What is EVA Sole and It’s Applications?

An EVA sole refers to any footwear that has an Ethylene-vinyl acetate sole. It’s one of the most popular types of footwear for workers.

However, while an EVA sole seems like a simple thing, there are various factors you have to consider. The sole is not like any traditional rubber sole you will find on most shoes.

Its unique, and has various unique properties that you have to consider. The guide below should shed light into everything you need to know about EVA soles.

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Five Major Reasons Why EVA Soles are Popular

There are five key reasons why EVA soles are famous. We have compiled these reasons into an all-inclusive list:

  • Flexibility – EVA soles tend to be soft than rubber, which means such footwear provides high flexibility levels.
  • Lightweight – these shoe materials are also slightly lighter than rubber. When combined with materials such as merino wool, shoes can become significantly lighter.
  • Keeps feet warm – EVA material does not conduct large amounts of heat. So, the feet are likely to stay warm for a long duration. Plus, EVA material also serves as an excellent material for wool boots.
  • Shock absorption – EVA soles can absorb lots of shock in each step, making it a comfortable solution for an active lifestyle.
  • Durability – the EVA material also offers more longevity than traditional rubber shoes.
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EVA Sole vs. Rubber Sole: Choosing the Right Outsole

Everyone tends to prefer going for the same type of shoes; such rubber seems to be the most common material. However, you should note that shoes for an active lifestyle often feature soles with rubber outsoles made using different techniques. Plus, each material can provide various benefits in performance and longevity.


It refers to the natural rubber that companies acquire from trees. These companies cut these trees and process them heavily using various methods. The result is a rubber shoe, but these are not often durable. The only benefit is that these shoes tend to be readily available and pocket-friendly options.

EVA (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Copolymer)

EVA outsoles feature materials that undergo heavy processing as well. The first notable EVA soles were first created in the 1950S, and the raw materials mainly came from petroleum. Plus, EVA material has a rigid structure, with durable parts that can resist issues such as slipping. Unlike rubber material, EVA soles are easy to recycle and more sustainable than options such as rubber.


  • What is an EVA Sole?

EVA refers to Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate material. It’s an elastomeric polymer, which has a rubber-like appearance, but with various other benefits. For instance, the material is soft and highly flexible, making it perfect for shoes.

  • What are EVA Footbeds?

EVA footbeds refer to a type of unique cushioning, which helps ensure the shoe provides optimal cushioning. Furthermore, EVA is an abbreviation for ethylene-vinyl acetate material, which brand companies use to produce shoes.

  • How Long Do EVA Soles Last?

EVA soles will last for an average of 10 years, which makes them more durable than the traditional rubber sole. However, such a heavy-duty design means that the shoe is also likely to be expensive.

  •  Is EVA Sole Good for Feet?

Yes, EVA soles are suitable for the feet. However, you have to be careful in buying them from a professional service. Choose a service that will provide the best value for money to get a good quality shoe.

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