How to Bronze Shoes- All You Need To Know

There are various ways through which you can preserve or perhaps improve the appeal of your shoe. However, you have to keep track of various key details to ensure the best results. Preserving a baby’s shoe or perhaps getting your footwear ready for a comedy gig requires informed decision making.

So, what is the best way on how to bronze shoes?

Well, the best way to bronze shoes depends on your skill level, the resources you have available and more. Plus, it also relates to whether you need bronze shoe company services, which are available at different costs. Done correctly, you can be sure of excellent results.

Where Did Bronzing Baby Shoes Start?

Bronzing footwear and various other items started way back in history. To be specific, its an activity that started in the 16th century BC, and it occurred on various types of items. These include in items such as dishes, picture frames, household items and more.

The people in the past perform bronzing of items to help enhance their longevity. For the bronzing of baby shoes, this activity started when an American Kindergarten teacher once came across a business opportunity.

It was way back in 1934, when Violet Shinbach decided to look for prospective clients with kids. Thus, she decided to form a company known as the Bronshoe, and many people associated her with the traditional bronzing baby shoes history.

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How Do I Bronze Shoes at Home?

Well, this is an excellent question to ask!

You will need a few things first.

Things You Need


What Occurs During the Bronzing of Shoes?

Have you ever had someone ask, “what is the best way on how to bronze something?”

Usually, the bronzing of such shoes occurs by applying a unique lacquer finish to the structure of your shoe. The material should be a conductive material, which is often copper. Use it to coat your shoe, and then place it under an electroplating bath.

If you want high quality results, the process is time tasking and might require many weeks. The good thing is that the bronzing process can help preserve the shoe and its appearance.

What are the Best Bronze Shoes Companies?

We have compiled a list of some few bronze shoe companies that you have to consider. Aside from adult footwear, they can also help you in bronzing baby shoes. On average, expect the process to take a few weeks to ensure the best results.

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Some of these best companies include:

  • Bronzery – family run business, which has its base in California.
  • Memories in Bronze – located in Oregon, Canada, this bronze shoe company also makes highly customized bronze footwear. 
  • Corporate Bronze – a footwear company with its location in New York, and are responsible for making finished products.
  • Chicks and Cubs – are a South Carolina based company, that has been bronzing various types of footwear since early in the nineties.

Reasons for Bronzing Shoes

There are various reasons behind the bronzing of shoes. However the most common reason for this process would be to help preserve shoes. The unique lacquer finish which you apply to shoes to give it a bronze finish, helps improve its longevity.

The bronze finish will keep your shoe safe from dust, water, fading and various other contamination issues. Plus, the other reason for bronzing shoes would be to make it appealing, and as part of decorative purposes. However, the bronzing has to be done right, which is why most people prefer investing in the services of a bronze shoe company.

Some people bronze their shoes as part of celebratory activities. Usually, the most common type would be to use bronze shoes for wedding. Plus, the shoes might also be common as part of entertainment gigs in movies, carnivals and various other similar applications. For weddings, a bronze shoe with bag helps complement the overall appeal of the given look.

Alternatives to Bronzing Baby Shoes

There are various bronzing baby shoes, and each technique relates to the specific needs of the user. Below are some of following popular alternatives to bronzing shoes:

  • Porcelain dipped shoes – porcelain is also another common alternative to using bronze. However, its not appealing and has a clear finish. Still, it provides the same preservation benefits as apply bronze to footwear.
  • Baby shoe pewtering – this process involves the use of special metal alloys, such as lead on the top of footwear. It helps preserve the shoe, but such material means that the shoes are no longer suitable for use.


  • How Do You Bronze a Pair of Shoes?

There are various techniques that you can use to bronze a pair of shoes. Furthermore, it also depends on the type of shoe you have and the specific techniques you expect to use. Some people even have to consider the cost to bronze shoes.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Bronze Shoes?

The average cost to bronze shoes also depends on various factors. These include the type of shoe, the qualtity of materials and more. You have to take these factors to before investing in any bronze shoe company.

  • What is the Best Way to Bronze Baby Shoes?

The best technique to bronze baby shoes is to taking to a professional company. It’s the only alternative to bronzing baby shoes, as they ensure the best results.

  • What is The Alternative to Bronzing Shoes?

There are various alternatives for bronzing your shoes. You can consider wrapping the shoes in some polythene, and complementing it with some decorations. Or, you can place it insider a plastic or glass container.

  • Is Bronzed Baby Shoe Value Beneficial?

Yes, the average bronzed baby shoe value can be immense. It can be particularly immense if the shoe is of high quality and looks appealing. So be careful when it comes to bronzing your shoes, and do it right.

  • How Do I Get My Shoes Bronzed?

There are various ways you can use to get your shoes bronzed. The first alternative would be to contact a professional service, such as an American bronze shoe company. Next, try and find out the average cost it takes to bronze shoes.

  • Can I Still Wear my Bronze Shoes?

Yes, you can still wear your newly bronzed shoes. However, do this as long as you had invested in the right footwear for your needs.


You have various options when it comes to improving the appeal and longevity of your footwear. Its why this guide on bronzing shoes should be useful for you. Ensure you do this process the right way to ensure the best results.The good thing with bronze shoes is that you can use them for many different applications. Next time you want to try out something new, consider the common alternatives to bronzing shoes.

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