What is C D In Shoes- All You Need to Know

You might think that purchasing a pair of shoes is simple as choosing the correct number or size. That said, choosing the right footwear is more complex than that. You have to consider various factors, so you can get the best value for money. So, this article goes in depth into a particular topic.

What does C D in shoes mean?

Well, C D on shoes has a simple meaning. However, before we can answer this question, we have to take a look at a few key factors. Once you can do so, you will find it easy to understand the meaning of C/D in shoes.

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All You Need to Know About C D Shoe Size

There are various things you have to know when it comes to show width you have to be aware of the varying metrics, and their specific meanings. Below is the traditional C D shoe size chart you can use to gauge the sizes:

US SizeNarrow (AA)Wide (C/D)
62 14/16″3 11/15
6.53″3 3/4″
73 1/15″3 12/16″
7.53 1/7″3 7/8″

How Does One Tell When to Get A Wide Shoe?

How Does One Tell When to Get A Wide Shoe

The most notable sign would be to check if the shoe has any stretching or budging signs. You have to be keen during this process to avoid missing any signs of major foot problems. If the foot is wider than the bottom section, and it enlarges beyond the sole, then the shoe is narrow.

Furthermore, footwear for running or athletics are also available in different lengths. Furthermore, men may also consider buying the women’s types to provide the perfect fit. On the contrary, women can go for the mens footwear because they are typically wider.

Remember to go for the a suitable shoe for daily use, as its likely to reduce any complications relating to its fit.

Do I Need a Wide Shoe if I Have a Large Foot?

Do I Need a Wide Shoe if I Have a Large Foot

Yes, you need a wider shoe if your have a big foot. It’s easy to conclude this from the statement. In most cases, large shoes tend to be wider than their smaller counterparts. For instance, a shoe size 8 CD US shoe size is narrow than a size 10CD shoe.

However, before careful when purchasing such a shoe. Avoid just going for aspects such as the fit, and consider factors such as comfort. Plus, ensure you choose a size that suits the ideal length you prefer for footwear.

So, if your question is “what does d mean in shoe size?” You are probably going to have to get a wide shoe for your large foot.


  • What Does WC Mean for Shoes?

Well, WC for shoes refers to Wide Calf Footwear. It’s a metric that shoe brands to conveniently refer to shoe product sizes.

  • What is C D In Shoe Size?

C D in shoe size refers to a wide shoe, for women’s shoes. The preceding size is D, which refers to the average shoe width. The preceding size is E, which refers to extra wide. Usually, the size of ladies feet starts at AA, and continues gradually.

  • What is CD in Shoe Size?

CD in shoe size means two key things. These are the heel of the foot(C) and the ball of the foot (D). The ideal C and D shoe size should be anything that is comfortable for your needs.

  • What Does 7.5 US C D Size Mean in Shoe Size?

The term 7.5 CD means that the shoe width is wide. In this case C/D is a wide width, and N is narrow. You can use the size chart recommended above to determine the specific size for your foot.

  • What Does 6.5 US C D Mean in Shoe Size?

6.5 C D means that the shoe size falls under the large size category. It also means that the shoe is of medium width size.

  • What Does Size CD Mean?

Size CD means that the shoe if an extra wide size. Usually, shoe sizes often start at AA for narrow shoes, and B for average size shoes. Furthermore, the E sizes are for women have extra wide bodies.

  • What Does EE Mean in Boot Size?

EE means extra wide in boot size. It’s a letter or metric that most shoe brands or companies to rank the size of a shoe.


There are various things you have to consider when it comes to classifying shoes sizes. In this guide, we have looked at a few things relating to the term “C D” in shoes.

While there is not much behind this term, having insight into it can be great way to expand your knowledge base. So, you are much more informed when making a shoe purchase next time.

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