Why Glue Pennies to Shoes- You Should Know

The things that we do as children are often interesting if not naughty. Children have a unique sense of creativity, and its good to find unique ways to help them expand on this creativity. However, the challenge comes up in finding ways to be creative, and even make souveniours for future memories.

So, if you have ever asked why glue pennies to shoes?

The reason why people glue to pennies to shoes relates to various factors. It can be for decorative purposes, for amusement and more. However, its an excellent way to get your child to explore their creative skills and more.

Why Are Parents Gluing Pennies To The Bottom Of Their Kids' Shoes? - Shoeballistics.com

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

Well, its good to start by understanding the history of this trend, and its not about making shoes comfortable for everday use.

It all started when a mom could not afford enough money to buy tap dance shoes for child. So, she decided to glue pennies to the shoes of her child as an experiment.

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BOOM! Mom’s can be creative, because this idea has been innovative and has become a trend in the footwear category. So, remember that the trend of gluing pennies started as a technique for making tap dance shoes.

However, there are various other reasons one could glue pennies to their shoes. These reasons parents glue pennies to shoes can include:

  • For decorative purposes – using old pennies underneath the structure of your shoe can help make them decorative. You can get creative with the arrangement process of the pennies to ensure the best results.
  • For amusement purposes – you can do this process with your child, to help them pass time and learn a few useful skills. Its one of the main posts on glue pennies to shoes reddit.
Why Glue Pennies to Shoes - Shoeballistics.com


  • Why Do You Put Pennies in Penny Loafers?

There are various reasons to put pennies in penny loafers. These reasons can include for decorative, amusement purposes and more. It all boils down to your unique preferences in decorating your footwear.

  • Why are Moms Gluing Pennies to Shoes?

The reason moms glue pennies to shoes are interesting. The trend started when a mom could not afford to buy tap dance shoes for a child. So, if you have heard of moms gluing pennies to shoes, this should be the right reason.

  • What Does Penny in Your Shoe Mean?

Penny in your shoe can have several meanings. However, for most people, the meaning of such an accessory if only for decorative purposes. There is no other solid reason for someone to glue pennies to their shoe.  

  • Is it Legal to Glue Pennies?   

Yes, its legal to glue pennies to shoes. However, you have to be careful in the way you use the currency of any given country for this process. Some places might have restrictions for using pennies on shoes.

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes : Overall

It’s a trend you are most likely to come across on children’s footwear. However, it has become a famous trend, and many people are nowadays trying it out. Plus, several companies out there provide some services for gluing pennies to shoes.

So, with the right information, you will realize why people glue pennies to shoes. Plus, you can take things a step further by learning about some top brands in this category.

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