Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak? Possible Reasons and Ways to Stop

Golf shoes have several features that facilitate better traction and stability while playing. Many golfers believe that the squeaking noise is simply an auditory cue to let them know that their feet are ‘gripping’ the ground and preventing slipping.

However, this isn’t actually the reason why do golf shoes squeak! The squeaking noise gets caused by a small piece of metal in the shoe’s sole called a cleat. When you walk or run, this cleat ‘bites’ into the turf, making a noise.

In this article, we will explore what makes golf shoes squeak and how to prevent it from happening.

Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak?

why do golf shoes squeak

There are a few different explanations for why golf shoes squeak. One possibility is that the friction between the shoes and the ground creates the sound.

Additionally, some people believe that the sound is due to the moisture and dirt that gets trapped in the crevices of the golf shoe.

Let us discuss further to know all the possible reasons.

1. Friction Between The Shoes

The most common explanation for why golf shoes squeak is that the friction between the shoe and the ground creates the sound. It happens when the ground is wet, or the grass is long, and the blades rub against the shoes.

Another explanation is that the soles of the shoes get made from a soft material, like rubber, which makes a squeaking noise when it rubs against other surfaces.

2. Walking Over Wet Grass

The next time you’re out playing a round of golf, take a moment to listen to your shoes’ sound. Odds are – if you’re like most experienced golfers, you’ll hear a constant squeaking noise.

You may not know that this noise gets caused because of your shoes squeaking on wet grass. It gets created because of the water between the soles of your shoes and the ground. When you walk over wet grass, the water acts as a lubricant and separates the shoes from the ground, which creates this squeaking noise.

3. Shoe Tongue Rubbing

Interestingly, various theories are present to demonstrate why golf shoes squeaking sound. Many golfers believe that the rubbing of the shoe tongues against the inside of the shoes produces this sound. This rubbing creates friction which causes the shoes to vibrate and emit a squeaking noise.

The golf shoe tongue gets made from stiffer plastic, and there is no barrier between the tongue and the insole. So, what happens is, when you first wear these shoes, the new shoes force the tongue to become stiffer in the new condition.

Ultimately you hear the squeaking noise coming out finally.

4. BOA Fit System

The BOA Fit System is a unique closure system that tightens a shoe’s upper with the simple twist of a dial. The BOA Fit shoes have a system of cords and pulleys that tighten around your feet as you play, making a squeaking noise. The aim of this invention is positive, that is- to improve your game by making you more aware of how you are moving.

5. Rubbing Of Insole

Squeaky golf shoes have been around as long as golfers have. But the source of the sound has always been a mystery.

Some people say that the real source of the squeak is the spikes on the bottom of your shoes. When they rub against the ground, they create a sound. Golf shoes get made to be quiet when you walk, but sometimes they start to make a squeaking noise. It happens when the rubbing of the insole against the outsole creates friction.

7. Moisture Trap Inside The Shoe

When the golfer walked over the wet grass, their shoes got in contact with water. This water gets trapped inside the shoe creating the squeaking noise.

The trapped water and sweat mix with the dust and dirt on the inside of the shoe. They result in a perfect environment for mold to grow, thus causing the shoes to make a squeaking noise.

Sometimes, you may find a moisture trap inside the golfer’s shoes. The moisture trap is a small, round piece of sponge inserted into the shoe just in front of the heel.

It is designed to absorb any sweat or water accumulated on your foot during your play. This excess moisture will then evaporate, and the resulting humidity will cause the shoes to squeak.

The Science Behind Golf Shoe Squeaking

The Science Behind Golf Shoe Squeaking

There are many theories explaining why golf shoes squeak. Some say that it’s the moisture in the air, while others believe that it’s the friction between the shoes and the ground.

However, as per some experts, the sound gets caused by tiny air bubbles that form between the rubber sole of the shoe and the ground. When these bubbles burst, they create a squeaking noise.

Others believe that the sound gets caused by tiny particles of sand or dirt that get trapped in the rubber soles of the shoes.

It turns out the science behind golf shoe squeaking is pretty more interesting. When a golfer walks on a green, they create tiny vibrations in the ground. These vibrations cause the grass to move, making friction and the iconic squeaking noise.

How To Stop Your Golf Shoes From Squeaking?

How To Stop Your Golf Shoes From Squeaking

There are lots of ways to stop shoes squeaking. One is to apply a water-based silicone lubricant to the soles of the shoes. It will help create a barrier between the rubber and the ground, which will stop them from making any noise.

You can put some Vaseline on the hinges of the shoes or the inside of the shoes. It will lubricate the shoe’s surfaces and stop further rubbing with each other.

You can apply pressure to the inside of the shoe with your thumb.

Moreover, you can also sprinkle talcum powder as an alternate option. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on the inside of the shoes. It will stop squeaking by absorbing the moisture trap.

You can also use wax paper inside the golf shoes. Wax paper or old newspaper, both can get used. Both these papers will absorb the moisture or water from inside your golf shoes and will stop any sound production.

Furthermore, we also recommend using WD-40 on the inside of the shoe to stop the squeaking noise coming out from the golf shoes.

WD-40 is a lubricant that is designed to protect the metal from corrosion. It is also effective in eliminating squeaks and rattles. Besides this, when sprayed inside your golf shoes, it will stop further squeaking.

You may try saddle soap to soften your stiffer shoes as a final option. However, this can only get applied if your golf shoes are made using 100% synthetic leather.

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  • Why Do My Heels Squeak When I Walk?

One possibility is that the surface of your heel is dry, so it’s not gripping the floor as well as it should. It can cause your foot to move around more than it should, making the heel rubbing against the shoe and thus creating this noise.

Another possibility is that you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes. If your shoes are too tight or too loose, they might start to slip around on your feet, which will also cause them to squeak.

  • How To Fix A Squeaky Golf Shoe Heel?

Golf Shoe heels tend to squeak with every step we take. It can be really irritating, especially when you are in a hurry. So follow the methods mentioned above to stop your golf shoe heel from squeaking.

Bottom Line

Finding the answer to your question of why do golf shoes squeak was complicated and related to both the materials used in the shoes and how they got made. Follow the fixes recommended above, and take care of your golf shoes properly to eliminate the squeaking once and for all.

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