instance, a pair of size 8 shoes are not necessarily the same length as a pair of size 8 shoes from another manufacturer. Therefore, it is not a good idea to decide on buying a pair of shoes based on the size of the shoe.

How To Measure Your Kid’s Feet To Get The Perfect Shoes?

How To Measure Your Kid’s Feet To Get The Perfect Shoes

Measuring kids’ feet in the morning is heavily recommended. This is because a kid’s foot will be a bit longer in the morning and a bit shorter in the evening, and it is important to get the correct measurement. Ask your kids to stand on a piece of paper and mark the longest part of your kid’s foot.

We recommend checking your child’s feet measurement at least every six months. As they grow, their feet grow, too. Use a ruler to measure the length of your child’s feet from heel to toe. If you’re unsure how to convert your measurement to shoe size, use any size chart available on the internet.

In order to measure the length of the feet of your kid, use the ruler to measure the longest part of the foot. If the length of the feet is less than two inches, then buy shoes that fit the length of the feet.

In contrast, for the width, use the ruler to measure across the widest part of the foot. If the width of the feet is less than two inches, then buy shoes that fit the width of the feet.

However, the measurement should be accurate and precise when measuring your baby’s feet. Therefore, take your time to get a precise measurement.

How To Find The Right PS Size Shoes For Your Kids?

How To Find The Right PS Size Shoes For Your Kids

It’s just a guideline and not a prescription. If your child has a wide foot, you can order a larger size and adjust it with a pair of socks. If your child has a narrow foot, you can place the shoes in front of a heater for a few minutes, which will make the shoes more flexible.

PS size shoes are a great fit when they are not too big but not too small. They should be tight enough to stay on your feet and big enough to allow room for growth. Therefore, choosing a proper PS size is critical. The best way is to order a pair of PS size shoes first.

Allow your kids to walk in them for a week to see if the PS size suits them. If the PS size shoes are not comfortable, ask for a new size.

Here are the steps you need to take while purchasing the best PS sizes shoes.

  • First, select the right kind of shoe for your kid.
  • Measure your kid’s foot.
  • The best part is that you need to follow the sockless rule.
  • The rest is all up to your kid’s preference.

Best Brands of PS Size Shoes

There are many brands of PS size shoes available in the market. Many of them are very comfortable and user-friendly. If you don’t know how to find the best PS size shoes for your baby, Let’s see some of our recommendations from your selected criteria-

How Often Should You Replace The Shoes For Your Kids?

How Often Should You Replace The Shoes For Your Kids

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on various factors, including the child’s age, weight, and activity level. In general, however, most pediatricians recommend replacing shoes every six months.

Expert recommendations are toddlers’ shoes should be changed every three to four months since they grow so quickly and their shoes wear out quickly.

Infants’ shoes can last up to six months since they don’t wear them as much. Athletic shoes should get replaced every six to eight months since they experience a great deal of wear and tear.

Does Shoe Brand Matter For Your Kids? 

Does Shoe Brand Matter For Your Kids 

In the U.S., about one-third of children’s shoe purchases are based on the brand name, regardless of quality. And, it’s not just the wealthy kids who are wearing designer shoes. An increasing number of parents are spending more on shoes for their children in the hopes that it will give them an edge in life.

 So, does the shoe brand matter for your kids? The answer isn’t so simple. There are a few things to consider when choosing shoes for your kids. The most crucial factor is usually comfort. Kids’ shoes need to be very supportive and fit well.

Beyond comfort, parents often think about the brand’s reputation for the quality and durability of shoes.

Looks are a very basic thing to consider. Every parent’s concern is how the shoes look and how they will fit on your baby’s feet. However, some parents prefer more stylish or trendy shoes, while others prefer more classic styles. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s more important for you and your children.


  • Are boy and girl shoe sizes the same?

Yes, all shoe sizes for boys and girls ages infant to youth are the same. Most shoes will fit both boys and girls of the same age range. Only the shoe differs from boys to girls. However, with age, shoe sizes start to vary gradually.

  • Why buy PS size shoes for kids?

The most important reason is to choose the right size for growing kids. The kid’s feet grow very fast. Commonly, size 13 shoes can buy over 2 years. Size 14 can buy over 2 years.


As a final note, it is always best to try on shoes before purchasing them. With the wealth of information available in this article, you will never be confused about What Does PS Mean In Shoes again. Understand all the information available so that you can buy the best shoe available for your baby.

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